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Don't Miss Discussions: Use Our Easy Screen Recorder

By Admin | 28 February,2023 | 2min,34sec


Leverage the best technology to instantly record your screen with the best screen recorder. Technology has taken a new leap and now users can themselves seamlessly record the screen and capture their screen without any efforts. The recorded meetings can be used later on to get details of the event or can be used to consume important information shared during the call.

Before screen recorders, many individuals had a habit of taking hand-written notes. But, with the advancement in technology, it can be easier to keep all the information intact. 

Here is a small guide to help you understand how you can instantly record meetings with our screen recorder. 

Step 1: Start the recording

As soon as your meeting starts, you can choose to start the recording. This can be done by simply switching on the recording button. Before starting the meeting, you can select the partial or complete screen which you wish to record. This helps in keeping the screen prepared for the recording.

Step 2: Switch on the microphone

If you are willing to keep the audio of the meeting intact and want to record it, you can choose to switch on the microphone. This can be done by approving the permission to use the microphone while using the screen recorder. As per your requirements, you can choose to switch the microphone on and off to record or skip the audio in the recorded video.

Step 3: Add notes on white screen

Users can also leverage the benefit of adding special notes or comments within the recordings. While going through the meeting recordings at a later stage, the users can go through those notes or comments and can get a better idea of the same. 

Step 4: Edit the recordings

There are certain instances where an individual takes certain pauses, or breaks within the meetings. The technical glitch,network support and other hassles can be later on trimmed or removed from the final recordings. This can be a smart way to keep the necessary information intact without adding extra or irrelevant content within the recordings. 

Step 5: Stop and save the recordings

Lastly, the users can choose to select the stop button and can further  save the recordings. These recordings can later on circulated to different audiences as per the requirements. The recorded meetings can be saved and can be used to share it with others. To know more about it, you can check the tool by yourself and can explore the further options. 


Recording the meetings can be fun. You can smartly and hassle-free record the meetings and can use it for further sharing purposes. Screen Recorder comes with in-built features that explains why it is so convenient to use it for screen recordings. The users can follow these 5 simple steps and can choose to go ahead with the instant recording of the meeting. To know more about the different features of screen recorder and how you can leverage it to its maximum capacity, feel free to get connected with our team. Happy to help!


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