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SCREEN RECORDER- Record With New And Improved Features.

By Admin | 04 April,2022 | 5 minutes, 8 second


Screen Recorder for Android & iOS is a free, high-quality app that allows you to record your screen stably and smoothly. Screen Recorder provides all of the features you want in a user-friendly interface that is an interface that is both easy and stylish.

Some Features of App Screen Recorder

Gamesee Button

Gamesee is your new go-to spot for conveniently live stream games on your phone. It's a platform that changes all of the parameters to guarantee that your broadcast is of the finest possible quality and performance. In seconds, you may watch, live stream, and access video on demand.

GameSee is a gaming platform that allows gamers to find new communities, watch live streaming, take part in gaming events, have amazing experiences, and take advantage of limitless opportunities. It encourages gamers of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities to show off their gaming skills without fear of being judged.

It's the ideal venue to experience the beneficial aspects of competition in a welcoming environment while also sharing your gaming love with people from all around the world. GameSee is more than just another gaming tool; it's a dynamic system for observing the gaming revolution.

AppScreenRecorder features a Gamesee toggle button or a Gamesee Button using which you can switch directly to the Gamesee website and stream amazing gaming videos by a wide Gamesee user database.


AppScreenRecorder allows users to play many mini-games within the app itself. The games are fun and easy to play. The weekly leaderboard of these games allows players to compare their scores with other users around the world and compete with each other to get the highest score. The users can also give the screen recorder a try while playing these mini-games. 

Audio Recording

This screen recorder allows its users to record their audio while also recording the screen. This feature proves to be extremely popular as game streaming is today’s trend. The easy-to-use interface and high quality of the recording make this app highly recommended by online streaming platform users.

Changes introduced in the new UI

The Screen recorder app's user interface (UI) has been around for a while, and it was time for a makeover. This new look offers a fresh feel to the app winning over the previous outdated and not-so user-friendly user interface. Although a lot of changes have been made and many new features are introduced in this latest version, we can assure you that the way you used to operate the app will not be affected, on the contrary, it will be enhanced to a much better level. 

A few prominent changes made to the user interface are:

1. Home Screen

In the previous user interface, the user landed on a video screen and had to look for a menu button (a plus ‘+’ sign button). The menu button, when tapped, opened the main features of the screen recorder app like screen recorder, audio recorder, etc. In other words, the user had to look for the menu button to perform the main functions of the application. This made using the app complicated for the users.

The new user interface solves this problem. The user lands on a much well-arranged starting screen. The main functions of the app, like screen recording and audio recording, are presented in form of big tiles which are easily accessible on the starting page itself instead of being hidden in a menu button. This new UI makes the app much easy to use and visually fantastic.

2. Toggle Button

The new UI introduces toggle buttons. These buttons allow users to share their recorded videos directly online to several social platforms at the same time. The user can share their content on Facebook, Games, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, etc at the same time. The user just has to toggle the buttons to ‘on’ for the social platforms where he/she wants to share their content with people, unlike the previous version which allowed users to share their videos to a single platform at a time. This new feature offers an easy-to-share approach for everyone and will be highly preferred by content creators. 

3. Media Tab

The new UI version of the Screen Recorder app introduces a much more organized and easier to navigate feature for your recorded or saved photos and videos…the Media tab. The previous version of UI proved to be complicated to use as users had to navigate through different folders for their audio and video files. The Media Tab solves this problem. The tab encloses the audio and video files into a single tab which makes the files easily accessible. This enclosure of files under a single tab also makes the sharing process easier as files can be found under a single tab and the user can share multiple files on multiple platforms in no time and easily.

4. Side Menu

Apart from fixing bugs from the previous UI, the Screen Recorder app has been updated with some new exciting features also. One of such new features is the side menu. The user can tap on either side of the screen to get into this new side menu. The menu has options to navigate through the app, in a well-organized manner. This side menu utility proves to be handy and makes navigating through the app a much smoother task than before.

5. Whiteboard (Coming Soon)

Though this feature has not been introduced in the screen recorder app yet, still it is believed to become one of the most popular utilities for a screen recorder app. This feature provides the user with a digital whiteboard or writing area on the screen within the app. Now users can write on-screen while also recording it at the same time. This will not only be useful for game streaming enthusiasts but also for teaching purposes as it can be used as a normal whiteboard marker for underlining, highlighting, or adding notes to the screen while also recording it. Moreover, the whiteboard can also be customized with different pens or backgrounds.

We hope that up till now you are aware of all the new changes introduced to the App Screen Recorder. Now go to Google Play Store (Android users) or App Store (ios users) and check out these updates on your own!


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