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11 things we want from Grand Theft Auto 6

By Admin | 28 February,2022 | 6 minutes, 25 second


Rockstar has finally announced that GTA 6 is on its way, which has made us all really very much excited. "We are pleased to confirm that active development for the next entry in the Grand Theft Auto series is well underway," teased Rockstar in a new community update. That was it: no other details or dates. 

We all surely have some questions in our minds like, where will GTA 6 be set? What era will it take place in? Will its online mode be good enough to support the millions of players it's sure to attract? 


GTA is online but it’s good

Phil Savage, UK Editor-in-Chief has mentioned that he has played GTA over the years and he enjoys the game very much. Moving forward he mentions, “The multiplayer branch of GTA 5 outperformed Rockstar's initial ambitions, and it shows every time you log in. Various actions are tied to entirely different menus depending on whether they were envisioned back when the game was first made or bolted on later. It's in the way there's no consistency to the reward structures of various releases, leaving older content feeling unrewarding and unwanted.” 

GTA 6 online has offered a real chance for Rockstar to build an online mode which is more deserving of GTA online’s immense popularity. GTA Online could have been incredible, but instead it was a thing that allowed for genuinely great moments around mountains of bullshit. If Rockstar can get the underlying infrastructure right, GTA 6's multiplayer could be unstoppable.” Also, you could get GTA 6 Online download for your process. 


Better Roleplaying 

Morgan Park, Staff Writer has mentioned that Arthur Morgan got a real fan base and was treated like a real human in this world. Moreover, he mentions, “I loved completing Arthur's little chores during long horse rides, like crafting bullets or polishing his revolvers. Grand Theft Auto could use more world interaction like this, and if the explosive popularity of GTA Online's roleplay servers are any indication, players are into mixing mundane tasks into their chaos murder games.

Not to begrudge the occasional five-star police escape, but I'd love more non-violent activities in whatever coastal city we're headed to next. Rockstar has kind of already learned this in GTA vice city Online play. One of its biggest appeals is simply curating a wardrobe or collecting customized cars.”


Less Open World

Andy Chalk, US News Lead said that the hallmark of Grand Theft Auto is its massive, teeming open worlds. And they're great! But they're also incredibly distracting. I've never finished a GTA game, because I inevitably end up farting around with bowling or driving an ambulance or whatever, and after dozens of hours of that I lose interest in the whole thing—I have no idea what I'm supposed to be doing.” Moreover, she says, “It had a sense of purpose, I guess, that I've never felt in a GTA san andreas online game, and honestly I don't hold out much hope for GTA6 making it happen. But if it can—if Rockstar is willing to shrink the scale of the game in favour of a deeper, more focused then you can count me in.” 


A Strong Female Protagonist

Lauren Morton, Associate Editor has stated that there will be a woman in the lead cast, which will be a prominent woman and is pretty baseline at this point, even for big developers moving at Rockstar's pace. Tim has reminded me that I've yet to catch up on Ozark, which I know we aren't all watching for Jason Bateman playing the same uptight stick in the mud he gets typecast as. I'm there for the kickass, flawed-but-awesome women of crime, and I'll turn up for GTA v online doing it too. 


A Cheat Code to fly all cars and crash stuff

Tyler Wilde, executive editor said that the proper way to play GTA games online is to blow into missions as fast as you can and enter a bunch of cheat codes and then boom, launch a knock-off Bugatti into restricted airspace while ignoring anything to do with the story forevermore. I'm sure GTA 6 will have cheat codes, because they all do, so it probably isn't a request that needed making. I just wanted it on the record. 


Actual Mod Support

Modding has always been a huge part of GTA, but the hoops modders have to jump through to create them and the difficulty players have to get them running is bizarre, when it could be done easily with some proper mod support. While tuning into Twitch and looking at the top GTA Online play streams, they're always heavily modded roleplay servers. Players and viewers love them, so why not support them with a nice suite of modding tools? Rockstar tolerates mods (Take-Two, not so much) but tolerance isn't the same thing as true support. I'd love to see a change in their philosophy when it comes to mods when the next GTA 6 mobile online launches. 


How to play GTA 6 Online

To play GTA online you need a PS plus membership and same goes with Xbox, but for PC you can play it for free, other than the cost of the purchasing game. Once you get GTA from an online library, you can launch the game. After launching you will be able to see the loading menu. From here you can choose to go into “online mode” or “story mode”. 

After that you have to create an online character and then you’ll get a tutorial. Once it’s all complete, you can choose to do whatever you desire to do in GTA: Online. 



GTA 6 is going to be a huge launch and it is going to have a separate fanbase. There are some difficulties for the team as they have to create the game while fulfilling the wishes of the players. Most of the famous personalities have shared their views and needs towards the game and some of them are eagerly waiting for it too. So, let’s see how the game will be and will the game be able to fulfil the needs of the players. 


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