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Garena Free Fire Characters

By Admin | 28 April,2021 | 5 minutes


A game that incorporates the agenda of survival of the fittest by contemplating the last man standing in the gameplay. This kind of genre involves hundreds of players in the field, fighting with the opponent with various equipment till the end. Usually, the matches are conducted between individual players or groups of small players by fighting with the opponent till the end. Talking about the Garena Free Fire, the game existed with various other names, for example, Free Fire battlegrounds or Free Fire. The game belongs to the genre of Battle Royal Game and came into existence by the grand developer 111 Dots Studio. The game recorded the highest downloaded rankings in the year, 2019.

The game didn't incorporate commendable graphics however, the interface used was not of an apt choice. The game is an action-adventure that is played from a third-person perspective. Each character in the game incorporates some or the other special power that makes a great spectrum of characters in the game. If the special abilities of each player are utilised in the best possible way, then the players can become a leading edge in the race. This kind of network of characters augments the gameplay and indeed makes the game worth playing. Certainly, the players tend to have an improvisation on the character being fought against the opponent in Free Fire.

Talking about the top five characters of Garena Free Fire, the characters not only possess special powers but each of them has the capability to survive till the end by changing the gameplay sometimes. One can easily be a support to their teammates, by having an augmentation in accuracy and hiding for a short term in the mini-map. In totality, there are bundles of characters in the Garena Free Fire, wherein choosing the character is easier depending upon the ability of each person. There are times when characters attract the attention of the player cosmetically, however, one can choose a character who looks great cosmetically.

It is time to certainly acknowledge a few good characters among all the characters, talking about the top five characters, the first character that comes to mind is K ‘ Captain Booyah’, K is one of the recently added characters in the ecosystem of characters in Garena Free Fire. The character is massively a varied one and is introduced after the collaboration of Free Fire with DJ KSHMR. The character has an incorporation of two skill modes, the skill that is active tends to give a signal within a radius of 6 metres to get a 500 % augmentation in the EP Conversion rate. The skill that is termed as passive, tends to reuse 2 EP after every 3 seconds, resulting in the bar reaching 100 EP, in order to stimulate the active skill. It is advised to never hesitate while choosing Captain Booyah as it is one of the greatest choices for you to win in the gameplay.

The second character that comes to mind is, JAI, the one who impersonates a real-life Bollywood character, Hrithik Roshan. In the game of Garena Free Fire, JAI is a SWAT trained agent. The character is based in Delhi and holds an acquisition of a strange ability called Raging Reload. The gun is reloaded by 30% with each takedown, thereby maximising the reload to 45%. This character incorporates blood-sucking abilities, wherein if the player wishes to smack someone down till death and hammer the enemies with the bullets, JAI is the right choice for you. Extremist players and aggressive players wish to remain equipped with weapons till the end and incorporate high ammunition during the duel while aiming at point, choosing JAI would be the cherry on the cake.

The third character that deserves to be highlighted is HAYATO, just like few other characters, HAYATO incorporates a legendary Samurai and possesses outstanding skills. The character incorporates a passive ability termed Bushido and stimulates the process of armour penetration by 7.5 % thereby resulting in a 10% decrease in maximum HP. When the character completely pops out, the armour penetration reaches a maximum of 10%. HAYATO is one of the smartest characters that can help you win a risky match and let you have an edge. The player should have the tact of amalgamating his mind and the skills of the character.

The fourth character that holds a strong discussion is KAPELLA. To be honest, the character of KAPELLA in the game of Garena Free Fire incorporates a supporting role or in other words a role of assistance, required by the team. She possesses abilities that enlarge the healing effect by 10% and the HP which is lost by the associates is certainly reduced by 20%. The character possesses abilities that keep the player diligent, encouraged and steadfast towards the opponents on the battlefield.

The fifth character that holds importance in the game is DJ ALOK. He is an impersonation of a real-life DJ and possesses some unattackable abilities that help the player to remain strong and powerful till the end. The character possesses an active skill called, Drop the beat, stimulating the character to increase the speed of the ally by 10 % and restore 5 HP per second for a duration of 5 seconds.

It is the best choice for the people who prefer playing with their friends or on a casual basis as the character helps the player to survive till the end by making the player stable. Therefore, before anyone starts playing the game of Garena Free Fire, it is important to be acquainted with the special abilities and the role of few important characters in order to be a part of the Clash Squad.

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