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5 Tips For Free Fire Players To Push Rank With Passive

By Admin | 27 October,2021 | 11 minutes, 31 sec


Free Fire is a mobile action-adventure game developed by Garena. Free Fire has amassed over 450 million active users since its December 4, 2017 launch, owing to its engaging gameplay. Free Fire has a rank system like other Battle Royale games such as PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds and Fortnite.

The Free Fire rank system determines the level of mastery of the gamer. Let's look at the rank list below to discover which rank is the highest in Free Fire and which rank you should aim for if you want to be a pro. This page will provide you with more information regarding the rank system in Free Fire, as well as some advice on how to rank up quickly. Let's get this party started!

Which Game Mode in Free Fire Will Have Its Rank System?

Only in Classic mode is the rating available. When playing Classic mode, which contains two maps: Bermuda and Kalahari, can you rank up? After each match, you will receive a number of points that you can use to advance in rank. So, if you want to advance in rank, you must play Classic Mode, which will have its own rank system in Free Fire 2020.

List of Free Fire Ranks

You must grasp the rank system in order to play Free Fire and rank up like a pro. Additionally, you should be aware of the landmarks you must pass through to advance to the following rank. Here are the six Free Fire ranks, from lowest to highest, and each level's Free Fire rank score.

This rank list review will show how many points you need to accumulate to move up the ranks. Based on it, players can devise a good plan and strategy for gradually leveling up in this game.


Bronze is the lowest rank available in Free Fire. Because its rank points vary from 0 to 1000, you can access it immediately after logging in to the game. Bronze rank is divided into three levels: Bronze I, II, and III. After passing the highest level of the Bronze rank, you advance to the Silver rank.


Free Fire players earn the Silver rank after obtaining Bronze III and accumulating an additional 500 RPs. To obtain the second position on the Free Fire rank list, you must amass 1500 points. It also contains three divisions (I, II, and III) that you must pass in order to advance to the next rank. When you rank up, it signifies you're playing better than before. It's time to keep going and improve your performance in the Free Fire game to advance to higher stages.


After passing Silver III, the following rank is Gold I. To achieve Gold rank, you must perfect your expertise and devise an effective approach. The rated rating system has some adjustments in many levels, including Gold, in the most recent updated version. The rated rating for the first rank of the Gold tier is 1600 in particular. The points for Gold II are 1725 (increases by 25 RP), 1850 (increases by 50 RP), and 1975 for Gold IV (increases by 75 RP). Gold IV is the greatest and final milestone of the Gold rank.


Platinum I is the next rank tier in the Free Fire rank list, and you can obtain it after collecting 2100 medals. Then you must gather 2225 RP to advance to Platinum II, 2350 RP to advance to Platinum III, and 2475 RP to advance to Platinum IV's final division. After obtaining Platinum, you will receive a special reward.


Diamond 2600 is the number of ranking ratings you should obtain to gain Diamond rank. Diamond, like Gold and Platinum, is divided into four categories. This tier of the rank list in Free Fire can be attained by a large number of players with exceptional talents. If you continue to play well and do not fall in the ranking-up process, you may be able to reach this tier before the Elite Pass expires.


In the Free Fire all rank list, Heroic is the highest rank you may obtain. Once you reach Heroic, you will be able to meet and compete with many professional players from all around the world. To obtain this rank, you must amass 3200 RPs. And you can only become one of the best players in Free Fire by practicing and honing your skill, winning battles, and having an effective plan.

Tips for Increasing Your Free Fire Rank

To quickly advance in Free Fire, you must acquire as many RPs as possible. You can also gain RPs by winning games. The longer you remain in the combat, the more RPs you will receive. Furthermore, if you kill more foes in combat, you will gain more RPs and will be able to rank up faster. It's one of the best Free Fire tips and strategies for playing and leveling up like a pro.

However, if you are eager for kills and enter any combat without a strategy, you will most likely lose. Regardless of how many kills you get, some of your total RPs will be lost if you die too soon. So the rule of no drop in rank isn't going away anytime soon.

Remember that Free Fire is a survival game, and your goal is to live as long as possible. The winner is not the one who kills the most people but rather the last man standing on the map. If you can't get Booyah, you should be among the best players in terms of earning points. Kill points, on the other hand, contribute to your overall Free Fire rank score. As a result, make some quick kills at the start of the game. It will assist you in accumulating more points and rising through the ranks faster.

Next, if you want to rank up quickly, you must play in squad mode, where you can team up with a lot of pro players. It means you have a better probability of winning and receiving prizes. Furthermore, you should remain hidden and strive to live as long as possible. If you can stay at the top for a long enough time, you can earn numerous RPs and escape the rank reduction.

The Free Fire rank push method is a critical component for quickly rising the ranks in this game. It is required for both experienced and inexperienced players.

Choose A Game Mode To Get A Free Fire Rank Push

To swiftly rank up in Free Fire, you must focus on a specific game mode and push rank. If you have a constant squad of pro players, you should play in squad mode and work with your pals to get more Booyah. It would be fantastic to have the assistance and cover of your friends in any conflict. Furthermore, your buddies can support and revive you when playing squad matches if you make a mistake.

Play duo or solitary mode if you don't have many buddies who are pro players to play Free Fire with you. It's quite dangerous to play with strangers. In auto-matching, it's difficult to collaborate with strangers. The game can thus be easily lost. Your friends will try to resurrect you and provide you with the assistance you require. Furthermore, strangers frequently travel alone and are unable to assist their teammates on time.

