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Discover the power of ScreenRecorderᵀᴹ for Android, iOS, MacOS & Windows Chrome Extension—an exceptional, free app delivering stable and high-quality screen recording. With a sleek user interface and an extensive feature set including screen capture, interactive videos, floating button, and video trimming, it's your all-in-one solution for creating engaging tutorials, captivating promotional videos, recording gameplay, and more. Streamline your recording experience with ease and unlock your creativity today!


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Chrome Extensions

Streamline screen recording, share & engage!

Take your screen-capturing capabilities to the next level with a Chrome screen recorder. Seamlessly capture, record, and share your screen directly from your browser. Enjoy the convenience of one-click Window recording, adjustable settings for video quality, and effortless sharing options. Whether it's for work, education, or entertainment, our extension empowers you to create compelling screencasts, tutorials, and demonstrations with ease. Elevate your Chrome experience and unlock a new level of productivity and creativity.

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Unleash creativity with our premium screen recorder.

Experience the ultimate screen recording solution for macOS. Capture, record, and share your screen with exceptional ease and quality. Our feature-rich app offers a seamless user interface, customizable settings, and advanced editing options to bring your recordings to life. Whether you're creating tutorials, demos, or showcasing your creativity, Screen Recorder for Mac empowers you to effortlessly share your screen. Elevate your productivity and unlock a world of possibilities with our powerful Mac screen capturing tool.


Capture, share, shine with our intuitive app.

Seize the power of screen recording on iOS Phones and iPods. Record and share your memorable moments, gameplay achievements, or create stunning tutorials with ease. Our user-friendly app offers intuitive controls, high-quality recording, and convenient sharing options. Whether it's for educational, gaming, or creative purposes, screen capture app for iOS empowers you to showcase your skills and experiences. Get app now and unlock the potential of your iOS device with our action-packed screen recording app.



Transform Android into a powerful recorder.

Capture and share your Android adventures with Video Recorder. Record your phone screen, gameplay, or create informative tutorials effortlessly. Our powerful android app offers seamless controls, high-definition recording, and easy sharing options. Whether it's for gaming, education, and content creation. Screen Recorder for mobile empowers you to capture and showcase your moments. Install the app now and unleash the full potential of your Android device with our feature-rich screen capturing app.

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Get answers to common queries with our FAQs section. Discover essential information about our Screen Recorder app hassle-free.


A screen recorder is a tool that allows you to capture and record what's happening on your computer or mobile screen. You might need a screen recorder to create tutorials, record gameplay, make presentations, or share demonstrations with others.

A screen recorder works by capturing the visuals and audio of your screen activities. It records everything that happens on your screen, including mouse movements and clicks, and saves it as a video file for you to use or share.

Yes, our screen recorder is compatible with various platforms, including Chrome, macOS, iOS, and Android. You can easily record your screen on these platforms using our dedicated screen recording applications or browser extensions.

Absolutely! Our screen recorder allows you to capture your face using your device's webcam while recording the screen. This feature is especially useful for video tutorials, vlogs, or any content where you want to add a personal touch.

Yes, our screen recorder lets you capture audio while recording your screen. You can choose to record your system sound, microphone input, or both, depending on your needs. This way, you can provide detailed explanations or add narration to your recordings.

Yes, we prioritize the security and privacy of your screen recordings. All your recordings are stored securely on your device or the cloud storage of your choice. We do not have access to your recordings, ensuring that they remain private and confidential.

We offer both free and premium versions of our screen recorder. The free version provides basic features and functionality, while the premium version unlocks advanced capabilities and additional benefits. You can choose the option that best suits your needs and upgrade to the premium version if desired.