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Free Fire Max New Features Confirmed With Pre-Registration End Date And More

By Admin | 27 September,2021 | 6 minutes, 31 sec


Pre-registration for the Fire Max, as well as its release date and early access in India, are now available. Here's where you can get Garena FF Max Early Access. Pre-registration for Garena's Free Fire Max, the upgraded edition of the battle royale game, is now open. Pre-registrations are currently being accepted on the Google Play Store. Free Fire Max is an enhanced version of Free Fire, in case you weren't aware. The visual quality, effects, and audio quality will all be upgraded in this game. Pre-registration for the Free Fire Max began on August 29, and it has now reached 30 million pre-registrations since its launch on the app store. Garena has revealed that their studio's next BR title will be launched globally on September 28.


Free Fire Max Pre – Registration

Garena has completed testing of the game in several countries, and it is now ready for global release. Garena recently announced that the Garena Free Fire Max would be pre-registered. Users from all around the world may now pre-register for the game, which will be released soon.

Players appreciated pre-registrations since they knew the game's launch was just around the corner. Free Fire Max is improved to Free Fire in terms of visuals, frame rate, and other features. Garena produced this superior version of the game in response to continued demand from Free Fire users.

Despite the fact that it has the same idea as the original Free Fire, it is a completely new game with better graphics. Enhanced audio and animation quality, featuring zone effects, weapon effects, and much more. Presently, the beta for the new game is only available in a few regions across the globe. Vietnam, Malaysia, Bolivia, and Bolivia are some of these regions.

The developers have introduced new features such as Firelink technology. Free Fire Max and Free Fire Cross-Play will be compatible. Other additions include Craftland and 360 Degree Lobby.


How to pre-register for Free Fire Max in India?

The steps for pre-registering for Free Fire Max in India are as follows:

  • Go to the Play Store on your Android smartphone.

  • Enter Free Fire Max in the search box.

  • When the game displays on the screen, touch it. After that, you'll be sent to the game's page.

  • You will have access to a pre registration button. To begin, simply touch it.

  • You will be notified when the stable build is available.


Rewards For Pre-Registering

Players that register successfully receive Cyber MAX Loot Boxes. The terms mentioned by Garena in the Google Play Store listing are shown below.

  • Only users who register during the pre-registration period are eligible for rewards.

  • There is a limit of one pre-registration bonus per account.

  • You will receive a pre-registration bonus after installing the game.

  • Only participating countries are eligible for the offering.

  • The offer does not apply to games that are not released by the developer or that are not accessible for installation in certain areas.

  • The promotion is not valid for third-party websites. There's also a limit on how old you can be.

  • In the Play Store, you must use the same Google Account that you are using in the game.

Users will receive a variety of rewards for pre-registering, including the following: Max Raychaser (Bottom), 2x Gold Royale Voucher, Max Raychaser (Facepaint), Cyber Max Surfboard, Max Raychaser (Facepaint), Cyber Max Surfboard, Max Raychaser (Facepaint), Cyber Max Surfboard, Max Raychaser (Facepaint), Cyber Max Surfboard, Max Raychaser (Facepai (Head).


Free Fire Max Early Access in India ending on 27th September

The game is presently available to gamers in a few countries. According to Garena, the Free Fire Max would be released in India shortly.

Garena Free Fire Max can be pre-registered on the Google Play Store.

The pre-registrations for Free Fire Max ends on 27th September, 2021 in India.


Free Fire Max System Requirements

This new game will have unique features, great graphic effects, and fantastic animations.

In India, pre-registration for the Free Fire Max has begun on August 29, 2021 and ends on September 27,2021. As a result, the game has yet to be formally released. Many users are unaware that the game requires 1.5 GB of free storage. It will also operate properly on a mobile device with at least 2GB of RAM.

According to recent reports, Garena Free Fire would not provide any rewards to gamers that acquired game assets. As a result, all players in the game are treated equally. Players may play both Free Fire and Free Fire max at the same time thanks to advanced technologies.


Free Fire Max APK File

Free Fire Max's APK file weighs in at 1.03 GB. The APK download file size of Free Fire Max is displayed on some smartphones when in the Google Play Store, according to many sources.

According to rumours, it will not be a Pay to Win game, but rather a game that is fair to everybody.


Free Fire Max New Predicted Features

In its latest edition, the developer has improved the game's features and increased the credibility of the gameplay.

The royal battleground will be taken to new heights with this next level of ultimate free-fire. As a result, players are highly enthusiastic about the upcoming game's updated edition of Free Fire Max.

More features and graphics have been added to the game in order to provide gamers with an overall perfect experience. The game is similar to Battleground mobile. The original game has Firelink technology, which is a new unique feature among mobile games.

The game also has a craft land in addition to a 360-degree lobby. Players will also get the finest chance to show off their new skins and weaponry in the lobby. Players can even design their own maps and play them as if they were professionals.

Gamers will eventually be able to transfer all of their in-game goods, progress, customizations, and other settings to the new edition. The game will enable cross-play and will contain the Craftland feature, which allows users to create their own maps and share them with their teammates.

On a similar note, Garena is conducting a few events in the original Free Fire game, such as Moco Rebirth, which will provide players with free goodies like 300 universal pieces, 3 diamond royale coupons, and, of course, the Moco skin. With legendary costumes and emotes on the rewards shelf, the Free Fire Cobra F Max Ascension event returns. The exhibit will be open until September 26.


Free Fire Max Screen Recording Gameplay

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Currently, this screen recorder is available only for android. You can use various other screen recorders for ios operating phones available on the app store.


Final Thoughts

Free Fire Max will launch on September 28, when the pre-registration period has ended. Garena will release the game internationally as soon as it is ready, so there will be no delays. After its launch, Free Fire Max will provide gamers with everything missing from Free Fire, causing them to naturally switch to it. The latest edition of Free Fire Max will undoubtedly raise the standard for battle royale games.  

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