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Xbox Games With Gold October 2021: Resident Evil Code: Veronica X and More

By Admin | 06 October,2021 | 7 minutes, 3 sec


The Xbox Games with Gold schedule for October 2021 has been announced, with new free games for Xbox Live Gold subscribers arriving during the spookiest month of the year. After games with gold July and June 2021, we introduce you to the best xbox games of October gold 2021.

On Friday, October 1, the second batch of four games were released, including a combination of music-infused movement and terrifying action and Xbox exclusive games fun. The first wave of titles was released on October 1 with Aaero and Castlevania: Harmony of Despair, and will be followed by Hover and Resident Evil Code: Veronica X on October 16. These games aren't native to the Xbox Series X, but because of Microsoft's massive commitment in backwards compatibility, they're all playable on it (as well as on Xbox One and Xbox 360). 

Xbox Games with Gold 2021

Aaero: October 1 – 31

The indie rhythm game Aaero is perhaps the least well-known and visually appealing of October 2021's Xbox Games with Gold choices, but having picked it up at launch, we can vouch for its great quality and amazing music, and we strongly recommend you to grab it if you're interested.

The concept is that you play as a ship exploring the globe on rails while listening to pounding music. The music complements the gameplay, which requires you to ride specific musical ribbons in time with the rhythm and fight off opponents by tagging and firing them in time with the beat.

That playlist is also quite remarkable, with licenced music from artists like Flux Pavilion, Katy B, Noisia, and others. The levels are designed around the music and span from wide open spaces with plenty of freedom to manoeuvre to tight-knit tunnels with a steady stream of hazards to avoid.

For example, Aero's first level is themed on the Flux Pavilion song Bass Cannon, and it's fun. Not only is it a fantastic song in and of itself, but navigating the musical ribbon to the screaming synth line seems like it was made for the game. From time to time, you'll find yourself in boss encounters, which function in the same way as regular stages but have you aiming to defeat a single opponent while navigating the course's demands.

If you're seeking for a flaw, it's likely that the game's tagging and shooting elements can't equal the fun of riding the melodic ribbons. While it doesn't take long to get used to using the right stick to tag opponents while moving with the left stick, you may find yourself missing an enemy by accident, putting yourself in danger - and that's a major issue because the game isn't forgiving even on the simplest difficulty setting.

Hover: October 15 – November 15

This game is simply known as Hover on Xbox One. When it first came out on PC last year, it was dubbed Hover: Revolt of Gamers, a name that irritates my ears every time I hear it. By removing everything after the colon, the game may now be played on consoles, bringing with it its oppressive yet colourful open environment, as well as a far less insulting name.

Hover appears to be a clone of Jet Set Radio at first appearance, and when the music starts playing, you'd be forgiven for believing it's an exact replica. Hover is, in fact, a tribute to Jet Set Radio, with the same colourful aesthetics and gameplay as the original, and even hiring Hideki Naganuma, the primary composer on JSR, to contribute to the music. And what a great soundtrack it is, with encouraging tunes to get you pumped for a race but also a chillout atmosphere while you're just wandering.

Certain missions need you to play a game using a ball dubbed "Gameball." Two teams compete for control of the ball, which they must then place in the other team's goal. The settings can range from a normal Gameball court to a lengthy hallway of sewage or an old empty storage room; the objective is that it can be played anywhere and by anyone, as long as the Gamers are having fun.

If all you want to do is rest and unwind, Hover is a fantastic game. You may spend hours exploring the main, central city and yet not see everything, and there is a wonderful community to play with and compete with if you play it online. However, if you want to focus on the plot, it loses its allure as you struggle through monotonous places and objectives that slow down the entire experience.

Castlevania - Harmony of Despair: October 1 – 15

Harmony of Despair is an intriguing attempt in Castlevania. While it appears to be the same 2D Castlevania games we've been used to since Symphony of the Night, it's actually much different from the others. This is a multiplayer adventure in which up to six vampire hunters must work together to find Dracula. They have six maps to discover and defeat the boss before the time runs out. It's a lot of fun when you get a group of people together and finally figure out how the game works.

There are six well-known characters from the series to choose from, all of whom act as you would expect. Shanoa of the Order of Ecclesia, for example, may utilise her Magnes ability to attach herself to magnets and slingshot to difficult-to-reach locations.

If six maps doesn't seem like a lot, keep in mind that you'll have to play each one a lot before you can defeat the boss and put it to rest. You will be weak and ill-equipped to fight Dracula's henchmen when you initially arrive in a new region. Finding treasure that will make you a little bit stronger for the next time is the goal of Harmony of Despair. You don't level up, but you do keep discovering better and better gear and gradually increasing your power. It's a fun formula, but I wish it was more in-depth and had an experience system like Symphony of the Night.

The maps are complicated, and you'll need to spend some time studying them to figure out the best route to the boss. Because Harmony of Despair is clearly intended to be a multiplayer game, you may come across a switch that one player may use to put out a fire so that another player can enter a new region. If you try to tackle it alone, you won't be able to employ these shortcuts, making the game much more difficult and depriving the player access to these enjoyable features. Players that are playing alone are unable to use bots to assist them.

Resident Evil Code – Veronica X: October 16 – 31

Resident Evil: Code Veronica X begins as Claire Redfield leaves Raccoon City for the European headquarters of the Umbrella Corporation to hunt for her brother Chris and uncover the truth encompassing Umbrella Corporation's dreaded biotoxins. During her research, she is kidnapped and imprisoned on a barren island.

In Resident Evil: Code Veronica X, players take control of Claire at the start of the game before switching to Chris Redfield to stop Umbrella's evil ambitions. The Real World System is one of the numerous elements that distinguishes Code Veronica X from prior Resident Evil games (RWS). When Claire makes modifications to her surroundings (opening doors, solving riddles, storing objects), those changes are preserved when you play the game as Chris in the second half.

Codename: Resident Evil Veronica X features never-before-seen video of Chris and the enigmatic Wesker, as well as fresh information on the frightening Resident Evil narrative arc. Claire is horrified to learn that Umbrella Corporation's nefarious actions are not limited to the secluded Midwestern city. On a worldwide scale, flesh-eating zombies, terrible animals, and even odd mutations have spread. What is the extent of this warped conspiracy? Nope.

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