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Free Fire Bonus Diamonds Top Up: How To Get Free Diamonds On Top-Up In August 2021

By Admin | 18 August,2021 | 7 minutes, 1 second


Garena Free Fire is a game where you can customize your playable characters to a large extent, and have many additional things like pets as well. To get those customizations, the skins, and the items, you need the in-game currency that can be earned or bought. The in-game currency of the game is Garena Free Fire diamonds and gold The gold in it comes for free and can be earned through some activities, however, diamonds are paid only. 

The value for diamonds is higher which is why gamers search for methods to get their hands on some diamonds for free.  The diamonds can be found for free on several websites such as Games Kharido and Codashop. They often release some sort of offers to promote their websites or the game itself, and during such offers, you can find these free fire diamonds. 

 Get The Diamonds at the Booyah! Mobile application 

The Booyah Application has been created by the Garena itself. The application can be downloaded both on android as well as IOS devices. Booyah is a multipurpose application that allows the users to not just live stream the game, but also watch another player’s stream, take part in several events in the game, and get some rewards just for logging in as well. 

The dedicated app is solely based on Free Fire and can be used to get your hands on some free Free Fire diamonds. The only condition to get the free diamonds is that the users will have to participate in the various events and tournaments that are held through the app. The diamonds that you earn at the end of the matches, events and tournaments and such, get credited into your account. You can then simply go ahead and use them to buy all sorts of items from the store, from gun skins to characters and pets and all that is available for sale. 

You can download the Booyah app today from Google Play Store and the apple store. 

 Use The Google Opinion Rewards 

Google opinion rewards have been one of the most favorite methods by people to earn google play credits and use them to buy many in-app things for the applications that have been downloaded from the Google Play Store or by applications that are paid from the same. The Google Opinion Rewards give the credits in exchange for filling surveys. 

You fill up a survey, and the credits get credited into your account. Then you can log in to your Garena Free Fire account and use the credits that you received to buy the diamonds. There you go, use those diamonds to buy that character dress that you have been wanting or that faded gun skin that would make your gameplay look cool. 

 Using The Poll Pay  

The Poll Pay is another application that lets you get your hands on some Free Fire Diamonds. The application is very similar to Google Play Rewards in its functioning in that you have to complete some tasks or puzzles in exchange for some rewards. The rewards get credited into your Google Play balance, and after that, the rest of the process to get the diamonds in the Free Fire is the same as before. 

The application is very popular on the android play store and is available for download on Apple devices as well. It is a fair exchange of tasks for rewards, and the users keep visiting the app to refill their wallets. 

 Easy Rewards 

These applications that pay you in some form of credit in exchange for a task done for them are very resourceful for the people who cannot always have an indispensable bank account to buy stuff online. Easy Rewards, like Google Opinion and the Poll Pay application, is also under a similar category of applications. Here also the users fill up some forms, surveys, or quizzes and then in return get an opportunity to earn the Google Play balance. Similar to the other apps, you can exchange them to get Free Fire Diamonds. 

 Steps to Use Google Play Credits for Buying Garena Free Fire Diamonds 

To buy the free dire diamonds, you just have to follow some simple steps. The first step is to install the game on any of the android or IOS devices. Now once you have done that, log in to your account, or create one if you have not already. 

Then move to the diamond icon on the screen at the top left corner of your screen. You will see it next to the gold coin options as well. That section shows how much credit each, of gold and diamonds, that you possess presently.  

Once you press the diamond option, a new screen will pop up where you will see options for a top-up of the free-fire diamonds. There you can select the number of diamonds you want to buy and select a package accordingly. There are options for 100 diamonds, 310, 520 to 1060, and 5600 diamonds starting from INR 80 to INR 4000. 

Once you select it, the screen will be redirected to the Google Play application. There you get the option to select the mode of payment, add card details, and such. There you can select the rewards that you have earned or use the standard mode of online payment. 

 Using Games Kharido website 

The Games Kharido website gives the users a chance to get extra diamonds on their purchase, up to 100% extra diamonds, making the deal sweet. To make it simple, on the website you can buy up to twice the number of diamonds for the price of one. If you buy 100 diamonds, you will get an additional 100 free diamonds. The catch here is that the users can get the 100% extra diamonds only on their very first purchase from the website, making it a limited deal.  

Once you have used the first purchase offer, you can still get free additional diamonds from the website during each purchase. After the first purchase, the amount of diamonds that you can get extra is capped at 10% of the number you buy at the selling price. This is still a nice deal and worth trying out.  

To buy diamonds from the website, you need to follow a few simple steps. 

  1. Visit the official Games Kharido Website. The link is

  2. Over there, an option for the Free Fire game will be visible. Select that option. 

  3. A new screen will appear which will ask you to log in to your Garena Free Fire account using Facebook or the Free Fire UID credentials.  

  4. Then the players will get the option to select a mode of payment. Following which the payment will proceed once you select which diamond pack you want to buy. 

Here is the price list for the diamonds you get along with the bonus. 

For INR 40 you get 50 diamonds. You get 5 bonus diamonds. 

For INR 80 you get 100 diamonds. You get 10 bonus diamonds. 

For INR 240 you get 310 diamonds. You get 31 bonus diamonds. 

For INR 400 you get 520 diamonds. You get 52 bonus diamonds. 

For INR 800 you get 1060 diamonds. You get 106 bonus diamonds. 

For INR 1600 you get 2180 diamonds. You get 218 bonus diamonds. 

For INR 4000 you get 5600 diamonds. You get 560 bonus diamonds. 

 Screen Recording and Live Streaming 

Gamers often like to stream their Free Fire gameplays on many streaming sites such as Twitch, YouTube, or even Booyah applications. iOS users can screen record just as well as the android users using the screen recording application.  

Screen recording is a very simple thing, where a third-party software stores whatever happens on your iOS device or Android device. It works in the background, and you get the option to select the quality of the screen recording as well, allowing you to save up storage as well when recording. 

Screen Recording is a good way to record the moments in the game that otherwise you would have forgotten or not have been able to show to your friends and family members. After Screen Recording your Garena Free Fire gameplay, or any other game’s gameplay, you can simply edit it using video editing software and make it cooler before uploading it. 

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