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About Us

Introduction to ScreenRecorderᵀᴹ

ScreenRecorderᵀᴹ is packed with features that are required, in a very simple and elegant design. It enables you to capture the screen, trim videos, play/create interactive videos, and the like. Creating a promotional video, or recording games while you play, is quite simple and convenient with ScreenRecorderᵀᴹ. The app offers you the feature to Livestream your tutorials, gameplays, apps on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitch. iPhone and Android users can also stream on their RTMP.

User can record videos and capture their reactions with the help of a front camera and mobile screen recording both at the same time. This feature proves to be most useful to record tutorials to explain the usage of any app. With the app you can record tutorials on the whiteboard screen, giving more of a professional outlook to your tutorials. The app enables you to draw text while you are recording the screen with the help of an in-built video editor and recorder.

Gamers have an option to record their game while they are playing with our app. If you are worried about how to record your iPhone screen with ScreenRecorderᵀᴹ, then leave all the worries as anyone will be able to use the app with all the features.

For hassle-free screen recording, trust ScreenRecorderᵀᴹ. When you download the app, along with the screen recording, you get many more features like interactive videos, floating buttons, screen capture, and trim videos.


Stream and Capture. Everything.

Very beneficial for YouTube video recorders, App Reviewers/ Recorders, and content creators. It lets you create and edit high-quality HD videos.

Our Belief

We believe that the app gets acclaimed by all types of users, thus we have made its user interface very simple. Its recording feature will be helpful to people who want to capture their video and share it on the mobile screen recording at the same time.

Our Mission

The company is young and is brimming with ideas and is prepared to take on any challenge in the future. We are open to feedback and suggestions as these help us become better. We strive each day to offer you the latest features in the app to make your experience with us smoothest. Our mission is to simplify everything for you!

Our Vision

ScreenRecorderᵀᴹ empowers your mobile devices with an impressive technology to record, capture and edit videos. This enables you to record content, apps, etc. for demos, tutorials or presentations easily. The app is free for Android and iOS and gives you a stable ScreenRecorderᵀᴹ for iPhone and Android.

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