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Battlegrounds Mobile India for Apple IOS

By Admin | 21 July,2021 | 5 minutes, 36 seconds


The superhit fan-favorite game Player Unknown Battlegrounds, also known as PUBG, is coming back to India under the name BGMI or Battlegrounds Mobile by Krafton. Tencent has been replaced by Krafton and now the game follows all the safety protocols that the Indian government has set for such applications. The game was given early access to some users through an APK download only on android devices. The IOS devices did not get any such early access. Even the current game that has been officially launched on Google Play is available only for Android devices as of now. IOS devices might have to wait just a little longer in India to play the game once again. 

 When Can We Expect an IOS Version of BGMI? 

There has been no official notice from Krafton regarding the release date for an IOS version of the game in India. There are however several assumptions and rumors out on the internet that the game might get released on IOS on or by July 24th, 2021.  

For the time being game is available for download on Google Play. It was released this month on July 2nd, 2021. After early access was released much earlier, the game finally came out in July. It is almost a copy of the previous PUBG but with some great Add On's. It has newer features, looks, skins, options, maps, vehicles and so much more. Krafton took over the development and release of BGMI as Tencent’s PUBG was banned last year. 

Now in the case of Krafton, the game has a management system that is separate and adheres to the current guidelines of the Indian government when it comes to the security, privacy, and welfare of Indian citizens. 

Although it has not been stated officially, the game might be in the testing phase on the IOS and that is why it has not been released. The other reason could be that they might not have gotten the necessary permissions from Apple for releasing their game on IOS devices yet for some reason as this happens sometimes with several apps. 

 Pre-Registration Pubg: NEW State for IOS in August 

Although Krafton has not yet announced a release for BGMI for IOS, it has released a statement that said that pre-registrations will begin for PUBG New State IOS anytime in August. Pubg New State is a newer game similar to the old Pubg but in a futuristic setting. It will available on all the devices such as iPhone and iPad running IOS. 

Although fans are eagerly waiting for BGMI to get the nostalgic PUBG vibe and gameplay, Pubg New State will not fail to impress the players by any chance. The game will have futuristic weapons with high-tech designs, the vehicles will look futuristic and the whole map will have a similar modern Cyberpunk-like vibe to some extent. However, all of this will come along with the classic Pubg or BGMI gameplay style and functionality, giving you just the thing that you want on your IOS device as well as Android. 

 Some New Features in BGMI 

The new BGMI or better called locally Pubg India has one of the features that will be most loved by parents now. There is a new system that reminds the players to keep their screen time low. After 3 hours of playing, it gives a warning sign to remind. The feature should be expected in the Pubg IOS India. This is a nice update as earlier kids and adults would spend hours and hours on this game and that hindered their personal and professional lives. This would affect their mental health as well as their physical health to a very critical level as per many studies and news. That is why such an update was necessary if not mandatory in the game. 

The other update is BGMI India or Pubg India is the change of words such as “Kill” replaced with now “Finish”. This is one of those ethical and subtle changes that might not look huge but does alter how the psychology of the young children playing the games as well as the adults’ psychology gets affected by the game. 

In the game, every time you start a match, you can hear a voice reminding you firmly that this is a virtual game and the locations and characters and everything is virtual. It also reminds us to take a break and go out in the real world as well. This reminder will subtly remind the people to not over-engage in the virtual world and instead be in touch with the real world as well. 

The color of Blood is now not red. You can choose from Yellow or Green, green being the default now. This again brings down the goriness and violence level of the game and is also better for people who feel repulsive on seeing blood. Such a feature is usually found in many games that are concerned about the well-being of every type of player. 

There is a new map in the BGMI India now including the classic Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok, and Vikendi. This new map is Kirakin. The map is smaller than Sanhok and only 64 people can play in it at a time. The map is a rocky one with several hidden caves here and there with amazing loots and weapons that are exclusive only to this map. 

 Early Access BGMI IOS and Android 

Krafton had released a limited-time early access option for the fans that gave a sneak-peak into the game. It was only 378 MB in size and could be downloaded on any android phone. As for IOs users, nothing of the sort happened, however, players who want to play the game should keep an eye out for any official notices or such early access releases for IOS devices as it may happen anytime.  

To be on the safer side, it is advisable for the IOS device holders to keep their phones up to date and have sufficient storage in their devices. As for keeping an eye out for any news. Just stay in touch with us or Krafton’s social media handles. They will release the pre-registration dates along for PUBG mobile IOS in India and what the spec requirements for it will be as well.  

You can follow Krafton on Instagram, Twitter, and other places to stay updated. So do not get sad friends if you cannot play BGMI just yet on your IOS devices, as Krafton has left huge hints on its intention to release BGMI IOS soon. Till then grab an android device and play the game there.

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