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By Admin | 05 July,2021 | 5 min 1 sec


The addition of several protagonists is one of the Rockstar Games' biggest accomplishments in the popular GTA franchise. Grand Theft Auto V allows gamers to control three drastically diverse characters and experience three well-developed narratives.

Life in GTA 5 is crazy as ever. In dozens of bizarre missions, the huge state of San Andreas hosts aerial accidents, ferocious gunfights, and talking animals.  All this action-packed experience is because of its free gameplay, amazing missions, and gta5 cheats. 

On how to download gta5 pc, consider the following steps:

Players need an Epic Games Launcher and need to create an Epic Games account.

  1. Click the Sign-in option in the Epic Games Launcher

  2. Create an account using “Sign-Up”

  3. You can buy the game before installing the Launcher, and then finish the installation there. It is, however, advised that you first download the Epic Games Launcher.

  4. In the search bar, type GTA 5 and subsequently click the Buy Now button to purchase the game using various payment options.

  5. GTA 5 will begin downloading after the purchase has been completed.

 Minor Turbulence.

Minor Turbulence is a quest that protagonist Trevor Philips completes on his own in Grand Theft Auto V. Despite being one of Trevor's tasks, Franklin Clinton can only initiate it at the De Santa Residence. This mission easily makes the top 5. Just what you would expect out of a movie, gta5 brings it to life. 

Minor Turbulence is a blockbuster-level Michael Bay fantasy come true. In mid-flight, Trevor pilots a biplane into the open back end of a Cargo Jet. He fights a gunfight in the open hold, hijacks the larger jet, and flies to the edge of the sky.

US Air Force fighter jets who were the escorts of the plane soon convey Trevor over the radio to surrender him. Because Trevor refuses to comply with the pilots' requests, the jets fire missiles at the cargo plane, disabling one of its starboard engines. Trevor grabs a parachute and bails out when he is forced to.

The Big Score

 The Big Score is the ultimate, satisfying fulfillment of the heist mechanism, whether you want to do it clean or dirty.

 The dirtiest way you can win this heist is using gta5 mods or gta5 cheats.

After completing some preliminary preparations, the GTA player can eventually loot the Union Depository. Lester points out that if they succeed in their endeavour, they will have a criminal record.

 Almost every ability we'd honed over hours of gaming was put to the test in a single, fast-paced, and explosive gauntlet.

 The profit from this score exceeds everything else in the game, with each protagonist potentially earning over 40 million dollars, therefore it's more important than ever to make the right decisions during the planning stage; incorrect decisions might cut each protagonist's income by as much as 75%.

 Lamar Down

 Franklin unwillingly teamed up with Michael and Trevor to save Lamar Davis from the Ballas, who had kidnapped him over a feud. Because full-fledged gang violence is unavoidable, Michael must infiltrate the property with a direct attack.

Small-town hoodlum Lamar is primarily used for comic relief, but his connection with Franklin is one of GTA 5's storytelling touchstones, and it's good to see the squad rally behind him when he gets himself into trouble.

 The coordinated assault on the distant gang facility, which takes advantage of the player-switching mechanic, is pure action from start to end and has a more tactical feel.

 Crystal Maze

 This one is definitely a banger. From the starting scene of GTA, where Trevor just randomly shoots up a guy, it’s easy to see how aggressive and impulsive Trevor is. Sometimes he does things without thinking about the consequences first, which results in an epic lash out.

 This mission is one of those where Trevor faces Tao and his interpreter when he arrives at the Yellow Jack Inn. Trevor threatens them to inform him who they are working with, the O'Neil brothers if they say they want to seek other professions.

 Trevor runs to the basement, where the O'Neil's meth factory is located and launches a hard assault on the guards. Trevor then takes a Jerry can and pours a path of gasoline outside and throughout the house, which he subsequently fires, causing the house to explode ablaze. Trevor then walks away from the scene.

 In this one gta5 cheats are useful as there are so many targets aiming at the player and to have extra fun gta5 cheats come in handy.

 The Paleto Score

 Despite the fact that our trio of thieves intends to rob a small-town rural bank, the work in The Paleto Score quickly becomes more difficult when they learn that the local cops are significantly more effective than they anticipated. Instead of committing a routine robbery, Michael and Trevor put on armoured outfits and Trevor takes out a small gun to flee the bank.

  The next events can only be characterized as Trevor’s apocalypse, as an army of cops is hacked to shreds, cars are blown to the sky, and helicopters are brought down in flames. When the Army is brought in, the mayhem quickly escalates.

This mission is very difficult as when the player tries to escape, the van is very slow to move and multiple police officials are trying to gun down the van and are rather successful.

 Franklin is the getaway driver, is compelled to save the other two, and uses a bulldozer as an armored vehicle to transport the others and himself to a nearby mill, where the three fight their way to the train lines and escape on a train.

 The reward is very small as Agent Sanchez after the team is returned safely, leaves with the majority of the take, around 80%. And after dividing the remainder, a very small amount of cash is received by the protagonist.

 After the cash split, Michael says the team to split up as the police will be looking for a group of 3 men. Trevor and Franklin drive off in a Utility Truck, leaving Michael by himself.



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