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Your Guide to Making Instructional Videos with Screen Recording App

By Admin | 24 January,2022 | 3 minutes, 9 seconds


Living in the era of information explosion, most of us rely on videos to understand or convey messages in an effective and engaging way. From training employees on a new product to teaching a new skill, videos are considered the fastest way to send information. 

While there are many types of videos out there, one that has become particularly popular across industries would be instructional videos. Depending on the length, purpose, and characteristics, instructional videos could be called tutorials, training, presentation, or screencast. Regardless of which type of instructional video you plan on shooting, there are a couple of steps you need to follow to ensure its quality. Let’s take a closer look at them. 

Chalking Out a Plan 

If you want your video to be the best, you cannot do without a solid plan. Start the process by taking the audience’s perspective to understand what works best for them. When you decode these aspects of your audience's personality, you can develop an outline with central ideas and arrange them accordingly. 

Writing the Script 

Once you’re done with the plan, you need to move to the preparation phase. One of the best ways to create the perfect instructional video would be to nail the script. When you have a well-developed script, you can control every detail of your video. In addition, it also lets you estimate the average length of your video, allowing you room for improvements. 

Finding the Right Screen Recorder App

When you’re thinking of creating an instructional video, a screen recording app is bound to come to your mind. You’ll find a diverse range of options in the market but choosing the right one is important to your purpose. 

Whether you’re looking for a screen recorder for android or desktop, make sure you research the features extensively to find one that suits your needs. If you like an application, do not forget to go through the reviews to learn how the software generally functions. 

Recording the Screen 

When you’re done with all the preparation, it is time to start the action. When you record your screen, make sure all unnecessary applications are closed. Keep all the clutter at bay and turn off notifications to avoid distractions while shooting the video. 

When it comes to narration, you can record it along with the screen. Some creators may prefer doing a voice-over after they’re done with the recording. When you speak, try to be as clear as possible while matching the tone of your video for communicating the message. 

Editing the Draft 

After you’re done with the video and narration, your next step would be to edit the video. You can do it however you like by adding as many video and audio editing features supported by the app. If you want to cut out unnecessary ranges, you can do it with your recorder app. You could even add spotlights and animations to your video to make it more engaging for the viewers. Editing is where you get to show off as much creativity as you want, so don’t take this part lightly. 

Exporting the Final Draft 

Exporting your video file will be the last thing you do when you’re all done with the editing. You can export your final draft in several formats, such as MKV, MP4, AVI, or WMV. When you’re done with it, you can upload it on YouTube or any other channel where it’s easy for your viewers to see and share the video. 

Closing Thoughts 

Nowadays, you’ll find instructional videos everywhere, but that doesn’t automatically make it the best way to provide information. If you follow this guide the right way, you’ll be far more likely to make an engaging, easily understandable, and retentive video. 

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