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Record Your Screen with Screen Recorder

By Admin | 07 September,2020 | 2 minutes, 28 seconds


What is a Screen Recorder?

Have you wished that you could flaunt your gaming skills to your friends?Or help an elderly with some quick smartphone troubleshooting? Or perhaps start an online tutorial channel?

Screen Recorder makes all this and so much easier and more convenient. Screen Recorder for Android and iOS is a free application that provides stable recording and editing features so that you can record and share your share onscreen experiences. With an elegant yet user-friendly design, Screen Recorder brings to you an all in one master app that will make your work and play a lot easier.

Our experienced developers have strived to make the application inclusive of a variety of features.

Screenshots with the ScreenRecorder App

Whether you want to capture an essential piece on content to refer to later or only screenshot a gaming achievement, the screenshot feature of ScreenRecorder is the best way to do it

Screenshots that you capture are saved automatically in our cloud storage, so you don’t have to worry about losing them. With the image upload feature, you can upload images saved in your phone gallery to make them immune to data loss.

Uploading on the cloud, lets, you access them at anytime, anywhere using iOS or Android smartphones.

Video recording

With ScreenRecorder by your side, nothing can limit your creative reach. With smooth and stable recording,making tutorial videos for your YouTube channel or Facebook cannot get easier than with ScreenRecorder.

If you are a content creator, screen recorder aside from letting you record your screen also fetches you an audience for your content. By featuring your videos on the Screen Record app, you can kick start your journey to becoming the next big social media celebrity.Featured videos get thousands of views through Screen Recorder daily.


At ScreenRecorder, we care about your consent. Photos and videos on the cloud remain private to you unless you decide to make them public. ScreenRecorder hides your private content from the public eye so that you can use our service without worrying about the privacy of your content.

Editing Content Using Screen Recorder

Screen Recorder realises the need for processing and editing your content to make it more suitable for public posting. With the screen recorder built-in editing features, you can now edit your images and videos all at one place eliminating the hassle of importing media from app to app.Using the screen Recorder app, you can easily trim and edit videos and photos as per your requirement.

Conclusion: Why choose Screen recorder?

With well over 21 million downloads, the world is making the smarter choice. Screen Recorder surpasses its competition with its well-designed features and media quality, and through cloud service and editing enabled it stands apart from the rest.

It is the preferred choice of various technical creators who have used our services to create and upload more than 2.7 million tutorial videos and more than 35 million screenshots.

Screen Recorder focusses on its user requirements and makes sure the app stays upto date technology so that you can enjoy world-class features free of cost.

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