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3 Easiest Ways To Get Free Fire Max Diamonds To Unlock Characters

By Admin | 14 January,2022 | 14 minutes, 11 sec


In Free Fire, what are diamonds?

In the Free Fire, Garena gives players a variety of lucrative skins, pets, and fancy clothing. These premium products may only be obtained through the expenditure of game diamonds, which are the in-game cash. Players must first deposit real money into their accounts to obtain virtual currency. Once the diamonds have been deposited into the player's account, they can use them to purchase an elite pass, characters, a pet, crates, weapon skins, and costume bundles, among other things.

Diamonds are the game's in-game currency obtained through gameplay. It enables users to purchase aesthetically pleasing in-game things such as weapon skins, characters, and other such items. Learn how to receive bonus Diamonds in Free Fire MAX by following these steps!

It is analogous to CP in CoD Mobile and NC in PUBG New State. In-game currency allows you to access the game's premium features for a cost by purchasing them with real money. On the other hand, most people will likely find it impossible to afford or pay real money for those things. They are in for a treat, as we have compiled a list of the most effective techniques for obtaining diamonds in Free Fire MAX without using a credit card. So, without further ado, let us have a brief look at every one of them!

The Most Effective Methods for Obtaining Free Fire MAX Diamonds

Method No. 1: Google Opinion Rewards

For the longest period of time, Google Opinion Rewards has been the undisputed leader in the field of getting paid to participate in online surveys. But, c'mon, this is Google we're talking about here. Being willing to trust Google Opinion Rewards immediately after hearing this is a great feeling.

The application's primary function is to allow you to participate in surveys in exchange for Google Play credit rewards. You can either use these credits to make any in-app purchases that you want to make. This is unquestionably really convenient and straightforward. To summarise, have realistic expectations and avoid falling victim to Google Opinion Rewards survey scams that claim to offer limitless survey opportunities.

Take things easy and at a leisurely pace. Gradually, you will acquire enough Diamonds to purchase them in Final Fantasy X. Overall, Google Opinion Rewards for Free Fire MAX free Diamonds are one of the most beneficial solutions available.

Method No. 2: BOOYAH! Events

BOOYAH! is the main Free Fire app for all Free Fire MAX and normal Free Fire users, and all other Free Fire gamers. To receive fascinating in-game rewards, players can stream their content, engage in different events, and watch other content to win intriguing in-game benefits. You can make a lot of money from BOOYAH!, including cool in-game skins to coupons and other items.

Now, to obtain Diamonds, you will need to exercise a great deal of patience. It takes time to accumulate Diamonds, just like it does with Google Opinion Rewards. Furthermore, it is only via good fortune that you will stumble upon them. Nonetheless, if you are patient enough, you will be rewarded with not only Diamonds but also an array of great in-game items. This will undoubtedly elevate your gameplay to a higher level, and it is unquestionably one of the most effective methods of obtaining free Diamonds in Free Fire MAX.

Method No. 3: Easy Rewards

Easy rewards are another excellent method for obtaining free Diamonds in Final Fantasy XV. It operates similarly to Google Opinion Rewards. However, rather than simply doing surveys, you will be required to test out popular mobile applications. Additionally, you will be expected to view films and other similar activities to earn Coins. These apps are commonly referred to as GPT apps, which stands for getting Remuneration To apps.

You can then exchange these Coins for cash using PayPal, Amazon Gift Cards, and other payment methods. In turn, you can use these to obtain the Diamonds pack in Free Fire MAX, which you can use to upgrade your weapons. Isn't it convenient that way? Easy Rewards will keep you engaged while also providing an opportunity to earn Coins.

Method No. 4: Poll Pay

Poll Pay, like Easy Rewards, is a great GPT (Get Paid To) program that you should check out. It uses the same mechanism as Easy Rewards to function. Instead of traveling, you'll have to perform paid surveys in your spare time. You may earn money, gift cards, and other rewards by participating in these surveys. You can then use these to gain access to in-game products such as Diamonds, completely free. In other words, if you're wondering how to earn Diamonds in Free Fire without having to spend money, this is one of the most effective approaches.

Method No. 5: Create Custom Rooms in Free Fire MAX to Earn Free Diamonds

Custom Rooms are slightly more difficult to implement than the other options on this list. You'll want to keep an eye out for prominent Instagram Free Fire Giveaway accounts and YouTubers channels. They frequently provide top-ups and Diamond prizes. These are naturally quite competitive. Therefore, if you believe you are a skilled player capable of advancing through these custom room competitions, this is the quickest way to earn a large number of free Diamonds in Free Fire MAX.

