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Available for iOS,
Android &
MacOS devices

Screen Recorder App for iOS, macOS & Android
Screen Recording App

Screen Recording

  • This feature lets you use the floating button and record the screen at ease.
  • Once the video is recorded, you can use this screen recorder to get rid of excess video recording.
  • You can easily upload the video on Cloud or YouTube
  • Record the screen and draw on it easily
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Screenshot App


  • Use the floating button and take the required screenshots
  • Get rid of images you don’t like by cropping them
  • Apply filters if needed
  • Make the image more appealing by writing or drawing on it
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Best Live Streaming App 2022

Live Streaming

  • Enjoy live streaming on Facebook, YouTube, GameSee, Twitch, etc at the comfort of your home
  • Get hold of various bit rates, frame rates, and resolutions available
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Record Interactive Videos

Interactive recording

  • Make use of the front camera while you are recording the screen and record those weird/funny expressions you never thought you could give.
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Record Interactive Videos
Draw & Record Screen with Whiteboard

Whiteboard recording

  • Use the whiteboard recorder and prepare new drawing videos by watching various tutorial videos.
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Audio recorder

  • Simply record audio without any video
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5 in 1 Best Screen Recorder App