Choose the Right Characters for Free Fire Rank Pushing

When playing squad mode, you must select a character with particular abilities dependent on the team role. Choose Laura, for example, if you wish to be a sharpshooter on your squad. Pick up Hayato if you want to play like a tanker. Furthermore, Free Fire allows you to select a character skill combo to use during the fight. You should select an appropriate skill combo for your characters to enable them to survive longer and battle more effectively.

If you play duo or solo matches, you must select the appropriate character based on gameplay and strategy. Choose Kelly or Caroline if you want to play it safe. If you want more aggressive games, you can choose Paloma, Kla, or Miguel. Alternatively, if you intend to travel to the map's outskirts and begin the game distant from the playing zone, you can select Ford or Kapella. When these characters are in the electrified zone, they can survive for a longer period.

Free Fire Rank Pushing Method: Select the Best Weapon Combo and Pets

This is one of the most crucial Free Fire rank push tips and methods you should know. You select the correct weapon combo to utilize based on the squad duty, the character you chose, and the plan. Each character excels at one or more specific weapons. The greatest weapons for Alok, for example, are the P90, MP40, and SPAS12. You need also bring the Detective Panda pet to the battleground to assist Alok throughout the combat.

In addition, you must obtain the appropriate weaponry dependent on the approach. For example, you should get a powerful AR, such as the XM8 or SCAR, if you're a hunter. It would be best to get a shotgun to eliminate enemies rapidly in 1 -2 shots. An SMG will best serve close-quarter combat. ARs are more adaptable because they may be used for both close and medium-range battles. Sniper is only useful for long-range warfare.

Free Fire Rank Pushing Method: Various Gameplay For Various Stages

You must select a different strategy at each level of the rank push operation. When advancing your rank from Bronze to Gold, you should play aggressively. At this point, you will not encounter many professional players. In contrast, you will confront a greater number of bots, noobs, and newcomers. So, if you have strong talents, you can make more easy kills. At this stage, you should focus on accumulating rank points and quickly moving up the ranks.

Then, while attempting to raise your rank from Gold to Heroic, you should play cautiously and quickly rank up by accumulating more survival points. Furthermore, in order to prevent losing rank points, you need to avoid making stupid mistakes and dying quickly. When you achieve Heroic rank and wish to go to Grandmaster, you must prioritize survival.

Free Fire Rank Pushing Strategies And Techniques

  • Furthermore, extra tips and tactics are required to fast rank up and achieve the Grandmaster tier.

  • Always build enough Gloo Walls to protect yourself from fighting or looting airdrops.

  • Use cars prudently and don't allow them to reveal your location on a map.

  • Keep a close eye on the blue zone and figure out when and how to rush into the playing zone. To kill adversaries, you can alternatively wait and camp around the white circle.

  • You can't use firearms underwater, therefore don't swim until absolutely essential.

  • Only use the airdrop if you are in desperate need of supplies. Airdrop looting is frequently dangerous. If you don't need supplies, you can utilize the airdrop as bait.

  • Loot weapons and armor first, then other supplies. It is more necessary to have weapons and armor in order to survive and battle.

  • When playing squad mode, stay with your team.

These are some points to note about the Free Fire rank list and some important strategies for rising through the ranks as a pro in Free Fire. You can become a Free Fire pro player if you understand the techniques and have some pro tips and tricks.

Which Character Is The Best For Pushing The Ranks In Free Fire?

Typically, Free Fire contains heated conflicts between players to live and earn the Booyah! In combat of the battle royale variety. However, unlike other BR games, Free Fire features many in-game characters with unique powers. These abilities benefit players significantly in their game, which is why choosing the right character is critical to optimizing your gaming.

Wukong, DJ Alok, and Elite Andrew are considered three of the best Free Fire characters due to their superior talents. 

Wukong, Elite Andrew, and DJ Alok's profiles


Skill: Camouflage

Type of ability: Active

Overall, DJ Alok is the most effective Free Fire rank pusher of the three characters. His multifunctional skill allows you to heal yourself while increasing your mobility speed in the middle of combat.

Meanwhile, for aggressive players, Elite Andrew and Wukong are also viable options. However, the latter is better suited to intensive close-range combat.

Wukong's active skill, camouflage, can turn you into a bush for 10 seconds at the default level. In the meantime, the CD is 300 seconds long. The conversion will come to a halt when you fight a foe. The CD would reset when you killed an opponent.

Wukong has become a difficult opponent for others in the game with his latest enhancement in OB27.

At the maximum level, his cooldown time will be reduced to 200 seconds, and his transformation duration will be increased to 15 seconds.

 Affluent Andrew

Skill: Wolf Pack 

Type of ability: Passive

Elite Andrew possesses the actual Andrew character's ability and awakened passive ability. They are Armor Specialist and Wolf Pack, respectively.

If the teammates also have Elite Andrew's talent, it decreases armor damage by 8% and adds a 15% damage reduction bonus. This ability also reduces armor damage by 14% at the cap level.

 DJ Alok 

Ability type: Active Skill: Drop the Beat

DJ Alok's popular skill, Drop the Beat, can create a 5m aura that increases teammates' movement speed by 10% and restores 5 HP every sec for 5 seconds.

You may fully use Alok's skill by using versatile pieces, allowing him to increase teammates' movement speed by 15% while also restoring 5 HP every second for 10 seconds. Understandably, he's constantly at the top of the list when it comes to the finest character in a battle royale game.

In Free Fire, the best character for obtaining the rank

Overall, DJ Alok is the most effective Free Fire rank pusher of the three characters. His multifunctional skill allows you to heal yourself while increasing your mobility speed in the middle of combat.

Meanwhile, for aggressive players, Elite Andrew and Wukong are also viable options. However, the latter is better suited to intensive close-range combat.

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