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Garena Free Fire Pets

By Admin | 19 May,2021


Free Fire is a popular game in the battle royale mobile gaming world. Each battle royale match lasts for about ten minutes, where fifty players land on a hostile island and fight to be the last person or a team standing. Free Fire has a lot of elements that make the game able to adapt to different situations. Among them is the ease of access to Garena Free Fire pets, which helps your character when they go around. In Free Fire, players have the option to choose a character as per their choice. Along with the characters, the game also allows players to pick a Garena Free Fire pet. Free Fire has many pets to pick from and each pet has various special abilities. The abilities of these pets come into play during all the Battle Royale matches. However, players also have the choice to select a name for their pet. Like Free Fire players nicknames, players also want a unique pet name to stand out in the crowd. 

Pet names should be stylish and fancy to stand out in the crowd. However, users might face challenges because of their Android and iOS keyboard limitations making their pet names fancy. These are the twenty Free Fire names for pets that players can use, players can get cute nickname free fire and these can let the player be accessible to cool gaming names list:

1. ✠Smสug, 2. ⲘØnster 3. ?Ƥhoeni? 4. ꧁?hield 5. ƬΣЯЯӨЯ 6. ≋¢rØØkshคnks≋

7. Hǝ∂w?? 8. Scคbb?ℝs 9. Fℓu££y⚠ 10. Fαwks⇝ 11. ฿บcҜbeaҜ 12. Nσявєят 13. Ƒån?? 14. ๖ۣ•҉Ƕunter 15. ≪Lค∂ψ≫ 16. ×°Ny?eriⱥ°× 17. ⁣?Sh͢͢͢สggyd?g 18. ?Sบϻme? 19. ?????▤ 20. Greℽw͢͢͢i?ժ❄

Free fire pets: This seems that the players over at Garena know well and as such, have added various pets in Free Fire that players can unlock. These pets can then give company to players as they play their game. However, contrary to the pets in PUBG Mobile, which is nearly only decorative, the pets in Free Fire can smoothen the deeds that can help the player in the game. As the pets level up, the effect of the polishing improves along with them. along with that leveling your pet up also unlocks new skins for the pet. Few pets have abilities, few of them do not. So, to help you with a complete list of the pets that are available in Free Fire, here is a given detailed description of the abilities of each of them too.  

The in-game currency diamonds are required to change a Garena Free Fire pet's name the mechanical pet guide can be achieved Follow the steps below to update a pet's name: First of all, Click the pet's icon after opening Free Fire. Secondly, Choose the pet, and click the icon beside it. Thirdly, Enter the name in the dialogue box that appears. And lastly, Make necessary payment.

Pets in Free Fire: 

A basic associate is known to all players which will always be there in a crisis even if they aren’t visible. However, in Free Fire, pets are more than just following and staring at the player. They also bestow the player abilities to use when equipped to their slot. These extremely amusing, fun-themed companions are essential for anyone if interested in gaining advantages over your enemy.  


To equip/get a pet: 

There are pets that the player can attain or obtain for free. To get others, they must be bought by raising, via diamonds in-game currency, or via in-game events. After buying or gaining the pet, the player will be prompted to pick a name, which is unchangeable unless diamonds are spent to update it. The selected pet can then be equipped by pressing the “Equip” button which will allow the pet to be showcased in the lobby. 


Pet unlockables 

Just like characters, the pet also has emotes, skins, and abilities to showcase. These can be unlocked by upgrading the pet to a definite level using pet food or bringing it along in the battle. These upgrades are at the same time applied meaning if pet levels up, all skins, emotes, and abilities get unlocked with it. 


Pet abilities 

Pet abilities are resistless that can help the player in a battle. Just like with player characters, these abilities can sometimes be shared with the entire team playing. These abilities always have 3 upgradable levels and can always be boosted and equipped on other pets regardless of their own equipped passive. Equipping another pet’s ability does not let their ability be upgraded at all. All pet experience points and will instead be transferred to the equipped pet’s passive if they have any. 

Pet miscellaneous information 

The following list will contain abilities from pets, ability levels from pets, and miscellaneous information about pets. 


  • The pets follow the players around and grant them special abilities regardless of what the distance is. 

  • The pet will normally wait outside of structures and follow or appear when the structure is excited. 

  • The pet is also not visible to nemesis. 

  • The pet ability is resistless, but some of them can be shared with other teammates. 

  • If the player dies, the pet disappears. 

  • The pet will disappear if the player is far away or there is a lack of space and reappears when standing still. 

  • Disbanding a pet in the game does not disable their abilities. 

  • The selected pet can be put to rest up and will vanish from the player’s main screen. 

  • Once a pet is unequipped that will also remove the pet emote button until reequipped. 

  • Putting a pet to rest will allow zero pet exp to be gained until and unless re-equipped for battle. 

Using stylish names in Free Fire is just like one of the several ways Garena’s battle royale lets people customize their character and add a personal touch. Other ways include changing their outfits, pets, weapon skins, pet costumes, emotes, surfboards, parachutes, banners, and more.  

Currently, there are fourteen pets available in Free Fire after the addition of Dreki pets. Out of these fourteen, two pets - Kitty and Mechanical Pup are the best mechanical pets that don't have any special abilities but above mentioned is the best mechanical pet guide. 

Beaston, Beaston's ability: Helping Hand; Rockie ability: Stay Chill; Mr. Waggor ability: Smooth Gloo; Falco ability: Skyline Spree;  Ottero ability: Double Blubber; Poring ability: Stitch and Patch; Robo ability: Wall Enforcement; Spirit Fox ability: Well Fed; Shiba ability: Mushroom Sense; Kitty; Mechanical Pup; Night Panther ability: Weight Training; Detective Panda ability: Panda’s Blessings; Dreki.