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Love playing games? Stream your skills online with Screen Recorder!

By Admin | 25 June,2020 | 2 minutes, 28 seconds


Unleash the gamer in you with Screen Recorder!

PUBG, Clash of Clans, Clash Royale, Call of Duty – if you love games like this, you probably want to share the fun and your skills with the world. Many gamers with dedicated fan bases do it, and if you own a YouTube channel, you should definitely consider the idea. While many devices now have an in-built screen recording feature, most of the time, these features are complicated and don’t serve the purpose. The ready apps in the market are usually expensive and have too many ads. Screen Recorder for Android & iOS is designed to change that. The app is designed to make gaming shareable with the world.

Quick review of Screen Recorder app

Screen Recorder app is FREE and super easy to use, which sets apart from others in the same niche. As far as gaming and recording events on the screen are concerned, Screen Recorder works just perfectly, and its easy interface and design ensure that your gameplay is not affected. What is commendable about this app is the user experience and interface. Screen Recorder scores high on UI &UX, and it could become a go-to tool for many social media butterflies and content creators. In fact, content creators can do so much more with the app, beyond just recording games they play.

Features worth noting

Reviews of the Screen Recorder clearly shows that the app has been highly successful so far, and the developers have done a commendable job as far as features are concerned. From basic screen capture to creating interactive videos, the app has it all. It also has a special float button, so you can choose to do the basic tasks easily. Screen Recorder app also stands out for easy streaming on social media sites. No matter whether you want to stream on YouTube or Facebook, it’s as simple as logging into your account. You can also choose to create gaming tutorials and even promotional videos, as your channel and fanbase grow. Recording games works wonders for many experienced players, who want to inspire others, especially for mobile games that require strategy or have hidden elements.



If you are wondering how to record your iPhone screen, or simply want to share videos online from your gaming sessions, Screen Recorder is undoubtedly the most fun app out there. It doesn’t burden your device, and even when you are playing games that are heavy on visuals and graphics, the Screen Recorder app works perfectly fine. Many reviewers also agree that the app scores high in terms of value, because it’s free, and there are no unwanted surprises or charges. The colour scheme is simple, and even if you want to use the app extensively at night, it can work in the background and wouldn’t strain your eyes.


As mentioned, Screen Recorder is available for both iOS and Android. You can check for free download and try recording a game or two, to understand how effortlessly it works for creating content.

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