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Screen Recorder for Android: Stream and Capture Everything

By Admin | 18 February,2021 | 2 minutes, 27 seconds


What is Screen Recorder for Android?
Screen Recorder is a free premium app for stable and smooth screen recording. This go-to app can be used to create tutorials, promotional videos, record games while playing, and more. It makes everything easy and straightforward for the user. One can download the Screen Recorder app to get many more features like interactive videos, floating buttons, screen capture, and edit videos for a hassle-free screen recording experience.

● The app provides screen capture, interactive videos, floating button, trim videos, and many more. It is a one in all app for a user-friendly experience.
● Livestream tutorials, gameplays, apps on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitch. Streaming on their RTMP could also be done by iPhone and Android users.
● Record videos and capture reactions with a front camera and mobile screen recording simultaneously—a great feature to recorded tutorials. Furthermore, record tutorials on the whiteboard screen for an exquisite professional touch.
● Draw text while recording the screen with the help of an in-built video editor and recorder.
● Gamers can record their game while they are playing with the help of Screen Recorder. YouTube video recorders, App Reviewers/ Recorders, and content creators can easily create and edit high-quality HD videos.
● One could also use the app with all its features on an iPhone as well.

Belief, Mission, and Vision
With a straightforward user interface, the belief is to give a simple platform for all types of users and their needs. People could easily enjoy the feature of capturing their video and sharing it on the mobile screen recording at the same time.

As a young company brimming with ideas, the mission is to tackle any future challenges. The company is open to feedback and suggestions and offers the latest features for a smooth, user-friendly experience. Moreover, the company strives to create a simplified experience for the user.

The vision is to empower users to experience the splendid technology of recording, capturing, and editing videos for content, demos, tutorials, or presentations easily—a screen recorder for Android & iPhone free of cost.

Uploading images and videos
Along with an easy-going experience of taking screenshots on the phone with a screen recorder, there is also a free backup option for the screenshots on the app's cloud. The user can upload backup images, photos, and pictures from the mobile phone gallery on the cloud backup. One can quickly access the uploaded images on the cloud from any iOS, Android, or web-supported devices. Also, one has the option of keeping it private or public as per the user's choice.

One could easily show off their gaming skills by recording cool gaming videos. Moreover, the app allows one to access all the videos stored in one place effortlessly. Another great assistance of the app is to get free views by featuring one's video in the Screen Recorder app. One could quickly reach thousands of views on their video with the help of this app.
Stream and Capture everything with a hassle-free experience with Screen Recorder for Android. 

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