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GTA 6: Release Date And Location Rumors About Rockstar's Next Crime Adventure

By Admin | 19 July,2021 | 5 minutes, 37 seconds.


 GTA 5 has been massively successful, selling nearly 110 million and crashing the Epic Game Store when it was featured as the weekly freebie in the year 2020.

There arise questions when is gta 6 coming out as Rockstar hasn't even confirmed its existence. Which would be cleared after an announcement this year .Now after the summer of 2021 showcases have come and left with nothing so a chance in 2022 for Rockstar to make any official mention of the next GTA series game about GTA 6 after GTA 5

Rockstar's history depicts that the company releases its bigger games four to five years apart and if that trend continues, we might expect to see GTA 6 release around 2022 or 2023. The recent quarterly earnings revealing that GTA 5 Online is still a big earner for the company, so it would be a doubt if there wasn't another GTA game planned somewhere down the line.

Also the relatively recent launch of the PS5 and Xbox Series X also confirms that a GTA 6 announcement next year is more probable, though it's worth bearing in mind that Rockstar is kept fairly busy with updates for both Red Dead Online and GTA Online.

An SEC filing by Rockstar's parent company Take-Two from the year 2020 claims that the company is planning a huge spike in advertising spending during the fiscal year 2024, for a total of almost $90 million. Not many games in T2's stable would call in that kind of popularity and money. It's the type of figure one would expect for their next huge release. A T2 representative has since stated Gamesindustry Biz that the marketing spike is related to third-party companies, not an internal studio like Rockstar. 

The newest round of rumors about grand theft auto 6 release date, backed by multiple journalists, suggests that a 2023 launch is probably a premature date. These guesses suggest that a 2024 or 2025 launch is more likely to happen. Part of what might be pushing GTA 6 into further off years is Rockstar's efforts to combat crunch culture which has plagued its past launches, notably towards the end of development on Red Dead Redemption 2.


 Rockstar's past with PC versions has been inconsistent, but the immense popularity of both GTA 5 and Red Dead Redemption 2 on PC is a great reason for Rockstar to release new gta game on the platform.

Aa it is evident that the company feels the same, considering it released the Rockstar Games Launcher on PC in 2019. It's doubtful that the studio would release its own games launcher after the company didn't plan on hosting its future games there, including an assumed GTA 6 release. Players can probably expect a gap between the release of GTA 6 on consoles and PC as it took GTA 5 a year and a half to come to PC, and RDR2's gap was almost a year as well.

GTA 6 location

Beyond a release date, the most important things to note is that where (and when) GTA 6 will be set. Everything flows from Rockstar's choice of city and decade. GTA 5's return to Los Angeles sets us up for a possible return to Vice City for GT 6. In an interview with Develop in 2013, president of Rockstar North Leslie Benzies referred again to Rockstar's trifecta of preferred GTA cities 

Talking of old GTA cities, a few years ago a Liberty City scene was seen on a Rockstar dev's profile, apparently mocked up in GTA 5's engine. One can simply assume it must have been a technical test, or perhaps a scene from some scrapped singleplayer DLC, but Rockstar once talked about putting all of their cities into one mega-game. 

Rumors from July 2021, backed up by a few different sources, point to GTA 6 returning to Vice City as gta 6 location. These claims say that GTA 6 will take place in a modern-day version of the series analog the city Miami’s also say that GTA 6's map will evolve or expand over time, possibly through DLC or live game updates. With GTA 5's return to LA, it would make sense for GTA 6 to be set in Miami. 

GTA 6 online

Rockstar is still regularly adding new activities, content, and events to its big multiplayer world. Given that GTA 4, GTA 5, and both Red Dead Redemption games have had online servers, it feels like a must-have for GTA 6 also. 

In early 2021 we learned of a patent filed by Take-Two called "System And Method For Virtual Navigation In A Gaming Environment" related to simulated character pathfinding for big outdoor environments. There's no guarantee that this is related to development on GTA 6, but it was assingned to developers at Rockstar. If it is related to the development of the next GTA, it likely means the company is planning some big improvements to simulated behavior in its next open world city.

More about GTA vi 

 The Know cites an internal source that puts the GTA 6 release date as 2021-2022. The rumour suggests that the new game will be spread between Vice City and South America. The Christian Today rumour round up guesses at a 60s London setting and time travel. Comic Book gave credence to an anonymous since-hidden pastebin post claiming that GTA 6 will feature multiple big cities connected by a vast stretch of land featuring smaller towns. In this version the player starts out as a small crook and finish up running a drug-running criminal operation.

An older issue has resurfaced, showing what the poster claims is the map for GTA 6. It appears to be a riff on a cruder-looking alleged leak from the year 2018. The new post is a bit more convincing, a split island that seems like it could actually belong in a Rockstar game despite the blurry quality. Even so, this could very well be a persistent fake.

An anonymous Reddit post oddly cites one of our writers as a source. That post suggests that GTA 6 is codenamed Project Americas and will be set in Vice city and a new city based on Rio de Janeiro. It's rumored to be set between 1970 and 1980 and the main character is mixed up with the drug trade. The game may feature drug empire mechanics inspired by Vice City of GTA 5. This rumor claims that Netflix's Narcos is a prime inspiration and your car will behave like Red Dead Redemption 2's horse, in that it serves a mobile storage as well as transport. Visually the game will be more stylized than the photorealistic Red Dead Redemption 2 and characters will speak in their native language with subtitles.


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