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What Are The Best Guns For Long-Range Fights In Free Fire

By Admin | 05 May,2021 | 6 min


Garena Free Fire is a massively popular battle royale genre that has a very large player base in free Indian games. This game has been getting tons of popularity in India, holding the second spot behind PUBG Mobile in the “most popular battle royale” list in free Indian games. 

It is an utmost survivor game that puts you with 49 other people fighting to be the last person standing, which makes Picking the correct weapons is very important as this can be a deciding factor between defeat and victory. 

There are various types of guns in Free Fire, and they are classified on the basis of their effectiveness at different ranges. as long-range weapons and as short-range weapons. while pushing rank or during a Classic match Long-range fights in Free Fire are frequent as it is a battle royale game. Many players who stream knows what is a screen recorder and they record the game and stream the same using the long range guns.

Here is a list of the best long-range guns in Free Fire and what is the best gun in the division if you want to conquer the battlefield, it is best to mostly utilize these weapons in free fire online. 


M79 is a game-deciding novelty free fire gun which is hard to find on the battleground but once found this weapon, it entirely turns the battle into one's favor. It fires like a lob of a grenade. Due to its high power, this weapon can easily demolish vehicles and buildings. Hence, this a very strong weapon to have in one's arsenal if found. 


The Groza is the best assault rifle and is probably the most powered weapon in the game. This weapon has all the stopping power of an AK(Avtomat Kalashnikova) without any drawbacks. using this weapon in the final circles of the game would give a great advantage. The only weakness of this weapon is its reload time, which requires practice to minimize it. This all-rounder of a weapon with 54 accuracies,75 range, high damage I.e. 61,30 magazine, 48 reload speed and 56 rate of fire provides stability and is useful in long-range battles as well. Due to it being a well-rounded weapon, it can be considered as one of the best weapons in the game which is desperately hard to find, and if someone finds them should use a screen recorder to make the moment memorable. 


The M4A1 has high stats in everything and it is the longest range amongst all AR in Free Fire characters. The 54 accuracy,77 range, 53 damage,30 magazines, 48 reload speed and 56 rates of fire, has great accuracy in short and long-range battles and a decent damage per bullet shot. This makes it a recommended choice by pro players. The gun has a low fire rate, that requires practice to fully harness it. Attachments are also important, it is best to fill the M4 with as many of those as one can. If one is interested in ranked matches then one should consider it as a primary weapon. This is a balance assault rifle and has everything one needs in their loadout. It can be commonly found in the battleground thus every player must have it in their loadout. 


The AWM is the best sniper rifle in the game among fire characters. With high accuracy I.e. 90 accuracy,91 range, 90 damage,5 magazines, 34 reload speed and 27 rate of fire gives the advantages over others is its higher headshot damage, which could probably kill any opponent in one shot, but has a long reload time which can be minimized by practice. The gun can also be equipped with attachments and the muzzle being the more preferable option. This high-powered sniper rifle can be very destructive. The AWM is the strongest weapon in the game and can one-shot a fully armored player, every player must have it in their loadout. 


SCAR is the gun as it is probably the easiest to use for new players. Its balanced stats with low recoil, high accuracy, medium damage, and good range makes this weapon a great choice for an assault rifle with accuracy 45,60 range, 53 damage,30 magazines, 41 reload speed, and 61 rates of fire. Though the rifle features medium-range damage.  It is very easy to custom with four available attachment slots – it would be a beast in the late game. Attachments being Scope, Extended Mag, Compensator, Stock, Grip. 


AK(Avtomat Kalashnikova) is one of the toughest to master but extremely powerful guns in the game. AK is the powerhouse weapon in the class of assault rifle fire characters. The gun Free Fire version of the AK is stronger than the usual version. The only downside to this gun is its massive recoil, but players who can control it are at an advantage with this gun, with accuracy 41,72 range, 61 damage,30 magazines, 41 reload speed and 56 rate of fire has the highest damage and higher range. The signature recoil of the gun stays, and because of that, one can juggle the gun with either a short burst or single snapshots. If one can handle its kick, it is possible to out damage everyone with this weapon. The attachments available are- Silencer, Muzzle, Foregrip, Magazine, Scope.


The Kar98K is the best sniper rifle of its class most commonly found on the map. This weapon is fit for any kind of utilization. It has a long range of 84 and high damage of 90. This weapon has a great accuracy of 90. However, the reload speed of 27 is the lowest of the class with Magazine: 5 and Rate of Fire: 27. While AWM has the utmost stopping power, most of the time you would need more than one hit to finish off an opponent and so, there aren’t many differences between the two. You can equip either a muzzle or a silencer on the Kar98k to increase its power as an attachment - the muzzle is important, as it can increase your effective range even more. 


AN94 has very high firepower. It has a long effective range among gun Free Fire along with a decent rate of fire of 58 and a damage of 60, range 55, magazine 30, reloads speed 45 and accuracy- 48 with high recoil and firepower. It is very effective long-range and a decent rate of fire. This weapon can be used for both mid-range and long-range assaults. However, the only drawback of this weapon is that it has a high rate of recoil. Muzzle, Scope, Foregrip, Magazine can be utilized as attachments. 


M14 is the assault rifle with the longest range among all. Its production is almost like a sniper.It has high damage and range whereas its rate of fire and magazine is low. The weapon has an imposing fire range and damage of 77. However, the magazine capacity is low i.e.15 but has an imposing movement speed of 62. Muzzle, Scope, Foregrip, Magazine can be utilized as attachments. 


The SKS is the most commonly used free fire gun by players for one-tap headshots. It is very effective in long-range fights as it has a very high damage rate and range of 82. It also provides an armor penetration of 46 and a useful movement speed of 62. The advantage of collecting an SKS fire character is majorly the 4x scope that comes pre-attached with it. 

The above described is what called the best gun in the division

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