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Wondering how to stream on Facebook? Try the simplest app for your phone!

By Admin | 09 June,2020 | 2 minutes, 31 seconds



Are you an online content creator looking for ways to stream seamlessly on social media? Tired of pre-recorded videos for Facebook? Instead of relying on ten different software or tools, you can consider using a singular app like Screen Recorder. Our app is designed for simplified streaming, and it can be downloaded for free for both Android & iOS. In this guide, we are discussing more on how to stream on Facebook and things that users need to know about using the app.

What to stream on Facebook?

Besides vloggers and online content creators, online streaming or Facebook Live is extensively used by brands for promotions and marketing. Whether you want to show your consumers on how to shop from your app or wish to stream your live gaming session, Facebook is the ultimate platform for engaging viewers. Considering the number of users, Facebook remains the undisputed leader in social media. Any kind of content can be streamed on the platform, as long as you adhere to the norms listed by Facebook. There are a few dos and don’ts, which are worth checking, or your video or content can be removed.

How to use Screen Recorder to stream on Facebook?

1. For iOS Users

Open the Screen Recorder app on your phone, and you will find different live streaming options for varied social media sites. Select the ‘Go Live on Facebook’ tab on the app, and you will be asked to Login into your Facebook account. Use your details to sign in and create a title for your new video/streaming session. Just tap on the button called ‘Start Livestreaming’, and you are ready to roll. It is as simple as that. We have a function to switch on/off the mic, so you can decide what you need.

2. For Android Users

You can enable the Floating Button on the Screen Recorder app, and you will find the Live Button. Tap on the button, and you can find all social media options. Select ‘Facebook’ on the screen by tapping the icon. Again, you will be directed to the Facebook login page – Use your Facebook details to log in. You will now find the ‘live stream’ option on your profile. Just tap on ‘Start’, and you are ready to roll. Screen Recorder app makes it super easy to stream almost anything – so share your game or do anything on the screen- You are LIVE!

How to download the Screen Recorder app?

Screen Recorder app is free for download, as we had mentioned, and it can also record anything that’s happening on your screen. Features on the app include the option to create interactive videos, ability to trim videos and create promotional content. It can also be used to record games, including high definition ones like PubG. Screen Recorder doesn’t charge anything for its features, and we remain one of the most used apps for recording and streaming for social media.

Download the Screen Recorder App now and start streaming on Facebook, and other social media sites, including YouTube.

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