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Screen Recorder’s Whiteboard Tutorial

By Admin | 15 March,2021 | 4 minute


Virtual learning is somehow gaining momentum in the present time, where people have the comfort to learn new things and gain immense knowledge sitting back at home. Considering the specificities, it is essential to certainly know the importance of whiteboard as it is the need of the hour for a better understanding of the class. Significantly with time the usage of whiteboard has ameliorated as it is simpler for the teachers or the tutors to unravel some new ideas and share them with their students. 

Nowadays, digital whiteboards serve a dual purpose as the text written on them can be easily digitalised. It fulfils the purpose of modern learning by being easily connected to the internet and thereby being able to explain the content being written on the board simultaneously. Online study material can be easily accessed with the bat of the eye wherein the content can be saved and can be reviewed later in the future. 

Differentiating between the web whiteboard and the digital whiteboard, it is a quantum leap. Web whiteboard gives access to the teachers and the students to interact with each other and jot down the content on a common online portal from anywhere regardless of the locational grid. In the first place, web whiteboards can be accessed through any device which certainly encourages distance learning. Secondly, the whiteboard can be placed in a classroom when the students are physically present. Usually, schools have a budget constraint and cannot easily afford to provide this service. Thirdly, due to an augment in the process of online learning, whiteboards can be used without a projector as students of the present generation are talented minds and usually possess a smartphone. 

Learning through an online whiteboard is an experience not shared by many. For people to know its importance, they must be acquainted with the benefits of using the whiteboard. Not going too far, it is a first-rate option for the teachers these days to conduct sessions for students as it is an experience beyond comparison. The board permits you to freely draw various shapes, write any kind of text with an eraser, where unnecessary marks can be easily removed or edited. 

Pens used on the whiteboard contains an everlasting ink and the board possesses boundless space for the content to be legible and accessible. An online whiteboard helps to create and draw time-lapse videos or make instructional videos to direct the students in a proper way. Furthermore, a whiteboard is one of the most attractive gadgets that a child can acquire. Therefore, the practice of doodling is very common among the children on these exquisite whiteboards. 

It is an amazing way to connect people as the whiteboard acts as a common communication tool for the teachers to emanate their knowledge and the children to imbibe those facts. It is a dynamic process of helping fellow members in grasping the ideas and giving new opinions during a team discussion. Everything comes with benefits and afflictions both, however, considering the benefits of the online whiteboard, one can have unlimited space to write on with immensely featured pen tools. One can easily save the information inscribed on the whiteboard and share the same with fellow friends. It is a great way to collaborate with others and gain a strong network. 

It is a tool that is mostly liked by a gaming geek as this tool serves the purpose of screen recording wherein people combine this feature with their face cam, eventually leading to the turning on of the front camera for the person to perform the act of screen recording as well as their own actions. Doodling various designs on the whiteboard can help the children to think far and beyond, also, one can easily change the size of the brush or the pen as per their own convenience. There is a varied palette of colours available for the creation and implementation of the design. Last but not the least, one of the highlights of the learning is that the background colour can be easily changed with your own whim. 

The online whiteboard feature is somewhat popular among the users. Optimum utilisation of online resources can lead to effective learning among the students and help them be a leading edge. With the rapid advancement in technology, being acquainted with new innovations and adapting them in your life is a plus in your career growth.

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