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How to get free Cha-ching Loot Box in Free Fire

By Admin | 14 December,2021 | 4 minutes, 39 sec


Garena Free Fire (also known as Free Fire) is a battle royale game for Android and iOS created by Kashish Studio and released by Kashish International. In 2021, it was the most downloaded smartphone game on the planet. The Google Play Store awarded Free Fire by Garena the "Best Popular Vote Game" award in 2020. With over 1000 million daily active users worldwide as of May 2021, the Free Fire max game has achieved a new milestone. Free Fire has generated over 1000 billion dollars globally as of November 2020. 


Free Fire is the ultimate survival shooting game on mobile. Each 10-minute game pits you against 49 other players on a deserted island who are all battling to stay alive. Players can choose their starting point with their parachutes and strive to remain in the safe zone for as long as feasible. Explore the vast environment by driving cars, hiding in the woods, or proning beneath grass to blend in. There is only one goal: to survive and fulfill one's duties. There are several options, including ambush, snipe, and survival.

The most considerable collaboration in the game is Free Free X Money Heist, which includes plenty of new events, free fire rewards and multiple free fire loot boxes. You can get multiple loot boxes such as Garena free fire spooky night airdrop loot box easily in such events.

Here's how to get the new Cha-Ching free Loot Box skin in Free Fire by participating in one of these events.

Massive partnerships with renowned stars in movies, games, and TV shows are nothing new for Free Fire. Currently, the collaboration is with Money Heist, a hugely successful TV show. An exclusive events list has been added to the game to commemorate this historical cooperation. These events offer a variety of incentives to players that are only available during this event.

In Free Fire, here's how to earn the Cha-Ching Loot Box.

Cha-Ching loot box in free Fire

The collaborative events between Free Fire and Money Heist are many, as are the prizes. Many exclusive cosmetics have been introduced into the game throughout the collaboration event, and now there is a new one.

The "Claim Free Loot Box" event is a new event that includes some coupons and one particular cosmetic.

This new event is straightforward, and it will award users based on their total number of logins. This will be available in the game from December 7th to December 14th, 2021, giving players plenty of time to accomplish it. Cumulative login events in Free Fire are the simplest to achieve because users need to sign in for a certain number of days throughout the event to receive the rewards. It has three prizes, the most valuable of which is the Cha-Ching Loot Box. The following are the exact requirements for each of the items in the event:

  • You can get a Team Heist Printer for a limited time by logging in for one day.

  • To get the Bounty Token Play Card, you must log in for three days (14 days)

  • To acquire a Cha-Ching Loot Box, you must log in for five days.

  • Players will receive a free Money Heist-themed Loot Box if they sign in for five days.

How to get free fire rewards?

Step 1: On your mobile device, open the Free Fire app.

Step 2: On the right side of the screen, open the Calendar area of the game.

Step 3: Go to the top of the screen and select the "Plan Bermuda: Rad And Run" menu, then the "Claim Free Loot Box" event.

Step 4: Login and click Redeem to claim all of the incentives.

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