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How To Change Instance In Final Fantasy 14?

By Admin | 20 December,2021 | 5 minutes, 48 sec


Final Fantasy XIV was a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) created and published by Square Enix for Microsoft Windows in 2010. It was the original version of the fourteenth central Final Fantasy instance and the series' second MMORPG after Final Fantasy XI. Players took control of a customized avatar as they explored the fictional continent of Eorzeain world of final Fantasy. They were caught up in an invasion by the hostile Garlean Empire and the menace of the primals, the deities of the land's beastmen tribes. They were eventually drawn into a conspiracy by a Garlean Legatus to exterminate the primals by crashing one of the planet's moons into Eorzea.


Final Fantasy was an MMORPG in which the player controlled a customized Adventurer avatar from one of five playable races. Each race featured two tribes, and all but two of them enabled players to choose whether their characters were male or female. The avatar's eye and hair color, facial features, and skin tone could all be modified, and traits like birthmarks and scars. Their stats and elemental qualities were impacted by their chosen tribe and patron deity. Depending on your starting position, the game's start differed. Story missions were accessible as characters acquired experience points (EXP) and improved their experience level. Leves were divided into several categories; each focused on a different game aspect, such as gathering or warfare.

How to change instances in Final Fantasy 14?

Do you want to know how to modify your b instance in Final Fantasy XIV? Endwalker, the new addition, means hundreds of players will be roaming the same places simultaneously, causing slow loading times and strained servers. To remedy this, Square Enix has duplicated each zone in the expansion to ensure that everything runs properly. While Final Fantasy 14 makes every effort to keep you in the same situations as your friends or party members, you can still be separated. Despite being in the same group, You may emerge from a dungeon with a friend to discover we'd been placed in separate copies of the same zone. So, here's how to figure out what instance number you're on and how to join your pals in the same instanced zone.

Change instance in Final Fantasy XIV: 

How to Make Sure You're Playing With Friends? When you enter a zone, the game will notify you of the instance you're in via the chatbox. The site's name will be followed by a number for each one. If you go to Old Sharlayan, you'll see Old Sharlayan 1, Old Sharlayan 2, and so on. If it didn't appear in chat for some reason or got lost, use '/instance' to find out where you are right now. Unfortunately, there's no way to see what instance number your pals are on at a glance. To double-check their location, send them a '/tell.'

How can I get to a different instanced area?

It's pretty simple to get in the same zone as your buddies if you're in the exact location but at different times. Teleport to the nearest aesthete in the area, right-click it, and choose 'Travel to Instanced Area.' It will then display a list of all currently accessible instances. Click on the instance number your buddies are on, and you'll be sent to the same one.

This only works if both of you are on the same server. You won't be able to meet up if one of your friends is on Odin and the other is on Twintania, for example, until one of you flies to a different server—which, given the ongoing Error 2002 issue, might not be ideal. Because they're now the busiest, the instanced areas only apply to new locations added in Endwalker.

Best final fantasy 14 custom characters

Sly guy

Doozer667, or simply Doozer, created a fascinating male figure that people should investigate deeply. The hair color may turn some people off. However, the entire design overshadows the hair color. Unless they're a Roegadyn, most custom characters have a rounder, softer face.

Doozer chose to angle his jawline and make the character's face thinner rather than the conventional complete face. Along with the olive skin, pointy goatee, and narrowed eyes, it creates the impression of a cartoon figure.

One Imposing-Looking Bunny

First impressions matter, and many players would be excused if they assumed Viera was "little and delicate bunnies designated for hunter-based classes and magic-users." Like any of Eorzea's more significant, more forceful races, Viera can appear immensely intimidating.

An Elegant Dancer

Final Fantasy XIV's character builder is quite detailed, and it provides players a lot of leeway when it comes to creating their avatars. When making the ideal character, there are several factors to consider, including race, backstory (for roleplayers), armor compatibility, and even future employment. With so many "paths" to choose from in Final Fantasy 14, some players may wish to think about their character's proposed class.

With this elegant-looking Viera dancer, Reddit user Ayotamine put this technique to good use. The flowing armor and coordinated color palette make for a stunning design.

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