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How To Use Screen Recorder For iPhone To Make Interesting Videos?

By Admin | 10 September,2021 | 2 minutes, 25 sec


Screen recorder for iPhone is a very useful application that allows you to take screenshots and make videos almost instantly. You can use it in several different ways to create interesting content on your phone. You don't need expensive equipment like a video camera, microphone, or a computer to make content with a screen recorder. You can directly create videos and upload them to different platforms, all from your iPhone. 

Let's find out how you can make engaging videos with a screen recorder app. 

Start By Downloading a Quality Application

This is the most crucial part. If you want to make engaging videos, you need to download a top-quality application with plenty of built-in features. 

Here's how you can do it. 

Visit the App Store from your iPhone and download the best screen recorder app. 

You can easily install the application by following the instructions on your screen. 

Once installed correctly, you can now launch the app. 

Enable the Floating Button

Once you launch the app, you will be prompted to enable the floating button feature. The floating button floats above other applications and allows you to record videos and take screenshots with a single tap. So make sure that you enable this feature. As soon as you enable the feature, you will see the minute floating button on your screen. 

Record Videos on Your Phone

With the floating button active, you are now ready to record videos on your phone. Content creators create a wide range of content with your screen recorder app on your iPhone. Some of the most popular niches are educational videos, game streaming, software tutorial, etc. 

To make tutorial videos, you must first select the topic for your video. Once you have the topic, you can start the recorder and perform the action on your phone. The recorder will be recording the video for you. And that's it; your tutorial video is ready. The same goes for game streaming. Choose the game you want to stream, and then turn on the recorder and play the game. 

Upload Your Content

If you have a quality recorder app on your iPhone, you will get built-in features for cropping and uploading. You can also externally add your voice for tutorials. Once done, crop the unwanted parts away and upload them directly on platforms like YouTube, Twitch, etc. You can also upload your content on the cloud to watch it later from any device anywhere. 

Get the App Now

Now isn't that really easy? Just a few simple steps and you create content directly from your phone. 

No camera, no editing, and no other expensive nuances required. 

Just a simple free app, and that's all you need. If you are good at making videos and if you follow the right niches and topics, you will have no trouble monetizing your videos. 

So, what are you waiting for? Get the best screen recorder for iPhone now and start making videos. 


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