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How can you use a Desktop screen recorder for creating tutorials?

By Admin | 10 January,2023 | 2 minute 30 seconds


Desktop screen recorder is an efficient addition to your digital collection. The platform allows you to capture screen events with finest quality and high resolution. If you are into teaching or are a student who wants their teacher to create tutorials by screen recorder, this blog can give you the required guidance. 

From capturing the compatible screen recorder for macOS, to ensuring that tutorials stay interactive and engaging with the audiences,a desktop screen recorder can do it all. Here is a quick write-up to explain how you can smartly use the desktop screen recorder to create educational videos or tutorials.

Steps to follow for creating the tutorials 

1.Selecting the screen 

The first step includes selecting and finalizing the content for the tutorial. Once it is done, you can freeze the portion of the screen or the complete screen to be captured by the desktop screen recorder. Based on the device compatibility, you can adjust the resolution, high definition as well as the screen size of the screen. After selecting all the parameters, you can start recording the screen. 

2.Adding relevant gestures in the recordings

If you are creating a live tutorial and want to connect with the audiences, you can use the front camera. The camera settings will allow you to capture the specific gestures or additions in the live tutorial. This allows the recorded video to simultaneously add the required gestures and make the screen recording interactive. 

3.Add sounds to the live tutorial videos

To make sure the video remains informative and useful for the audiences, you can add sound to the recordings. The desktop screen recorder offers the advantage of altering the settings and offering permission to add sound to the video.

4.Keep slow and smooth transitions 

Another step that should be added in the process of creating tutorials with compatible screen recorders for macOS is to make sure you opt for slow and smooth transitions. If not done precisely, these transitions can hamper the quality of the recorded videos. It can further add confusion to the audiences. Hence, it is advised to opt for the slow and smooth transitions. 

5.Save your screen recording

Once you are done with the video recording with the help of desktop screen recorder



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