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Fast and Easy Way to Screen Record Videos & Livestreaming

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About Us

ScreenRecorderᵀᴹ for Android & iOS is a free, high-quality app that provides stable and smooth screen recording. ScreenRecorderᵀᴹ delivers every feature that you need in most simple and elegant user experience design.

Packed with a variety of features such as screen capture, interactive videos, floating button, trim videos. That makes it very convenient to create tutorial, promotional video, record games while playing and more - making everything simple!

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Taking a Screen Shot on your mobile with Screen Recorder is easy. We additionally offer you FREE Backup option for any of the screenshots on our cloud. You can also take Backup of images/ photos/ pictures from your mobile phone gallery by uploading them on our cloud backup.

You can access your uploaded images anytime, anywhere on any of the iOS, Android or web supported devices. You can keep it private or public as per your choice.

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Uploaded Videos

Videos are more powerful than a set of images. Show off your Mobile Gaming skills, Create Tutorials. Record to teach, learn, edit & share using YouTube, Twitch, Facebook or our cloud network. Connect seamlessly with all your videos at one place.

Get benefits and free views by getting your videos featured in Screen Recorder app. Some of the videos uploaded through Screen Recorder got thousands of views daily.

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