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Screen Recorder - The Best Screen Recorder For iPhone

By Admin | 11 December,2020 | 3 minutes


Effortless screen recording for iPhone

Every iPhone comes with a built-in screen recording option. While it is pretty easy to use, the iOS feature limits the users to only record their screen. They can’t do anything else. It lacks innovation and advanced recording features, but the Screen Recorder App resolves this dilemma and offers many more features to its iPhone users.

Say Hi to Screen Recorder

The Screen Recorder App is a dedicated app providing innovative screen recording capability to iOS and Android smartphone devices. It is a free and high-quality app power-packed with exciting features to suit every user. Bundled in a seamless user interface design and superior technology, Screen Recorder is the best screen recorder for iPhone.

So, what does the Screen Recorder App help to do?

When a user desires to record a tutorial video, gameplay footage, or stream a chosen app, an advanced screen recording app is required. Screen Recorder app does all of this and much more. Let's breakdown each of the features of the Screen Recorder app.

Intriguing Features of the app:

Smooth Screen Recording

Allows users to record their screen uninterrupted using floating buttons. Users can also record and draw simultaneously. Post completion, users can edit the videos to add modifications and eliminate any excess portions of the recording. Changes like adding audio, reactions, or commentary to the video are easily possible after recording. Users can conveniently upload the recorded clips to their cloud storage or even YouTube.

Take screenshots

Using the floating button, users can take screenshots while recording is in progress. Additionally, users can edit the images to apply various filters, draw doodles, add text, crop, flip, and rotate as required. 

Go Live

Any user wanting to start a live stream can do so within the app. The app supports the live streaming feature for Facebook, YouTube, GameSee, Twitch, etc. Furthermore, users can control the resolution, bit rates, and frame rates through available options. 

Interactive recording - Picture-in-Picture

The integrated front camera recording allows users to be interactive while recording the video. Users can get creative with the type of interactions based on their type of recording to make their picture-in-picture style video more fun which will ultimately drive viewer engagement.

Whiteboard recording

This feature is handy for artists who conduct live drawing workshops. Using this unified whiteboard recording feature, artists can prepare drawing videos incorporating steps and audio while watching tutorial videos. 

Audio recording

Users can simply record audio clips without the need for any video recording. Also, users can reuse the recorded audio in a video or upload it to the cloud.

Supports multiple video types

As videos have gained more popularity, more viewers online are consuming video content. By using this app, users can make any type of video, like vlogs, explainer videos, tutorials, reviews, testimonials, live streams, and much more.

The best choice for iPhone users

All these features make Screen Recorder a popular choice amongst many iPhone users already. Users love the app's flexibility, simple UI design, and easy-to-use functionality. Thanks to the bunch of features, the Screen Recorder app eliminates the need to use multiple apps to produce only one video. Want to do more than simply record your mobile screen? Get the Screen Recorder App today.

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