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Simple & easy ways to add text to a video from Android (2022)

By Admin | 23 May,2022 | 6 minutes, 18 seconds


In this tutorial, you'll discover how to use a free no watermark video editor to add text to a video with screenshots. There are two simple and free methods available. In addition, the three most exceptional video editors that can assist with complete video text addition are discussed.

When watching videos with language variances or strange accents, it might be a difficulty. Then adding text to a video can be really useful, as text, subtitles, and captions provide clarity and aid in understanding the message being delivered. So, what's the best way to add text to videos for free? A professional video editor will usually finish adding text to a video. This tutorial will show you how to simply add text to a video on both Windows and Mac computers.

Add text to video in windows
There are several free video editors available that can add text to videos. However, the majority of them are solicited for talents in an inappropriate manner. FilmForth is introduced in this section since it is completely free to use and exports without watermarks. FilmForth is a versatile video editor that can also add stickers and animation to videos. Its biggest feature is that it is really simple to use. Let's see how to use this free video editor to add text to a video.

Step 1: Open Video Editor and install it.

FilmForth is now accessible in the Microsoft Store, which you can completely trust. By pressing the following button, you can immediately install it on your computer.

The video editor's home screen will appear after you run FilmForth. To make a new project for the new video, click the New Project button. Then, under Add Video/Photo Clips, select the video to which you want to add text. You can drag and drop the video into FilmForth or browse it manually.

Step 2: Incorporate Text into the Video

From the dashboard, select the Text option. Alternatively, you can select the icon from the video feed. A new toolbar will appear after that. Add Text, Edit Text, Set Start, Animation, Duplicate, and Delete are all included. Select the Add Text button, which is accompanied by a plus sign. As you can see, a new Text box has appeared.

Step 3: Change the Text

On the video, you can immediately click on the textbox. The text editing tools will then appear. Add your text and choose from over a dozen different fonts. Colors, alignments, and sizes can all be customised. Text can be added to videos and edited as needed. The text will be more amusing if you use the right font, preset, alignment, and speech balloon. The Animation will also assist you in inserting distinctive Entrance, Exit, and Emphasis text. The length of the animation will be determined by the Duration. You can choose how long a particular text will appear on the video. Click and drag the handlebars of a given text feed to resize it to your liking. The Set Start and Set End buttons are another option. Look for your video.

Add text to video in Mac

When it comes to adding text to videos on MacBooks, the iMovie video editor is the greatest option for macOS users. Text may be easily added to iPhone videos using iMovie. iMovie is well-known for its ability to finish a large amount of work when users are editing a movie. Let's take a look at how to add text to a video in iMovie.

Step 1: Import the video clip into iMovie.

To add the video, tap the Import Media option. On the right panel, you can get a preview of the changes you made to the video. You must then drag and drop the video to the track below.

Step 2: Choose your titles

On Windows 10, the Titles from the toolbar are on the top of the main interface, unlike FilmForth and Photos text addition. To select a text theme, go to Titles. You should be aware that while you cannot modify the theme style, you may choose from a variety of themes to suit your needs.

Step 3: Modify the Text

You may quickly reset the text by double clicking on it and changing the front, sizes, and locations. Once you've completed all of the settings, you'll have a movie on your MacBook with the text you desire. Aside from FilmForth and iMovie, there are a number of video editors that support adding text to videos. Let's have a look at it quickly.

3 Recommended Video Editors to Add Text to Videos

We can go through three additional video editors that allow us to add text to videos. They're all open-source and completely free. As a result, you won't have to be concerned about it burning a hole in your pocket.

#1. Shotcut

Shotcut is all about providing all of the functionality while using the least amount of computing resources possible. Shotcut's video editor has simple tools for adding text to videos; simply press the button and make your modification. Because Shotcut is a free, open source, and cross-platform video editor, you may customise it to your liking no matter what operating system you're using.


  • Mix and match different frame rates in the same project.
  • There are over forty video filters to choose from to make your video stand out.
  • Text and other components are simple to add to the video.


  • Playing a network stream (HTTP, HLS, RTMP, RTSP, MMS, UDP).
  • Supports a large number of different media formats (video, audio, and photos).
  • Easy-to-use UI that boosts productivity.


  • Amateurs and newcomers will find it challenging.

#2. VideoPad 

Videopad might be a great friend to have around if you want to start editing videos. VideoPad makes it simple to add text to video and provides a wide range of fonts and sizes to choose from. The following are some of the other VideoPad features.


  • Presets for exporting videos to several platforms, including Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook.
  • 360-degree video editing software in 3D.
  • For unstable content, cutting-edge video stabilisation is used.


  • Beginners will find it simple to use.
  • Various audio effects, as well as strong tools to aid them.
  • With the built-in renderer and encoder, you may export in lossless quality.


  • It is missing advanced features that would make it a comprehensive package. 

#3. Blender

Last but not least, the heavy guns. Blender's advanced-level editing suite offers practically limitless possibilities. To add text to a video in Blender, go to the text editor, choose text, click "Tab" to activate text mode, Shift A, and Add text. As you can see from the Blender features listed below, you can do a lot more using Blender.


  • Use Python API scripts to automate your tedious, routine tasks.
  • To get around, you'll need some basic video editing software.
  • To proceed into full-production mode, you'll need modelling, animation, and VFX tools.


  • There are up to 32 slots for video and other media files.
  • Color-grading choices for professionals with extras
  • A large collection of vignettes and effects is available (visual).


  • For inexperienced computer users, it is difficult.

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