Price List of Free Fire Diamonds in India

The MAX version of India's Free Fire Diamonds Price List can help you figure just how much you'll need. As a result, you can save money on Google Play Credits and Diamonds using the strategies listed above. Here's a short glance of what I mean:



Rs. 80

100 Diamonds

Rs. 250

310 Diamonds

Rs. 400

520 Diamonds

Rs. 800

1060 Diamonds

Rs. 1,600

2180 Diamonds

Rs. 4,000

5600 Diamonds

How to level up quickly in Garena Free Fire

When you first start playing Free Fire, it can be discouraging to discover that several features are disabled. Ranking games are only accessible after reaching level eight, and paying some coins will allow you to gain access to four free characters, who are as follows: Andrew on level three, Maxim on level six, Paloma on level ten, and Kelly on level fifteen. In addition to cash and other rewards, leveling up has other benefits.

They are a vital component of the game because, rather than simply serving as decorative enhancements, they provide in-game advantages such as protection from harm and increased damage and healing. They can range in price from 2,000 to 8,000 coins, with some only available for purchase with diamonds.

The most exciting approach to acquiring international experience in Free Fire is to take advantage of the 20-percent experience increase granted for participating in ranked games in the matchmaking mode of the game. It is only available in this game mode and contributes to the rewards earned by advancing through the ranks.

Bronze tier is simple to reach by landing far away from the plane and remaining cautious until the end of the game. In contrast to other battle royale games, it is easier to earn points in Free Fire by surviving for a longer time than by scoring kills and playing aggressively from the start.

Ranked modes without friends and playing conservatively are the most efficient ways to progress quickly once you reach level 9.

If you've only recently begun playing the game and haven't yet unlocked ranked mode, the most efficient approach to gain experience is to play traditional modes and live as long as you can for as long as you can.

There isn't a very efficient way to level up in the game, except taking advantage of the experience benefit offered by matchmade ranked games. However, in Free Fire, completing missions and collecting battle pass points is more lucrative than leveling up overall satisfaction. Before starting a game, you should spend most of your time looking over the currently active missions.

It is possible to locate missions by tapping on the map icon located on the right-hand side of the screen. There are three tabs to choose from: Missions, which displays daily, elite, and veteran missions, Daily Missions, and Activity Missions. The final tab is the one that has to be examined closely. Players can receive daily and weekly awards for completing a set amount of tasks. These rewards are given out every week.

Special missions can also be discovered by touching on the medal icon at the bottom of the screen, which appears for players who have returned to the game after some time without participating.

Redeem Code FF Generator Tools for Free Fire Unlimited Diamonds, Gold Coins, and Redeem Code FF

Free fire Garena FF Unlimited Diamonds, Free Gold Coins, and a redemption code are all available for download. Tools that require or do not require human verification Currently available: The popularity of the FF Garena video game in India and worldwide is growing by the day. Because of the popularity of the games, Garena Free Fire and FF Max issue new codes daily that may be used to obtain free diamonds and gold coins. This technique will assist all players in obtaining their desired character, gun skins, Emote, room card, and several ff goodies for free, which would otherwise be impossible to obtain without spending real money. Every member of our team makes every effort to provide 100 percent functioning techniques that will assist you in receiving Paid rewards for free. We have also included working tools that can assist you in receiving thousands of Diamonds and reward codes for free.

Free Fire FF Diamonds Generator is provided for your convenience.

Aside from the fact that it provides real-time effects and allows you to play with your friends, FF Garena is one of the most popular mobile battlegrounds games available to both mobile and PC gamers. However, in order to gain different gameplay experiences, gamers always look for Diamonds and Gold coins, which are the game's digital currency. In the FF Game, you must have Diamonds to purchase any character, and you must have Coined to receive daily spin rewards. We will discuss all of the 100 percent safe and effective strategies you may use with your ID to avoid being banned from any websites.

Obtaining Free Gold Coins is a simple process.

In the ff Garena game, you can choose between two different types of currency: diamonds and gold coins. There is just one way to obtain free diamonds, and that is through FF. An advanced server with links to it is also stated on this page, and gold coins can be gained by participating in daily games, game daily challenges, logging in daily, elite pass or free pass only offer free coins, events created through game creation, and the Lucky Royale Pass (see below). However, this is a straightforward way to earn a small number of coins, which are insufficient to purchase any luxury dresses or creations. So, here is a hack or trick that is 100 percent effective and that you can use to obtain 100 percent authentic Diamonds or Gold coins for free without the need for human verification.

To get free diamonds, use the free fire diamond TOP-UP.

