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Climb the ladder of success by using screen recording

By Admin | 02 December,2020 | 9 minutes




It cannot be overstated that the most common and better method to help fulfill a task at full tilt and in the right manner is to show how it is done. Are you wondering what does that mean? Well, we are digital nomads living in a digital world, and here it means nothing else but screen recordings.

To all those of you who are wondering what a screen recorder is, well, it is a powerful method where you can use audio and sensory cues to help those who are new to the procedure. You can use this for customer support, building a strong fan base on various social media platforms, internal training, and more.

One cannot deny the fact that screen recordings are a proven way to enhance productivity and climb the ladder of success, especially if you want everything to be done in the right manner.

When we talk about the video, it is available on all the devices, which means that the recordings can be watched by everyone whenever somebody wants to perform an activity or fulfil a task. Isn't it the best thing to do? You record a video, and who knows how many people are getting benefits from the same? To have a clear picture of how people enjoy the perks and how the business is improving, let us now talk about some standard practices which are used by many as they have for sure worked wonders.


  • Making an accurate description and video for daily tasks:

The easiest way to enhance your business with screen recordings is to use your device or computer to perform your daily tasks. While you are doing that, make sure you record them in the right manner. Nevertheless, it should not be very long. While you are recording the whole thing, you can also put into use various tools like Cloud App. Through this application, you can get rid of unwanted items and also add whatever you need. In addition to this, you can also use texts and other tools to help people understand everything in a better way. Once you have prepared the video, please take a look at the whole thing and do not forget to check its length. If it is very long, you can think about separating them into two different sections. After that, you can make use of a picture to explain every action. Amidst this using a GIF can be great too. This way, the whole video is much more precise and straightforward. This makes it easier for the audience to understand everything and use it whenever needed. Secondly, the videos and screen recordings can also be used for your customers and teams. When you keep everything straightforward and simple, it is easier for you to share it with people in every way possible. If you are using screen recordings for customer service purposes, using captions to explain it is a great idea. It is that by any chance the audio is not clear, they can read everything and follow it. Captioning video is a good practice for anything you create, but especially useful for videos that will have a broad audience.


  • Prepare a visual database for your projects:

There are a number of development and product teams who have to meet the deadlines and take charge of numerous projects. The same goes for departments like lead generation, sales, and marketing. Use templates because they help you cope up with everything. The procedures take place quickly, and you need not compromise with everything. You can speed up with the essential elements and documentation by making sure that you record the screen.‍ Explain the procedure adequately, showcase the necessary software, and walk people through the critical steps to keep things arranged and apt. In addition to this, you can turn the series of screen recordings into a visual database. The same should be done to prepare and manage projects both as the broader tutorial mentioned above and a framework to ensure best practices are followed. For services like Trello, you can use the video by adding them to the templates. This way, the team members will check the essential requirements and details without wasting their time. The best part is that it will speed up project management and make it easier for the team mates to understand how everything is handled correctly.


  • Find mistakes in a short span of time:

Using a screen recorder can be your safest bet whether you run customer support or perform troubleshooting. It will improve your speed in quickly looking at the errors, if any, and fixing them. If someone in the team shows interest in fixing or understanding the error, using a screen recorder can be your best bet. While you are working remotely, this comes in handy because the customer service team or IT cell cannot reach your place and look for the issues. This is where videos work wonders and speed up the resolution by sorting the issue and making everything simple yet useful. While you want to fix the problem, the screen recording will show the exact steps you need to follow. Hence, you need not worry about anything as whatever is done in the video is right. 


  • Keep the training up to date:

You need to follow the latest trends and be up to the mark every time a platform, technique, or application is changed. And screen recording is one of the best ways to do so. Pick an individual for a specific position or service. Once the process varies, it is their responsibility to keep a check on everything and learn it in the right manner. They will be able to prepare a video if they are well versed with the procedure first. While everything is ready, you can share it with others via platforms like slack. It gives all the details to people right away, and they also have references with them to follow. Now let's come to the video. The video allows people to have an overall picture and reviews it according to their perceptions. This lessen interruptions to ask another team member to show it to them again. Establishing these roles can help you train other people too. Every time a new video comes up, the person assigned with it is responsible for preparing the video and sharing it with the rest of the people.


  • Make meetings asynchronous:

Asynchronous communication technology lets people prepare and share messages wherein they are already ready to be a part of it. You build messages and share them with them, keeping in mind their place of engagement and time. Nevertheless, meetings are not meant to be asynchronous. There are so many times when people have to get together to communicate and share their ideas with one another. At times you want a team that is already ready and can present all the details in the given time. Nevertheless, it is undeniable that we have all missed meetings, and the reasons behind the same are numerous. This is where screen recordings do its job. It helps anyone who was not a part of the meeting without further ado. If you are using applications like Cloud app, you can automatically trim the video and record important points. This allows the team to have all the vital information from the meeting. Clipping the video into discussions of specific projects or tasks allows your team to find what they need and watch it. You can even tag them in places you post each video. While you are recording the screen you will have a chance to see the whole presentation yourself. In addition to this other people can also look at the documents they have access to and the materials used. Everything is easy to find, especially if you do not remember the name of the file or its location. Moreover everyone gets the whole presentation and conversation. They need not depend on anybody to be up to the mark. They do not have to trust what is not right. The overall management within the organization is enhanced, and meetings are more fun. Plus, if there's an issue or need for clarification, you can use the video as evidence for the confusion. Then, a team member can create a quick replacement to get everyone on the same page.


  • Use creativity to adjust tasks:

There is no denying that some of the productivity woes can happen if you perform the same activity repeatedly. In addition to this, if you are using the same speech and pitch, chances are there is no improvement. Screen recording here comes into the rescue and helps you tackle some of these elements by supporting automation and the use of one asset multiple times. The application known as cloud app has already worked with a plethora of brands. To generate leads and get more customers, they are all using screen recording. If you want to give a pitch or a speech, you can always make some video content and grab the client's attention. The best part about screen recording is that it lets you showcase your best, keeping in mind the clients' requirements. If you want to use the same picture or line in some other line, you can do the same but make sure you change the tone. Prepare a good video, and make sure you also have a speech ready for your introduction and final thoughts. When the video is best, you need not worry about anything. You can start recording, and everything will work in the right manner. The client will notice your hard work, speech, and pitch. If needed, you can also record the ending, introduction, and important content. Think about adding pictures and gifs. For the introduction part, you can always use banners. This will make your video more appealing yet informative.


Tips you can follow to stand out from the crowd.

You can make use of the best practices to ensure better and enhanced screen recording. Mentioned below are some of them suggested by the expert panel.


  1. Do not forget to get rid of the recording area. This will not distract anyone who is watching it. Start fresh and clean.

  2. Make sure the video is recorded in the right manner.

  3. There should be no weird noise in the video.

  4. The audio should be clear, and no other person should face problems while listening to it.

  5. Keep a written copy of essential steps if needed.

  6. Before presenting the video, make sure the connection is not poor.

  7. Take your time.

  8. Go slow and don't be in a hurry.


‍Now that you have all the information about screen recording, it is time to make the next move. Enjoy the perks of screen recording and see how you set a benchmark in no time.


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