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The Ultimate Guide To Live Streaming

By Admin | 20 October,2021 | 4 minutes, 51 sec


More than 57 percent of marketers live streaming their content nowadays. However, knowing how to live stream can be difficult for many brands and content creators. It is also a common fact that the technical side of live streaming might be difficult for most of us to grasp.

Don't give up! We'll tackle all the complexities of streaming in this guide to live streaming. We'll go over how to live stream broadcast, what gear to think about, and how to get it up and running. We'll also discuss how to choose the best streaming platform and offer advice on how to maintain a solid internet connection when live streaming.

How to live stream?

Live streaming your content may be broken down into five simple steps:

  • Connect your streaming device to the audio and video sources that capture content for live streaming (PC or laptop).

  • Set up the encoder, which converts audio and video data into streamable files that may be shared over the internet.

  • Using the stream key and URL provided by your streaming platform, connect the encoder and the streaming platform.

  • Check your upload and download speeds on the internet.

  • Now you are ready to stream!

List of equipment or live stream setup that you will need for live stream.

For beginners, setting up a streaming setup is relatively simple. A camera, microphone, lighting, and a reliable internet connection are all required. Let's start with the live streaming equipment for beginners you'll need for now.


If you are a beginner and only testing the live streaming water, any single quality camera would be sufficient. A webcam will suffice. However, if you want to try something different, there are lots of possibilities for every budget. If you're looking for a low-cost way to get into the live streaming setup for beginners before upgrading your equipment, we offer plenty of possibilities.

Video sources for beginners:

  • The camera on your phone

  • A primary live streaming camera includes the DJI Osmo Action, GoPro Hero, Logitech C930e, or Mevo camera.

Sources of intermediate-level video:

Suppose you have a budget of up to $2000 to spend on a camera. In that case, you can improve the quality of your live broadcast by purchasing one of the following: For this price range, Canon XA15 or XF100 Panasonic,  LUMIX GH4 , Sony A7 II.

Is it possible to live stream from any camera?

A webcam, point-and-shoot camera, or camcorder will work for live streaming as long as the camera can capture at least 720p at 24 frames per second.


Even if the video quality of your live stream is excellent, if the audio quality is poor, your viewers will go. As a result, don't disregard the audio quality of your live stream. "Don't rely on the built-in microphone on your camera. Here's a quick rundown of different audio sources for beginners.

Audio sources for beginners:

  • iPhone Microphone from Shure

  • Digital stereo condenser mic

  • Shure MV88

  • Yeti Nano USB mic

  • Rode VideoMic Topaz

  • DeNoise AI audio software

Sources of intermediate audio quality:

  • Clip-on microphones are often known as lavalier microphones

  • Handheld microphones, such as Shure SM58s.

You don't want to spend money on an audio source? Your phone can assist you in capturing sound. At least momentarily, as you get your bearings with live streaming.

Capture card

A capture card is the third piece of live streaming equipment you may require. A capture card is a device that converts footage from its source to your primary live streaming configuration. But wait, why do you need a capture card in the first place? So that it can display what your camera sees on your computer. To connect the HDMI cable to a capture card, your camera must have an HDMI port/output. The video stream will be transferred to your computer as a result of this.

Setup for live streaming lighting

Okay, so you've got the gist of the tech list that explains how to live stream in part. However, there is one component that you must not overlook: 

Streaming lighting.

A well-lit stream may make your live broadcast look more professional and interest your viewers. Consider this: you don't want your viewers to groan at how dimly lit your live streaming setup is, and you certainly don't want your speakers or presenters to be thrown in harsh shadows by the overhead lights in your workplace.

Entry-level streamer lighting:

  • Ring of light

  • light from the sun

Sunlight is your best friend and a completely free way to light up your streaming area. Make sure your movie has the appropriate amount of natural light. Too much sunlight can distort your speaker's features, while too little can hide their features. Here are a few suggestions for using natural lighting to create a flattering look:

  • Face the source of natural light.

  • Fill in any dark shadows with a bounce.

  • A window behind the speaker should be avoided.

Avoid using fluorescent or intense white illumination.

What is screen  recording?

The process of recording what happens on a device's screen as a video file is known as screen recording. Screen recording can record everything from online movies and seminars to video conversations and text discussions.  Thousands of streamers record and stream their games on platforms like YouTube and Twitch because streaming has been popular in recent years, and the community is growing. If you're a gamer, you might consider streaming your incredible moments online as well.

You can now share with the world your experience while playing a game or giving a tutorial with a live screen recorder which allows you to stream live while enjoying your gameplay. You can use "Screen Recorder by Appsmartz" for the mentioned task. The app will enable you to learn from the basics of screen recording like "what is screen recording?" or "What is a screen recorder?" to seamlessly record the screen while also smashing to new levels in the game. Though this app is currently only available for android, IOS users can search for a screen recorder for the ios in-app store and give one a try.

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