Top-up is one of the most effective techniques to obtain additional diamonds, and you will also be able to obtain diamonds at a variety of affordable costs. We cannot obtain actual diamonds with the use of a hack or generator program. Still, by purchasing a diamond top from one of the following websites, you will receive more diamonds at a very low cost:

  • In-Game Top-UP Centre
  • Paytm First
  • Amazon Pay UPI
  • PhonePe
  • Google Pay
  • Games Kharido
  • CodaShop
  • Paytm App
  • Free Charge
  • Video Buddy App
  • Airtel Thanks App
  • Mobikwik App

Free Diamonds in Free Fire

Free Diamonds in Free Fire: Knowing how to obtain free diamonds in Free Fire without having to spend any money is important if you want to obtain diamonds quickly in order to develop yourself and your characters. Check if the Free Fire free diamond hack and the Free Fire Diamond Hack App are legal or not before downloading them. have a look at this article Unrestricted Fire Epic Games is one of the most popular games right now, and it features a large number of characters. Learn the step-by-step procedure for obtaining free diamonds in Free Fire without the need of a booster. The year 2020 is arrived, and why do you require diamonds? Why is it vital to understand how to obtain free diamonds in Free Fire without using a credit card? Garena When it comes to the game, Free Fire provides a diverse selection of in-game characters, clothing and weaponry, among other things. These products can be purchased straight from the shop using the in-game currency known as diamonds, or they can be redeemed by completing a few missions in order to earn diamonds.

The players require diamonds to access all the goods that will upgrade your character and gameplay. The diamonds can be obtained by visiting the Diamond section of the game's menu. Typically, these products available in-game cost a lot of diamonds, resulting in the players spending a significant amount of money on them. Occasionally, a small number of players attempt to hack the game to obtain free diamonds, which is against the law. Additionally, utilizing any hack to obtain diamonds or anything else in the game may result in you being permanently barred from playing. We have provided a list of various legal ways and tips that can be used to obtain free diamonds quickly and conveniently in the section below.

How can I earn free diamonds in Free Fire without spending any money?

Membership is available on a weekly or monthly basis. Instead of getting diamonds through top-ups, you have another simple and painless alternative for obtaining diamonds. Whether you want to save money on diamonds by purchasing a weekly or monthly membership, you have several options. The cost of a weekly membership is Rs.159, while a monthly membership is Rs.599 a month. Compared to the top-up, these two membership alternatives will provide you with diamonds at significantly lower prices. These memberships also come with several additional privileges, such as S-VIP cards. A daily membership will net you 60 diamonds, a weekly membership will net you 420 diamonds, and monthly membership will net you 2000 stones.

1. Online polls and surveys

Taking part in an online survey is one of the quickest and most convenient ways to obtain free Free Fire diamonds. Many legal applications and websites are available that will compensate customers for completing internet surveys. In exchange for using these apps, customers will receive money or Google PlayStore credits, which may be used to purchase diamonds in the future.

2. Install new applications to earn rewards.

Like the online survey method, several apps and websites will reward users with Google Play Credits if they experiment with new applications. Simply visiting those websites and downloading the apps mentioned earlier, followed by using them for a few minutes, is all consumers have to do. Following this, the Google Play Credits will automatically be sent to the user's account. At any moment, the user can redeem these credits in their Google Play Account and spend them to purchase diamonds at their discretion.

3. In-game events

Free Fire organizes various events in the game that award players with more diamonds or provide them with special discounts on the purchase of diamonds. These kinds of events are held regularly. Players need to keep an eye out for the latest in-game event to complete and save aside some money to purchase diamonds. Recently, an in-game event known as the 100 percent Bonus Diamond top-up event has been launched, providing players with additional diamonds for no further cost. All that is required of the user is to purchase diamonds via top-up, and during the event, the player can receive up to 500 additional diamonds for free. As a result, there will be numerous events in which you may participate and earn free diamonds, as well as additional free diamonds with the purchase or redemption of diamonds.

4. Google Play Credits are completely free.

Google Play Store may occasionally provide its users with some free Google Play Credits that will be credited to their Google account. These credits can be earned and used to purchase diamonds in the game's marketplace. The players can use their entire credit and even pay some additional money of their own to purchase diamonds in the game. Google PlayStore rewards its users with random credits that can't be redeemed in any other way.

5. Freebies and giveaways

Participate in giveaways that other people are hosting. Lucky gamers will be awarded diamonds, which will be deposited directly into their accounts without needing to do anything further, such as top up their account or utilize a hack.

6. Customized Rooms

Subscriptions to Youtube channels that offer custom room games will be awarded diamonds and other perks such as elite passes. As a result, subscribe to and follow YouTubers who host bespoke rooms.

It is strongly advised that players do not use any hack or unlawful means to obtain free diamonds or win matches that others have proposed. The developers of Free Fire will never publish a hack that violates the law. This will not only damage your gaming experience, but it will also result in you being banned from the game for the rest of your life and compromising the gameplay for the rest of the community.


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