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5 Live Streaming Trends For 2022

By Admin | 13 April,2022 | 5 minutes, 44 second


Gamers and niche content makers used to choose live streaming as a method of communication. However, live streaming trends began to appear a few years ago. Their usage as a marketing tool has been critical in allowing you to engage and communicate with your audience at a time when face-to-face communication was difficult. As a result, it soon gained traction as a means to keep in touch with your audience - for both content providers and corporations. Free Fire and Pubg live stream became the most popular live-streaming genres in the previous year.

Live streaming was firmly established as an important marketing tool for organizations in 2021, with statistics indicating that streaming climbed by 21% globally between Q3 2020 and Q3 2021. In addition, 80% of consumers said they would prefer to watch a brand's live video than read a blog.

As we begin the new year, new trends in live streaming have developed. This article can assist you whether this is the year you introduce this internet tool to your company's marketing efforts or you just want to improve your present live streaming approach. This year, we've compiled a list of 5 rising live streaming trends to keep an eye on.

1. "Entertainmerce" or In-stream shopping

Businesses in China have been using Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) to push purchases through live streaming for a few years, just like they would "influencers" or content creators in their industry.

This development has been dubbed "entertainmerce," since it combines entertainment with e-commerce through live broadcasting. This multibillion-dollar retailing revolution is quietly but steadily gaining traction throughout the world. Marketers are starting to recognize the return on investment opportunities it provides while connecting with their audience. It's also a great way to keep your audience informed about new product releases or company news.

2. Live streaming that is shorter

Though Instagram has long been the most popular platform for most businesses' streaming operations, TikTok is quickly gaining ground. According to Hootsuite, the Gen-Z favorite platform has surpassed 1 billion users as of September 2021, representing a 45 percent rise in only one year.

This tremendous rise has resulted in a significant shift in how corporations and content providers make videos, with shorter-form films becoming the preferred format. "By 2020, 60% of videos will be shorter than two minutes long," writes Restream in a blog post.

Instagram and YouTube, two of the most popular social media platforms, are also catching on to the trend. They've added the Reels feature and YouTube Shorts as a new feature as a counter to Tik-Tok

3. Music Streaming in Real-Time

When live music events such as concerts, festivals, and clubs came to a standstill, musicians were forced to reconsider how they might interact with their audiences and perform. DJs are using sites like Instagram, YouTube, and even Twitch to live broadcast their shows. After observing a considerable increase in demand for music live streaming, the latter has now introduced a dedicated category for Music channels. Many people believe that live streaming music performances and sets are gradually displacing traditional radio stations.

When adding live broadcasts to your plan to grow your reach and interact with your audience, you might want to think about monetizing your music live stream.

4. Improved quality of live streaming

As with anything internet-related, people’s expectations for quality have risen as everything moves to the virtual realm. The year 2022 will be no different, with streamers having an even less margin for error. More than half of viewers quit low-quality streaming in less than a minute and a half, according to TechRadar. Unfortunately, this means they miss out on monetization opportunities, resulting in a low return on investment for the developer.

YouTube is one of the first big sites to provide 4K streaming, and it is one of the first to do so. Even though 4K streaming consumes a lot of internet data, the widespread adoption of 5G will make it easier for people to create and view these streams. As a result, we may see more platforms adopt 4K streaming this year in order to provide their audiences with a better live-streaming experience

5. Live streaming will be introduced on new platforms.

Streaming adoption on other platforms is one of the most important live streaming trends to keep an eye on. Being the first to use a platform might be advantageous in some cases. Aside from TikTok, LinkedIn, and Pinterest, all of the main social networking networks provide their members with a mature live streaming function.

LinkedIn and TikTok have been gradually rolling out these capabilities and hope to improve them even more in the future. TikTok is also rumored to be focusing its live-streaming efforts on live shopping and e-commerce, with the introduction of TikTok stores.

This year, Pinterest also plans to launch live broadcasting. The site has recently seen significant growth in terms of shopping and e-commerce. As a response to the upcoming "entertainmerce" trend in 2022, it will most likely incorporate live streaming capability. The platform intends to place a greater emphasis on video content in general. They've also hinted at the addition of an augmented reality placement option, allowing customers to "taste" things from the comfort of their own homes!

Apart from these streaming platforms, many third-party streaming platforms are also becoming popular like Tango live stream, etc.

Key Takeaways from Trends in live streaming that you should know

Pay attention to these live streaming trends and take the time to learn more about each platform's tendencies so you can maximize your live streaming efforts. It's time to think about including live streaming into your marketing efforts if you haven't already. This technology has become nearly indispensable for extending your internet reach and increasing audience interaction.

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