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Here’s why smartphone users need a screen recording app in the COVID-19 era!

By Admin | 06 May,2020 | 2 minutes, 32 seconds.


Most of us have wondered at some point – ‘Can I really record the activities on my Android screen?’ In a world that’s been reeling under the effects of COVID-19 pandemic, having a screen recording app may be more necessary than ever before. Regardless of whether you are a casual teenager playing those addictive games with your friends, or someone who has been attending endless work calls on the phone because of the ongoing Work-From-Home mode, installing the right screen recorder for Android is absolutely necessary.

Because this is a new world of ‘Work from Home’

More businesses are now discovering the possibilities of allowing employees to work from their homes, not just for safety, but also to save on resources. Experts agree that COVID-19 will change the way people work, and it will be a time when more users will rely on their smartphones and tablets to get work done. Let’s agree that not many have the choice to work from their laptop the whole time, especially at home. Having a screen recording app just makes work easier, because everything will be recorded.

Because data & evidence do matter

Now that we are doing meetings, personal calls and office work on our smartphones or at least getting work done on other apps, having a screen recording app just ensures evidence. It also allows a user to go back, check a recorded video to find the data he needs to take suitable action. Of course, screen recording apps are meant to be handy tools in general, but in the current pandemic world and even for at least a year to come, we will be relying on our phones more than ever, especially for productive tasks. It also helps that smartphones have bigger screens now, so considerably more business work can be done online.

Because it’s just fun too

Gamers would agree to this. Having a simplified and easy-to-use screen recording app ensures that everything that happens during the live game is recorded, and that data is extremely crucial for planning gameplay. From videos to screenshots, it is easy to save everything. Just look for the best free screen recorder for Android because this is more of a necessary feature for which it makes no sense to pay for the download.

Taking the leap


If you are looking for screen recording apps, check the features and what it allows you to do. Your mobile screen recorder shouldn’t be a hindrance in how you do a video call or work on your phone. Also, it should be able to start or at least allow recording right away when you want, so the way an app works should be considered. The good news is these screen recording apps don’t have to cost anything, and you can start recording right away. If WHO is right, which it usually is, COVID-19 is going to be with us for a while. There will be no travelling, unless necessary, and our phones are likely to be our constant companion. If you haven’t been using a Screen Recorder as yet, download one today!

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