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Free Fire Elite Pass Season 42 Start Date And Time Revealed

By Admin | 28 October,2021 | 11 minutes, 21 sec


November 2021 will bring a brand-new Free Fire Elite Pass, which was revealed to the gamers recently. It will be called Dragon's Lair because the sets and objects found within it will all have a dragon theme. We'll go over all there is to know about the Free Fire Elite Pass Season 42 right now in this article. Read on!

What Is Free Fire Season 42 Elite Pass Release Date? 

Season 42 of the Free Fire Elite Pass will launch on November 1. Season 42 Passes are available for gamers for 600 diamonds, the same price as prior Elite Passes. The 41st season of the Free Fire Elite Pass will shortly be over.

Players have the option to pre-buy the pass for 1200 in order to acquire an exclusive MP5 Draconic skin before it becomes available for purchase. The pre-sale will begin on October 29 and will run through November 1. The actual name of the pass has not yet been established; nevertheless, it is possible that it will be slightly adjusted when it is made available.

You obtain a certain number of badges, which grants you access to more Free Fire Elite Pass rewards, including special weapons and armor. Complete the weekly quests, and you'll be rewarded with them. The daily questing method is required to acquire 225 badges in order to unlock the whole November 2021 Elite Pass set. Alternatively, badges can be purchased for a total of 30 diamonds for each badge.

Elite Pass

Morfeo OFC, one of the most reliable Free Fire leakers in the world, has revealed the specifics of the Elite pass on Instagram. Free Fire leaks are frequently the first to arrive from the SA region. 

  • The crown does appear to be reasonably well-made for a ten-badge item. 
  • The female jacket and the car skin aren't particularly eye-catching. 
  • The Female Set has a blazing wing on its left side, which is incredibly beautiful looking. 
  • The surfboard skin looks quite wild with all of the other Fire and wings around it.
  • The loot box resembles a dragon helmet, with flaming sprouts sprouting from its bottom.
  • The Male set is the primary feature of this pass. It looks fantastic when paired with a long jacket and dragon wings. The backpack, which resembles a dragon egg, is also one of the pass's highlights.

Free Pass Reward 3 - Free Pass Reward List

Players who have not purchased the pass can still obtain basic things by finishing Free Pass assignments. There will be coins, banners, pet food, gold and diamond tickets, backpacks, fragment boxes, discount cards, token boxes, and other items available.

The free pass provides players a flame-themed jacket at 40 badges. Flame-themed clothing is unlocked after 100 badges, while a backpack is available at 200. Overall, the jacket, shirt, and banner look pretty great. They are relatively a little better than the prior passes' extra goodies.

Garena Free Fire constantly introduces new special events and rewards for players. One such event that gives participants exclusive benefits is the elite pass. 

In Free Fire, Elite Passes act as a one-stop-shop for a variety of exceptional in-game awards and equipment. The new Free Fire Elite Pass Season 42 is almost here, with only a few days left in the month.

Garena Free Fire offers various exclusive new events and awards for players regularly. The elite pass is one such event that gives players exclusive incentives.

Elite Passes in Free Fire are the unique destination for several exceptional in-game awards and goodies. The new Free Fire Elite Pass Season 42 is just a few days away, with only a few days left in the month.

There's more in the new elite pass than you think! In a few days, the Season 41 Elite Pass will be replaced with a new one. On November 1, 2021, the game will introduce Elite Pass Season 42. Elite Pass is supposed to launch at 4:00 a.m. IST.

The Elite Pass costs 499 diamonds, while the Elite Bundle with bonus rewards costs 999 gems. However, gamers must remember that they can only buy one. Before the EP begins, players can pre-order the Free Fire Elite Pass for 999 Diamonds. This gives gamers an extra pre-order reward when the pass is released in the game, plus the Elite Bundle advantages. The pre-order reward for Elite Pass season 42 is yet unknown.

Skins for the Death Box and the Surfboard

The Death Box/Loot Box and Surfboard are the second most valuable items in this elite pass. There will only be one of each of these goods in this season's 42 elite pass. Here's everything you need to know about them.

