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How The Card System Works In Back 4 Blood

By Admin | 30 September,2021 | 5 minutes, 18 sec


In Turtle Rock's co-op FPS, you'd definitely expect some gunplay, but the roguelike card system may be a surprise, as we saw in the back 4 blood trailer. However, it's critical to comprehend this function because it significantly impacts each Back 4 blood game.

While the game director uses Corruption cards to make life as horrible as possible in the zombie apocalypse, the player uses Active cards to create life-saving strategies. To learn more about the card system or if you want to see some of the best Back 4 Blood cards to date.

The working of Supply Lines is relatively easy to understand. You begin the Back 4 Blood open beta with a pre-made deck of basic cards. You'll need to advance your Supply Lines to access more cards. Supply Lines are similar to Battle Passes in that you progress through a set of rewards earned through gameplay. There aren't any secrets in this right now. Supply Points are earned by completing campaign levels, so get out there and play the game to advance. Then, in Fort Hope, interact with one of the two NPCs indicated on your HUD to spend your Supply Points.

Back 4 Blood includes two types of cards that operate against one another to change the course of your campaign. 

Every player will start with a single Supply Line, which contains some cosmetics and a few essential cards. After that, you'll be offered three separate Supply Lines to choose from, each of which you can advance through independently. Similarly, starting a new Supply Line does not bind you to it. For example, you could unlock the first two cards in Paul's Alley, then go out and collect more Supply Points to spend on the first card in The Crow's Nest.

The AI Director draws two Corruption Cards at the start of each campaign level. The participants will then draw and choose cards from their decks.

Corruption cards are unpredictable modifiers that change the course of your campaign. These include tasks that award incentives to players who complete them. The Speedrun card, for example, pushes players to achieve a level in a certain amount of time and pays them with extra Copper for the following safehouse if they succeed.

For starters, they can change the type of Ridden (zombies) you're up against by increasing their speed or armor or spawning extra Special Infected like the Tallboy or Crusher in the zombie land saga. This gameplay looks straight out of zombie movies.

As for Active Cards: 

You get to choose a deck and draw one of five Active cards before the game begins (a process repeated after reaching the safe room). Choose wisely because these cards may help you counter the effects of Corruption Cards. 

Look for the NPC with the cowboy hat in the Fort Hope beginning location to make custom cards (Campaign Mode only). He's leaning against one of the tents. If you're just starting off, keep in mind that many Campaign cards are still restricted. Simply playing the game and accumulating supply points will net you more.

Following the drawing of the Corruption Cards, each player will draw five cards from their deck. For the remainder of the campaign, you must activate one of the five options. The rest are returned to your deck and shuffled.

You have many opportunities to establish synergies as you go because your cards are active for the course of the campaign. Back 4 Blood's campaign becomes increasingly challenging as you continue, so increasing your power as you progress is crucial. Don't worry if you can't complete the second part of the campaign on your first attempt.

You can use your Supply Points to unlock new cards and improve your deck for the next run. It's a fun little roguelike-inspired mechanism that adds a lot of variety to the gameplay. We can see a lot of walk-throughs and screen recordings through many youtube videos. 

What is a screen recorder, you might ask? A screen recorder is when a player or streamer records their gameplays and posts them on the web for views and educates gamers about the game experience. There are many screen recorder apps for ios, android, and windows. The most famous and widely used is Screen Recorder by AppSmartz. It is a live Screen Recorder for games, youtube videos, and educational purposes.

Which Back 4 Blood cards, however, are the best fit for your deck? They're, of course, the ones that correspond to the character you've chosen. For example, if you play as Holly, the Battle Lust card (melee kills restore 2 lives) is fantastic, but not so much if you play as Doc.

Back 4 Blood's Early Access and test versions revealed a few cards that stood out as particularly useful. They are divided into four categories in the game (Reflex, Discipline, Brawn, and Fortune) (Offense, Defense, Mobility, and Utility). Here's a look at some of the top Back 4 Blood cards, subdivided by kind. Check the brackets to see which category they belong to and whether or not they may be found in Versus mode. It's important to note that several card effects may be modified for PvP:

Adrenaline-Fueled (Reflex) increases your stamina by 100% but reduces your stamina regeneration by 75%. However, each kill will grant you 10 Stamina (plus an additional 10 Stamina during the next 5 seconds), allowing you to work around the deficit.

Bash on a Ridden will automatically employ a knife that counts as a melee weapon if you utilize Combat Knife (Discipline) card. It's an excellent way to get more melee kills, and it synergizes well with other melee boosts.

Bomb Squad (Brawn, Versus): Deals 100% extra explosive damage while increasing your fierce resistance by 35%. It's especially beneficial to Hoffman, but any player would benefit from that too.

In Avenge the Fallen (Discipline) card for 10 seconds, if you or another teammate falls injured, all teammates gain +30% damage, +20% reload speed and infinite ammo.

Run and Gun (Fortune, Versus) card allows you to shoot while sprinting. This is usually always a helpful trait to have, and it's even better when combined with a boost to stamina.

Cross Trainers (Reflex, Versus) cards will boost your stamina and stamina regeneration by 20%, raise your movement speed by 3%, and boost your health by 5%. It may also be utilized in Versus mode, giving you +40% stamina and +10 health.


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