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SCREEN RECORDER - Quick Guide To Video Streaming

By Admin | 25 November,2021 | 6 minutes, 39 sec


In a world of social distancing where remote working, Zoom conferences, and live-streamed entertainment have become routine, nearly everyone seeks digital tools that make life online a little bit easier and a bit more comfortable. The outcome of our collective attempts to keep business, healthcare, education, and even social ties running during a pandemic has intensified already-evolving changes in the ways we communicate. When real-time interaction isn't necessary, recording and sharing a video of your content for others to watch and rewatch as needed on their own time is a simple and effective communication solution.

What is screen recording?

A screen recording, also known as a screencast or video screen capture, is a digital recording of displayed scenes on a computer screen (preferably at 60 frames per second), typically with vocal narration and a camera or facecam footage of the presenter.

What is a screen recorder?

 In simple terms, a screen recorder is software used to perform screen recording. With the correct screen recorder, showing and explaining anything in a video is a simple task. It's perfect for video tutorials, lectures, online presentations, training videos, and more. As more professionals and educators learn about the advantages of on-demand video communication, the already crowded market for video and screen recording applications becomes increasingly challenging to navigate.

Live screen recorder

It's hard to view anything of our interest in real-time, with millions of live streams happening all the time throughout the web. Fortunately, both streamers and spectators can easily record live video streams. There are several options for recording your live stream and reusing it for later use. The process is simple and requires no precise understanding, regardless of which recording method you use. Let's look at how to record or capture a live stream using a live stream screen recorder. While live streams increase revenue, they can also negatively influence if they are not well prepared. Good planning and preparation are the keys to success, while a lack of these can lead to disasters that can be fatal to you or your company. There are a few considerations to keep in mind if you want your live stream to succeed.


You must understand the broadcast's purpose. Increase audience reach, expand your mailing list, generate leads, improve business, and more such goals can easily be accomplished with live streaming. Ask users to share the video if you want to reach a larger audience. If you're going to boost sales of a new product, provide them with the links at the end of the video which are necessary to make the purchase. 

The subject of Live stream

Another significant aspect to consider before streaming live is the format of the broadcast. Some popular forms of live streaming are- Question and Answer, Interviews, Product Revealing, or Unpacking.

Live Stream platform

The importance of selecting the right platform to promote your broadcast is equal to the significance of the broadcast itself. Many firms who operate websites believe that live streaming on their websites is sufficient; this restricts the number of people watching your live stream. You can choose any of the existing platforms for live streaming, or even you can broadcast to all of them. You can check platforms such as Facebook Live, Twitter, and YouTube and even compare your target viewers present at the time of your broadcast. Select a time when you will have a larger audience and market the event accordingly.

How to record live stream videos?

There are mainly three ways by which you can record your live-streamed videos. First is via streaming video capture software, next is through built-in screen capture tools, and lastly, you can use any streaming service. Let's start with live stream screen recorders:

Live stream screen recorders

As discussed earlier, live screen recorders capture all the activity on your screen or in any window. Many screen recording applications are available in the markets like screen recorder by AppsMartz, Camtasia, Movavi, etc. Once you download, install and launch your screen recorder, you can adjust basic settings such as whether you want to perform screen recording with or without audio. You can also choose .mp4 or .avi format for sound quality as well as compression.

Built-in screen capture tools

 Both Windows and macOS have built-in applications that can assist you in capturing your screen. You can easily record your live streams with the help of these tools. Here is a guide about how to use a screen recorder in Windows or Mac.

Windows 10

  • Press the Win+G key combination on your keyboard to bring up the Game Bar.

  • To record your screen activity, click the Start Recording button. You may also snap a screenshot and change the settings from here.

  • To stop recording, click the Record button on the floating bar that has emerged (rather than the Game Bar).

  • To go to the video file, click the pop-up notification that says your film was successfully recorded.


  • Press Shift-Command(⌘)-5 to launch the recording program. On the bottom screen, a trim control panel will emerge.

  • You can now select the area you want to record or skip this step and begin recording in full-screen mode.

  • To begin recording a live stream, press the Record button on the control panel.

  • To stop recording, press the Stop icon on the control panel. To get to your video file, click the preview in the bottom right corner.

Video streaming business

If you are planning to start your video streaming, here is a list of things that you should keep in mind to make your video business a complete success:

  • Genre: This is the focused part of your broader industry that you want to focus on.

  • Create a Content Plan: Prepare your material by deciding what area of your creations you want to focus on and what your audience can expect from it.

  • Obtaining Licensed Content: Take loyalty rights, together with entire copyrights, for the content you are planning to stream for a hassle-free publication.

  • Streams' viability across all platforms: Allow your users to see their content on any device, across any platform, such as a mobile phone, a smart TV, or a computer.

  • Always be aware of your audience: Make use of social media and YouTube, and build an email list for a more targeted approach.

 How to use the screen recorder app?

You can now share with the world your experience while playing the game with a live screen recorder which allows you to stream live while enjoying your gameplay. You can use "Screen Recorder by Appsmartz" for the mentioned task. It is an easy-to-use application that has excellent features and will make the screen recording process very smooth. You can use it as a screen recorder for Android and a screen recorder for iOS devices. It is a free no-root screen recorder app that allows you to record and capture your smartphone screen in video formats with or without using the front camera. It is a great mobile screen video recorder that offers floating screens, cloud storage, live streaming, and you can download it for free from play store and apple store for iOS devices. Screen Recorder by Appsmartz not only allows you to record the ongoings of your phone but also offers you several other features that are not found in other screen recorders. 

Some of these features include:

Floating Button: this application has a floating button that provides fast and easy access to screen recording controls from the notification bar. This feature ensures fast and quick screen recording for the users. You will be notified that your recording is starting soon with a timer.

Graphic overlay and pause overlay: Screen recorder by Appsmartz provides you with an option to select the graphic overlay of your choice and enable it in the stream. You can also modify the orientation and duration of the overlay. The pause overlay option is also provided in case you need to pause the Livestream.

Video settings: this application not only records video but also provides various other functionalities by which you can decide the quality of video. You can adjust the Quality of resolution; you can set frame rate, bit rate and even choose the orientation of the video.


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