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Top 3 Tips To Choose The Best Free Fire Pets For Factory Challenge

By Admin | 12 November,2021 | 5 minutes, 39 sec


Garena Free Fire is a battle royale game developed and released by Garena Games. In 2019, free fire became the most downloaded smartphone game in the world. It was awarded the "Best Popular Vote Game" by the Google Play store in 2019. With over 80 million daily active users worldwide as of May 2020, Free Fire has achieved a new record. In a free fire game, 50 players parachute onto an island in quest of weapons and equipment to kill the other players in a battle royale match. Players can choose their starting position and take armaments and supplies to help them last longer in battle. 

Players enter a plane that travels over an island when they join a game. Players can jump wherever they wish while the aircraft flies over the island, allowing them to choose a strategic landing spot away from opponents. After landing, the players must search for weapons and other free fire rewards. You can play free fire online or there is also an option of free fire download for pc. You also can choose a custom free fire nickname, this free fire name can be chosen from different websites available on the internet. The currency which is used in the playfire game is diamonds. There are many promotional events organised by the company where you get free fire free diamonds.

Factory Challenge is one of the most popular custom room modes in Free Fire. Players can only battle with their fists and melee weapons in this one-on-one game mode. Because firearms are prohibited in the Factory Challenge, the player's fundamental combat skills are tested. Kla is the most popular character in Factory Challenge, as he increases fit damage by up to 400%. Players are advised to combine their characters with their pets to improve their Factory Challenge performance and get free fire rewards. They must, however, keep the following points in mind when picking their free fire pet for the challenge.

How can you choose the best pets for Factory Challenge?

Here are some tricks which you should keep in my mind while choosing a new pet in free fire’s factory challenge:

Choose pets that help in healing in the factory challenge of free fire:

When it comes to Factory Challenge, the damage is unavoidable. As a result, the most essential and prominent piece of advice that players should pay attention to is choosing a pet that provides better healing. Robo, Ottero, and other pets are wonderful selections because they help restore EP/HP. Here is a list of pets with healing abilities:


Shiba is one of the most adorable pets in Free Fire. Its ability does not directly heal players, so it will not provide any HP to the player. However, it aids in the discovery of treatment supplies that offer health and are known as Mushrooms. Every 180 seconds, players can notice surrounding mushrooms on the map, with the mark lasting 30 seconds at the primary level.

Spirit fox

Spirit Fox is yet another lovely pet in the game. When utilizing a Medkit, it allows players to restore an additional 4HP. This ability heals 10 HP at the maximum level.


Panda is another pet with healing abilities, and when played aggressively, it is a master pet. Its power is reminiscent of Jota's sustained raids, which provide the player health when they kill something. When a kill is made successfully, it will provide/restore 4HP at the base level. The ability restores 10HP after a kill when the level is maxed out.


While all other healing pets in the game strive to restore HP, this pet focuses on EP. This ability looks a lot like K's Master of All power, which depends on EP. When activating a treatment gun or medkit, the ability will restore some EP at its most basic level. The EP recovered accounts for 35% of the HP regained. As a result, your EP will be 35% of the HP you earned when you heal. When the level is maximum, the percentage rises to 65 percent.

The pets should be paired with proper characters.

The pet's ability has to complement the strength of the character that the player is using in Factory Challenge. For example, if players use DJ Alok, they no longer have to use pets that help heal as the character already can heal. They should use pets that will help in damage reduction. Here is a list of some character and pet combinations that will help you win:

A124 and Shiba

Shiba's ability 'Mushroom Sense' shows the location of surrounding mushrooms every 180 seconds, while A124's ability 'Thrill of Battle' turns EP into HP instantaneously. The mushroom will give you an additional EP, making up for the EP you lost using A124's ability.

Panda and Jota

With a fully upgraded SMG or Shotgun, Jota has a unique ability called 'Sustained Raids,' which awards players up to 40 HP after each kill. After each kill, Panda will give you an extra 7 HP. Panda's ability indirectly boosts Jota's already excellent ability.

Kapella and Ottero

Kapella's ability, 'Healing Song,' boosts the effectiveness of healing supplies by up to 20%. In contrast, Ottero's ability, 'Double Blubber,' gives players a tiny amount of EP after using a medkit or a treatment gun. As a result, Double Blubber enhances Kapella's efficiency.

Do not choose pets that have no abilities.

There are a lot of pets in Free Fire that don't have any powers. Because the Factory Challenge is all about battling without external equipment, participants must select pets with unique abilities. Kitty and Mechanical Pup are two examples of companions who should be avoided at all costs.

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