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5 steps for beginners to record live streaming video

By Admin | 10 November,2022 | 2 minute 32 seconds


Online video recorder has become an instant hit in the market. Do you know why? It is because of its extended comfort in allowing and offering the services to record online video for streaming in high quality. Gamers and other enthusiastic individuals are looking for a quick and reliable option to begin with their live stream video. Screen Recorder is one of the most trusted and preferred online video recorders that can serve your purpose with nothing less than perfection. 

Here is a small write-up that includes 5 beginner steps to record a free live stream and get the desired live stream video without any compromise in the quality.

  • Steps to follow while using online Video Recorder 

Screen Recorder comes with a set of pre-built features that not only allow an individual to capture the free live stream but also offers extended capability of trimming or editing the whole or a part of the videos as per the preference. 

  • Pick your platform

The first step is to choose any of the live stream platforms to get started with online screen recording. The screen recorder app is compatible with all the available and most popular platforms. Based on your individual choice, you can choose one among the available options. 

  • Adjust the bit and frame rates

While going ahead with free live streams, it is important for you to choose and adjust the bit and frame rates. A prior selection of these specific features can go a long way and help the individuals to go ahead with the live stream video as per their convenience. It also helps in adjusting and getting the required quality of the recorded video. 

  • Select the Resolution of the video

For every online video recorder, it is essential to have a high and adjusted video resolution. It can help in allowing a seamless free live stream, compatible enough with the screen. You can select the resolution range from the available options before getting started. 

  • Start live stream

Once you are all done with the checklist, you are ready to use an online video recorder and begin your live stream. You can go any length and any duration with the easy support of Screen Recorder. However, if there is any specific ask about the tool, feel free to talk with our experts. 

  • Record and Edit the session

The last step involves ending the recorded session and going ahead with the required editing of the recorded video. With Screen Recorder, you can either cut whole or a part of the screen that you might think is irrelevant with your requirements. The easy to capture and fast to edit live streaming recorded video feature makes us stand out in the competition.

  • Final thoughts

If you are a beginner who is going to kick start his journey with live streaming, Screen Recorder is a go-to- tool for you. With a bunch of easy to use and implement features, the tool is a self-serving screen recorder that can help you to stand out with your online recorded videos. 

For further information, book your demo call with us today.


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