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How To Get Free Fire Diamonds For Free In India: Best Apps Listed

By Admin | 24 November,2021 | 4 minutes, 48 sec


Free Fire is a mobile version of the ultimate survival shooting game or battle royale game. Each ten-minute game sets you against 49 other players on a deserted island, all of whom are striving to survive. Players can choose their starting point with their parachutes and strive to stay in the safe zone for as long as feasible. You can drive cars or hide in the wild to explore the large map. There is only one purpose here: to survive and complete one's duty. To survive the battles in Garena Free Fire, you must collect supplies as you will in any other battle royale game. The majority of the game's unique items cost free fire diamonds (in-game currency), and you'll have to pay real money for them. 

While it may not always be possible, Garena's free fire game events help reduce the misery by providing freebies that may be achieved by completing missions. Moreover, the producers frequently offer to redeem free fire diamond codes for weapon loot crates, promotions, character skins, and other goodies. Free Fire's online ongoing activities are now offering some intriguing incentives.

As mentioned above, In Garena Free Fire, a diamond is in-game money. These free fire Diamonds are used to purchase in-game premium items. Elite Pass, Pets, Bundles, Cosmetics, and outfits are among the game's exclusive things. To purchase any of these in-game products, you must first acquire Diamonds with real money. Don't worry if you don't want to spend your hard-earned cash on diamonds; we've got you covered. We've put together a list of the top 5 applications where you can earn free fire diamonds:


This application is available for free download on the Google Play Store. According to reports, this app offers Free Fire Diamonds and Elite Pass for free. You will need to play a few games in order to receive free Diamonds. EliteGift promises to deliver up to 10K Diamonds. Download it now if you haven't already and get a lot of Free Fire Diamonds as it is one of the best free fire hack for diamonds.

Google Opinion rewards

Google Opinion Rewards is a Google-created rewards scheme. It was first released as a Google-developed survey mobile app for Android and iOS. Users can complete surveys and win rewards by using the app. Users earn Google Play credits on Android, which may be redeemed for premium apps on Google Play. PayPal is used to pay users on iOS. Users above the age of 18 in the available countries are eligible. One of the best apps to obtain Free Fire Diamonds is Google Opinion Rewards. Players must complete some short surveys to receive free Diamonds. You will be rewarded with free Diamonds once you have completed all of the surveys. You'll need to do a lot of surveys on this free fire diamond app if you want to earn a lot of Diamonds. 

Win Free Diamonds Fire app

With the Win Free Diamonds Fire app, you can spin a wheel and win up to 500 Diamonds in Garena Free Fire. This is free app available on the Google Play Store that will give you free Diamonds. To get the free fire diamonds, you have to play a few simple games and spin the wheel.

Pay Poll

Pay poll provides you with a large number of surveys to complete and receive rewards from. You get to choose the surveys you want to take and finish. Choose a topic that interests you, a brief survey, or a survey with a large prize. Poll Pay allows you to cash in your balance in a variety of ways. PayPal is one of the most popular, but they also support Gift Cards, Spotify, Google Play, Apple Gift Cards, and many others! This app will assist you in earning your second salary. To get this second income, all you have to do is participate in a few tasks and receive awards, gift cards, and other items. In the Garena Free Fire app, complete the tasks to earn free diamonds in free fire.

Easy Rewards

Easy Rewards allows you to earn rewards and gift cards with only a few taps. You will receive a specific amount of in-app Coins for completing each such task. These Coins can be exchanged for PayPal Cash or AmazonGift Cards. Like in Poll play, you can earn awards and gift cards by completing surveys and playing new games on this app. Every survey you complete, every game you play, and every video you watch earns you in-app money, which you can use to buy diamonds for free in games like Free Fire.

Screen recording your gameplay

Millions of people around the world watch and stream the Free Fire game. If you want to join the streamers or give it a shot, the first step is to save the game. Screen recording is the most outstanding technique to save games. Screen recording is the process of recording everything that happens on the screen of a digital device, such as a computer or a smartphone, and preserving it as a video file on the device. You can maintain your incredible kill or the one vs. four clutches in the game. You can now share with the world your experience while playing the game with a live screen recorder which allows you to stream live while enjoying your gameplay. You can use "Screen Recorder by Appsmartz" for recording as well as editing your gameplays. The app will allow you to learn from the basics of screen recording like "what is screen recording?" or "What is a screen recorder?" to seamlessly record the screen while also smashing to new levels in the game. This app is a great screen recorder for Android and a sound screen recorder for iOS devices.


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