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How can mobile screen recording be helpful?

By Admin | 12 February,2021 | 5


We can do so many things with our mobile devices, and sometimes it becomes hard to keep track of all the features the mobile apps can offer. The user can surf on the web, check the bank statement or place an order for take-out right from your fingertips. To be precise, you can easily record your mobile device's video to create a tutorial or provide clear instructions for a friend or a co-worker. The tips and tricks of mobile video recording have made it much more comfortable.

Continue to read further to know more about how the right screen recording app can be your superhero.

1. The Basics –

Before you hit the record button, you need to consider a few key factors that can have a lasting effect on your video's quality.

2. Audio –

There is a limitation in the built-in microphones on mobile devices. Try to get as close as possible to the source of the shooting if you want audio. Also, make sure to listen to the surrounding noise too. It would help if you were convinced that there is no traffic like the sound of cars or scooters or buzzing from lights that might interfere with the audio signals.

3. Instructional Videos

Instructional videos are becoming popular in the industry like advertising, healthcare, technology, and education. Instructional video with screen recording contains instructions to a large extent and uses a screen recorder to capture on your screen all the live actions. The most common four instructional videos include a tutorial, presentation, training, and screencast videos.

Tutorials – Screen recording on your screen is an effortless fantastic way to share knowledge with others quickly and visually, and the length of videos is usually 2-10 minutes. There is a step-to-step instruction with explanation, annotations, quizzes, etc., to draw the audience's attention.

Training – Training includes necessary facts, processes, data, and information. All these are used in a video to empower employees, businesses, companies, or organizations, and the length is 5 minutes. The training video conveys strong messages about real people and scenarios related to topics. Screen recording is the best choice in delivering challenging and complex content and boosting the connection between the trainer and trainee.

Presentation – Video made of various slides played from the beginning to the end of a presentation. While falls are played, you can record audio, webcam, or even add a presenter video. The length of the class or presentation usually takes 30-45 minutes. With audio narration, a webcam recorder, or a video presenter played based on slide-based presentations. You get a new look and feel of a video with the help of each slide's content.

Screencast – Video screen capture includes audio narration to teach someone to perform a task or share knowledge. The video's length is less than 5 minutes and is a visual way to communicate an idea or solve a problem since you can quickly create a screencast to answer a question at the right time. Such instructional video is used for informal situations.

All these four types of video differentiate in use purposes, characteristics and length. There is one thing in common and includes recording screen, editing, and exporting video. The instructional video is everywhere and is an effective way to give information quickly and visually. You can easily create a video in general and make an instructional video.

4. Floating Buttons

A floating camera screen recorder is a hidden screen recorder or a secret recorder that enables you to capture images or record videos with the click of a button even when your phone is locked, or the screen is off. The camera window floats on the screen all the time, and you can also double click on it to hide.

5. Trim Videos

You need to crop out the section of a video while you are watching. Cropping of video enables you to remove unwanted areas of format the aspect ratio to upload on a platform like Instagram. Video trimming has its uses as it allows to alter the video's length and does not crop an area of it.

Cropping is familiar with pictures, but most image editors enable you to crop out and area images quickly, even on smartphones. Cropping media gets tricky when it comes to videos. With appscreenrecorder, you can trim a video to adjust the aspect ratio for Instagram. Trimming will enable you to save tons of cash on professional video editors. We have the most advanced screen recording software for capturing everything on your display. With the screen recording function, you can crop an area of the video by recording only that section. Further, you can also record your games at up to 480 FPS and also capture the screen of external devices like video game consoles, webcams, smartphones, etc. We help you in cropping videos quickly, and all you have to do is play the video, define a capturing area and place it on your video.

Get Mobile Video Files Off Your Device

After recording on your mobile device, you want to have it on your desktop or editing, saving, or share. Continue reading to know the various options available for getting your video off your mobile device and onto your computer.

The best simple option is to plug your phone into your computer with a USB charger. You can also take out the memory card from your android device and use it as a card reader that is hooked up to your computer. You can click and drag your video files into any folder as per your wish once you are connected.

If you do not have a card reader or USB cord, then you can share it either wireless or "cloud." Cloud or cloud computing is software operated by internet-enabled devices. The files are not stored on your mobile device or computer. They are stored on a server somewhere out there in the world. It would help if you had an active internet connection for these options to work.

Are you on the Lookout for a Screen Recording App?

Both in Android and iOS devices, we have a mobile screen recorder and video editor. To get started, move to either Google Play Store or the Apple Store.


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