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The New XCOM Is A Free-To-Play Mobile Game

By Admin | 26 July,2021 | 5 minutes, 11 seconds.


XCOM, developed by Firaxis studio, was the strategy video game of the year in 2012, available on the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and iOS.The game was a hit among the gamer community, gamers play a lot and also stream and record the game through screen recorder. This game is still available on Steam for download to PC.. The game XCOM: Enemy Unknown stayed a fan favorite for several years till a sequel to it was released in 2015.  

The game has a third-person point of view where you control your character vertically. It is set during a modern warfare timeline where you fight your enemies using high-tech gadgets, and weapons. The enemies are aliens who have come down to earth in their scouting ships for some motive that is definitely not in parallel with mankind’s welfare. You sneak around, create objects camouflage in, and customize your loadout.  

Since it has been more than eight years since XCOM 1 was released, you can check out its gameplay videos or the trailer on YouTube and know just what kind of a game it was. Aliens controlling humans, soldiers fighting them, you managing your soldiers placing them strategically to fend off against an invading attack from all sides. The storyline itself will get most of the players hooked to the game. After all, it was the game of the year for a reason. 

 XCOM for Mobile- XCOM: Legends 

Well, if you like strategy games and want to enjoy something that may remind you of the past or just gave you a thrilling and immense gaming experience, then the good news is just for you. All the while we were hearing rumors of the Firaxis studio developing some Marvel games and getting excited for that, a studio has instead developed a mobile version game of the Firaxis studio’s XCOM video game. It will be a free game, that is, free to play for the users. 

A studio named Iridium Starfish has developed and officially released a spin-off of the XCOM game for Android devices. The game is available for download on the Google Play Store for everyone for free. The mobile game is a computer game turned into a mobile version, for you all to enjoy. 

The game is still in its early stages, and if we go by the official statements and the early gameplay, it is under development and has a lot of room to improve and grow to make the gaming experience seamlessly good. However, that does not mean that the game is not good, in fact, it is a very good game that is worth a shot for anyone who is into strategy gaming or someone who just wants to try it out for the first time. XCOM: Legends is the name of the game. The gameplay for the free mobile game is available on YouTube, so you guys can go and check it out.  

XCOM: Legends is a vertically played RPG game, which means you control a character in the third person but you look at them from above. You control their motion, who goes where, what is to be placed where, what weapons to use, and all from above overlooking the landscape like from a drone and forming your strategies accordingly. 

It is a turn-based game, which means, you can place or position your characters (heroes) according to your strategy, on the frontline or behind cover and such during your turn, Once you have done that the enemy’s turn comes up and they will attack according to their strategy, and whosoever strategy was better will come up on the top in the end. Obviously, you can change the positioning after five turns have passed. The battles are 5 on 5. 

 XCOM: Legends, the new free mobile game

The mobile game is placed during the time of XCOM 2’s time. Therefore, you can find many characters whom you can recall during your battles, the resistance. As you progress in the missions and play newer missions, new characters and some older ones from the XCOM 2 will come up for you to meet and guide as per your strategies.  

The game begins with a tutorial for the new players to understand how the mechanism works and how to play, and for the usual players to look for the peculiarities of this game. During the practice, aka tutorial, the gamers will find Archway, which is an extra-terrestrial device. The device is not some ordinary stuff or weapon, but a psionic technology that allows the gamers to exchange the game’s premium currency for some legendary heroes and weapons or even artifacts. You can see the gameplay and the heroes on YouTube that are available in the Archway as of now. 

This means that in XCOM legends you not only play with the normal soldiers for a squad but can also get some really intense and strong characters using the Archway and have a legendary team at your disposal. This makes the game a lot more fun and interesting to play than it normally could have been. 

Another interesting thing in XCOM Legends is that once you are done in a battle and are not playing the game anymore, an autonomous drone goes out to the battlefields and grabs the resources and kinds of stuff, gears and such, for you to utilize. The drone system is known as “Integrated Drone Looting Experience”. 

 Well, this was more than enough when we talk about the new XCOM: Legends. However, this does not mean that it is the only game from the XCOM series that is available for android mobile for you to download. XCOM: Enemy Within and XCOM 2 are in fact also available for download and playing on android devices on the Google Play Store. The turn-based games are really fun to play and make a mastermind out of you for sure. 

The mobile versions of the game, XCOM: Enemy Within and XCOM 2 are not free. They are both paid versions brought by Feral Interactive. They are both well optimized and worth the cash. However, if you want a neat and free game, the spin-off XCOM: Legends is yours to try.

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