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How to Record your Screen on a Desktop with Audio & Facecam?

By Admin | 01 June,2022 | 6 minutes, 35 seconds


Many people ask us for recommendations for the latest screen recorder windows 10 or 11 online. The answer isn't as simple as it appears, but with this article, we can ensure you that you can record your screen on a desktop with no difficulty. 

While many apps allow you to capture the desktop screen on the internet, not all of them provide good value in terms of features. Selecting the ideal one necessitates extensive web investigation. Not only should you consider the features and pricing, but you should also consider the web reviews.

If you're short on time, this article is perfect for you.
What is a Screen Recorder for desktop Software?
A screen recorder for desktops allows you to capture and broadcast video from your computer or mobile device's screen. You can capture any section of the screen with this video recorder for PC and save it as an image or a movie. The finest video screen recorder will enable you to create high-definition recordings and photos.
Using the software, you may record films, games, seminars, and Skype meetings. You can also use the software as a video screen recorder for desktops to record videos from IPTV, smartphones, webcams, and PlayStation/Xbox consoles.

Uses of a Screen Recorder for desktop

For broadcasting gaming footage on platforms like Twitch, the majority of players employ screen capture software solutions. The programme can also be used to create instructional materials and corporate presentations.
A video screen recorder can also be used to create a storyboard, produce technical documentation, or collaborate on a project. It's also worth mentioning that several of the software options support HD recording. It's important to keep in mind that HD files take a long time to upload. If you want to quickly publish standard-quality films on the web, HD isn't required.

What features should the software include in general?

You should be able to annotate and highlight captured photos and videos with a screen recording application's editing features. It should also allow screen capture in the common picture and video formats including JPEG, AVI, and MPEG-4.
Audio recording, the ability to record a specific area, one window, or the entire screen, image or audio sharing options, and hardware acceleration for screen capturing are all frequent features of a screen recorder for PC with audio.

What Should You Look for When Purchasing a Screen Capturing App?

  • You should evaluate your demands before purchasing a screen capture solution.

  • If you're making a video for a commercial or educational presentation, look for software that allows you to blend scenes and modify audio in videos. Additionally, make sure the software includes an image editing capability for adding annotations to films or photographs.

  • If you want to stream a gaming video, ensure sure the software supports system audio as well as microphone recording.

  • If you want to make high-quality videos, you'll need an app that can record in HD. However, keep in mind that uploading these videos takes a long time. If you want to easily upload standard quality files online, you don't need this feature.

  • You should also check the file formats that the online screen capture tool supports. Make sure the software can record in at least AVI and MPEG4 formats. It should also be able to record movies at 60 frames per second.

  • You should opt for one that supports recording from external devices if you want to record from your gaming console, IPTV, or another device.

Can we also record voice with facecam?
Whether you're recording a live stream or creating a video training for work, you'll frequently need to record both the computer screen and the audio.
Shouldn't that be simple?
Yeah… Not at all.

Let's just say your alternatives are limited if you want a video recorder for PC with a sound that can give excellent capabilities for free. Either you have to spend some money on the software or you have to work using the one that has limited features. You can only record the screen but cannot include any audio or webcam video. The free software that offers these features has some other glitches or downsides. 

There are very few diamonds in the haystack of this screen recorder market. With advancements in the use of the internet, screen recorders have also reached new milestones. Now various websites offer you an online screen recorder with a variety of amazing features and all for free. You can record your desktop screen while also recording your webcam video, computer audio, or both. 

App Screen Recorder and Gamesee are two such diamonds that have come a long way and are currently the best in their fields. App Screen Recorder is a website that allows you to record your desktop screen with an online screen recorder and provides tons of new and exciting features. Games, on the other hand, is a live streaming platform that offers you to share with the world your computer gaming skills or any other computer hacks and allows you to also record these streams at the same time. 

Why choose App Screen RecorderTM?

If you want to record a screen for not a long time and have a good internet connection, you don’t have to download any software. Many websites allow you to record your screen online on a free online screen recorder with several amazing features. You can download your content once the work is complete. 

The best free online screen recorder among these websites is available at After successfully ruling the charts as the best screen recorder for android and ios, AppScreenRecorder has introduced a feature that allows our desktop users to record their screens without having to download any setup or software. Just visit the website and it offers you to recording screen along with various options.

AppScreenRecorder allows you to record your desktop screen with a lot of different features. You can use your mouse to toggle buttons on the website to turn on or turn off your microphone to include or exclude your voice in the screen recording video respectively. Similarly, there is a webcam toggle button also which can be used to turn on/off the webcam to add your video to the recording.

The screen recorder provides the user with a digital whiteboard or writing area on the screen. Now users can write on-screen while also recording it at the same time. This will not only be useful for game streaming enthusiasts but also for teaching purposes as it can be used as a normal whiteboard marker for underlining, highlighting, or adding notes to the screen while also recording it. Moreover, the whiteboard can also be customized with different pens or backgrounds.

How to use an online screen recorder?

Here are the steps to how to use the online screen recorder available at

  • Visit a site that offers to record your screen online (like

  • Press the big tab button that states ‘start recording’ when you want to start recording. (This website also allows you to record your screen while using the webcam and also a microphone).

  • After you have finished recording, stop the recording and click on the Save button.

  • The video will be downloaded to your pc.

Yes, it’s that easy.

App Screen Recorder

Let's get back to our small devices: mobile phones, now that you know practically everything about how to record screens with voice and face cam. By using the greatest screen recorder available on the market, the App Screen recorder, you can now share your experience with the world while broadcasting anything on your mobile. The program will teach you the fundamentals of screen recording, such as "what is screen recording?" and "what is a screen recorder?" so you may record your screen while bashing your way to higher levels in the game. The screen recorder includes a number of functions, including simultaneous direct live broadcasting to many platforms. 

This app is now available not only for Android users but also for iOS users. So, go to your app store and download this fantastic screen recorder.


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