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5 Steps to Create Live Streams and Screencasts Like a Pro

By Admin | 04 June,2020 | 9 minutes


Showcast Your Work in the Best Possible Way through Screen Recorder

Want to go live?

Well, in this write-up, we will go over a few amazing tips to create live streaming and screencasting videos like a Pro. Some people seem so fearless; their confidence in presenting themselves is worth mentioning as they take every opportunity that comes their way. Even if it requires them in front of the cameras or a screen recorder to capture their work, they apparently jump on it every single time.

But does this feel a little like you?

If not, then don’t worry you are not alone into this. Many people tend to struggle with their version of online or stage fright. It can be due to general language barriers, shyness, and more. Always remember that if you really want to achieve something you have to step out of your comfort zone.

So, take a step ahead and let us help you to create Live Stream or Screencast easily.

Why Live Stream/Screencast?

But... do you really have to?

Well, as a creator, in itself, means that you have to push yourself a little out of your comfort zone. So, how about creating a little room to handle your fears? We believe that with a little practice and strategizing, anyone can overcome the situations when they think of promoting themselves online.

  • Besides, with live streaming/screencasting is not rocket science, because it
  • Connects you with your audience.
  • Use specific tools like a screen recorder to share your experience.
  • It allows you to share and collaborate with new ideas.
  • Sharing feedback and suggestions on your work.

But, wait…Before you hit that Record button! Let's start with learning the basics.


Step 1: Understanding the Difference between Live Streaming & Screencasting

  • But, what makes the two different, and which one you must prefer?


  • Live streaming: Real-time recording is known as Live Streaming. If you know how to stream on YouTube or any other social media platform, you could broadcast your gaming skills, share your lecture, or even kill time with your online friends easily. The live stream is an art!
  • Screencasting: Recording a video on your PC or Smartphones using a Screen recorder with internal audio is known as Screencasting. You can capture the activities of the screen and your audience will see every movement you make through the same.

Various platforms allow you to combine these two features for LIVE SCREENCASTNG (Shh.. but not all are well-aware of the difference!)

Step 2: Select a Publishing Platform

  • Now that you fully know the difference, it is time to figure out which publishing platform you must decide to go for. Do not forget to consider the following:
  • What all you need?
  • What is your budget?
  • Time do you need for your broadcast.
  • What is availability?

Live Streaming Websites and Applications Searching for how to stream on Facebook?

  • Fortunately, several streaming platforms and applications are absolutely free. Unlike many others, if live streaming is what you like, consider the below-mentioned websites to get started.
  • Twitch
  • Mixer
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • YouTube

    However, not all streaming websites are equal and there are several merits and demerits to each one of them. For instance: some applications don’t allow multiple video angles, while others can. Therefore, it always the best to try out a few to understand the difference before you settle down onto one.

    Step 3: Gather the Equipment Together

    Here in this step, you need to gather all your equipment together. This is especially when you want to StreamCast using a Mobile Screen Recorder or following the traditional one.

    First, you must decide on what kind of video or broadcast you want to have. Are you recording a game, tutorial, or some kind of creation like painting on a smartphone? After deciding, gather all your equipment so that there is no distraction in between.

    It is natural for everyone to stumble before mastering your skills. But it never hurts to practice a little extra before you start. You should start by making a brief outline of your video. List down what you want your audience to know about you or your video to be? Always rehearse before you start streaming.

    There is no doubt if we say that live streaming is noticeably turning into new opportunities for many. Yes, people are earning more these days through game streaming and some are now famous public speakers who live stream by talking about anything they come across- What makes them perfect? Practice and their dedication!

    Step 4: Go With the Flow

    Plans are similar to GPS trackers: they help (there is no doubt in that!), but you can still follow your heart by paving a road to success. In short, your best bet is to go with the flow during a live stream. Also, from technological issues to all types of glitches and mishaps, you have to mentally prepare yourself before you start broadcasting your way.

    Last Words

    Remember, many people are learners. They love learning by watching your videos to improve their skills. Try to open up to them while capturing game streams or screencasting using the Best screen recorder for android by making friendly interactions. Share your experience and help them with incredible opportunities to enhance their confidence.

    Let your audience know about you and why you created a video! Ask them for their feedback and practice for progression- lastly, ADAPT; IMPROVIZE & OVERCOME!

      • Additionally, when in doubt, always make sure that you have the following:
      • Great Wifi or Broadband Services.
      • Screen recorder with internal audio.
      • Enough light/ brightness.
      • Not too much clutter in the shot in case you want to be a part of the video.
      • A clear view of the screen or video you are capturing.
      • Reliable microphones.

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