Death Box

Death boxes are goods that are utilized as crates after defeating enemies. The death box's main theme is a dragon imprisoned in flaming chains with ruby on its head and a little animation of a droplet of lava from the chains. At 200 badges, this item will be unlocked.


Surfboards are used to show off when players jump out of a plane. The main theme is a dragon with tusks coming out of its mouth. There will be a lot of black and yellow smoke coming out of the back. At 100 badges, this item will be unlocked.

Backpacks Skins

The backpack's skin changes based on what's in your inventory in-game. There are three sorts of backpacks in-game that may be obtained: levels 1, 2, and 3.

Level 1: The level 1 bag features a black and red color theme. However, there will be no animation in the first level of the backpack. When the player reaches 150 inventory spaces, this bag skin will be equipped.

Level 2: The color theme for the Level 2 bag skin will be red, gold, and black, with a crimson aura animation coming from the bottom. After completing 200 inventory spaces, this level will be unlocked.

Level 3: Level 3 is the bag's final level, and it features the major animation of levitating and glowing wings from the side and golden Fire at the top of the bag pack. After completing 300 inventory spaces, this level will be unlocked.

Pre-order reward

There will be a pre-ordering event this month, with a deadline of October 28. Pre-ordering will come with a premium reward in the form of an MP5 rifle skin. The skin will not be iconic or animated, but it will offer features such as a 10% boost in the rate of Fire, a 10% increase in magazine capacity, and a 10% decrease in movement speed. This gun skin will never be available again because it is a premium elite pass reward. 

Garena rewards users on a regular basis to maintain a high level of excitement. Pre-ordering the Elite Pass Season 42 entitles players to a slew of exclusive incentives and privileges. Season 42's theme is 'Inferno Rage.' This theme will have a significant collection of weapon skins. Pre-orders will open on October 29 and will close on October 31, 2021. Players will receive the MP5 Beastly Wrath skin in-game for pre-ordering the Free Fire Elite Pass.

Although the pass's official benefits have yet to be released, a few of them have been leaked online. So we don't know if they're all on the pass, but we've collected a list of some of them. Sports Car- Beast, Dark Wings (Head), Burning Horns, Beastly Wrath Sky, Grenade Sinister, Flaring Beast Bund, and Beastly Wrath are just a few of them. 50 Gold (0 Badges), Faraway Serenity Avatar (5 Badges), 3x Scan (10 Badges), 1x Pet Food (20 Badges), 1x Gold Voucher (30 Badges), and Tale of Eclipse Jacket are likely to be among the Season Pass rewards (40 Badges).

Free Fire Elite Pass Season 42 Rewards:

  • Banner – Shining Rage
  • Sports Car – Beastly Wrath

  • Fire Breath – Jacket

  • Burning Horns Bundle

  • Avatar – Inferno Rage

  • Breath Of Death

  • Fire Claw T-Shirt

  • Beastly Wrath Skyboard

  • Fire Claw T-Shirt

  • Bat – Beastly Basher

  • Fire Breath Vest

  • Dark Wings (Head)

  • Banner – Inferno Rage

  • Grenade – Sinister Legend

  • Banner – Inferno Rage

  • Banner Crimson Claws

  • Banner and Avatar – Sinister Legend

  • Fire Breath Backpack

  • Beastly Wrath Loot Box

  • Flaring Beast Bundle

  • Beastly Wrath Backpack

How to Order the Free Fire Elite Pass Season 42 in Advance:

Step 1: Open Free Fire and navigate to the Free Fire Elite Pass 42 section in the game between October 29 and October 31.

Step 2: After opening the area, gamers must select the option adjacent to the 'Upgrade' button.

Step 3: A pre-order option will be available. The players must click on it.

Step 4: After selecting the Pre-Order option, players must finish the transaction by paying '999 Diamonds'.

Players will be prompted to confirm their confirmation after pressing the '999 Diamonds' option.

Season 42's Elite Pass is one of the best Elite Passes ever. Therefore, ensure that you acquire the Elite Pass for Season 42 to qualify for some of the most incredible incentives ever.

Every month, Garena comes up with new ways to host events and give away free items.

