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6 Expert Tips for Better Screen Recording Results - 2023

By Admin | 02 March,2023 | 2min,39sec


Screen Recording has become one of the finest additions in virtual interactions post pandemic. Individuals who fail to attend a particular meeting or conversation, can later on go through these screen recordings to consume the information. 

A pro screen recorder is an efficient tool that has helped many professionals such as teachers, gamers, students, corporate professionals and many more to record and circulate the recordings further as per the usage. 

Though many individuals are not using the screen recorder to its full potential. Here is a small write up that indicates top tips to help individuals get screen recorders used promptly and proficiently. 

Experts tips for better screen recording 

Go through these tips and use them for better results. 

1. Fix your screen resolution 

To begin with, you need to fix your screen resolution. This helps in ensuring that once the final recording is done with the help of a pro screen recorder, the images and the videos stay competent to its originality. Maintaining a high resolution needs quick checking of the screen and quality of the recording. Getting started with a pro screen recorder can help in overcoming this issue like a professional.

2. Check for audio settings

Expert advises  to opt for a desktop screen recorder that can allow you to record the desktop screen with the audio. This allows your recorded video to have better audio. It also helps in ensuring that your audio and video quality remains intact and the audience can leverage the full benefit of the screen recorded video.

3. Check for the background noise

It is important to have a silent and sound-proof background while starting up with the screen recording. It is required to ensure the screen recorded video should not have any other sound. This can destroy the quality and content of the actual recorded video.

4. Highlight the relevant recorded part 

If you are looking to record a screen of a desktop, you can choose a screen recorder that can help in recording the whole content. However, in some cases the user wants to highlight certain parts of the screen by themselves. This can be done by highlighting the part with the help of white board or pen bar tool accessibility. With the pen, the user can either highlight the part or can add relevant gestures at real-time during the screen recording. 

5. Choose the length of the video 

Users can take a final call over the length of the video. The screencasting video should be of ideal length. It should not be too big or too small. This will lose the ability of winning the attention of the viewers. The screen recorded video should be of medium length. 

6. Edit or trim the video

Lastly, you can choose to keep the editing part or trimming of the screen video; once you have recorded the whole desktop screen. This helps in only keeping the required part of the video. Whole screen or a part of the screen can also be edited through it. 

Get these tips into your processes of screen recording the desktop screen and you will see the difference. To know more about how you can leverage the maximum benefit of it, feel free to get in touch with our team.

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