  • The Elite Pass feature is one of the events that will provide free prizes to Survivors.
  • The Elite Pass system has consistently changed themes every month since its inception until now.
  • The changing of seasons is undoubtedly Garena's technique of introducing new things to the Survivors.
  • Because each season of Free Fire introduces new concepts that are unquestionably intriguing to follow.
  • Even if it's still October and we're still on Elite Pass Season 41, it doesn't mean November's FF Season 42 Elite Pass Bundle picture doesn't exist yet.
  • So, what are the leaks about the Free Fire Season 42 Elite Pass Bundle, which is set to be released later this month? Let's have a look at the following leak.
  • Elite Pass FF Season 42, which is set to launch Berita Booyah in November, is said to feature a dragon theme.
  • Later on, you'll come across a bundle with a dragon-like appearance.
  • This Elite Pass Season 42 Free Fire Bundle comes in black and red tones, as seen in the leak for the male bundle.
  • Furthermore, the addition of wing attachments on the left is an intriguing feature of this bundle.
  • Similar wings can also be found in the Girls Bundle.

Benefits of Free Fire Elite Pass

The Elite Pass offers 100 rates, which you can obtain through ranking up. It also includes certain distinct gratuities. The Elite Pass Plus brings all the delicacies of Elite Pass along with a free upgrade to 25 Species, exclusive prices, and more. For your reference, one can buy the Elite Pass using UC or AG.

Simply if you purchase an elite pass on free Fire, you may obtain plenty of extra goodies, outfits, weapons skins, emote, and much more prizes. The elite pass merely needs 499 gems for purchasing on free Fire.

The Free Fire Diwali festivities are already underway, and the Venom crossover will be released soon as well. Garena has previously shown a few Venom-themed awards, such as a custom motorcycle and a streetwear bundle. While the Diwali top-up event finished on Thursday, October 21, the developers have started a new festive top-up promotion that will last through October 28. Here's all you need to know about Free Fire's latest rewards, as well as how to get them for free.

Free Fire prizes, October 22: How to Get a Prisoner Bundle, Katana Skin, FFIC Silver Token, and Magnificent Mayur for Free

The first event is the Free Fire Diwali Top Up II, which will give players the chance to win a free Katana – Sword of Honor skin if they top up 300 diamonds. The event will be held till October 28. When purchasing 100 diamonds, one can also obtain a 3x Quadri Lava Weapon Loot Crate.

Boyaah Missions 

Booyah Missions follows as part of the Free Fire Diwali celebration. A player must win a set of matches to obtain prizes such as the Magnificent Mayur, which costs five booyahs.

Chaos Quest 

Chaos Quest introduces the exclusive 'We Are Venom' Streetwear bundle, which will be accessible until October 24, giving players two days to obtain this character bundle. To get it, they must collect 15 Carnage Tokens, which can then be redeemed for the item. Meanwhile, the Chaos Attack event introduces a unique Venom motorcycle that can be obtained by fighting four distinct levels of bosses. Still, first, they must amass Bullet Currency in level to kill the monster.

Modes of Red Light and Green Light

This Play New option introduces a slew of incentives that may be earned following the in-game update. After completing a specific amount of matches, players will be eligible to win the Prisoner bundle, including the Prisoner shirt, pants, shoes, and head.

Aside from these, a few other tasks and activities ran throughout the month resulted in FFIC Silver tokens that can be redeemed until October 24. The 'Be A Champion' event also includes a banner, avatar, loot crate, and a unique bundle.

Garena One of the most popular games in the world is Free Fire. Free Fire got a lot of traction in India when the Indian authorities banned PUBG Mobile last September. Millions of Indians have downloaded the Free Fire battle royale game from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Free Fire gamers must spend real money to go to the next level and gain access to new characters and elements. Players who do not want to spend money, on the other hand, can simply utilize the redemption codes that Garena distributes on a regular basis.

Should players consider purchasing the elite pass for Season 42? 

Players should buy it because, for the second time (after the Cinderella elite pass 37), Free Fire cooperates with a film and offers rare things via Elite pass. This is also the first elite pass to include attribute gun skins. As a result, this elite pass will be valued at more than 10,000 IGN. Starting November 27, this Elite Pass will be offered at a discounted price. 


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