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7 Secret Tips to Create High-Quality Tutorials

By Admin | 26 May,2022 | 3 minutes, 1 second


Creating tutorials with our devices has become the new way to educate people online. If you have a laptop, mobile, or tablet, not only can you learn new things but also teach them. While learning may require paying a visit to YouTube, you may have to do more than that to be a teacher. 

If you’re keen on making high-quality videos for your tutorials, here are a few tips that can come in handy. Check them out! 

1. Look for a Decent Screen Recording App
You might need a screen recorder app to create your tutorial video successfully. Fortunately, there are plenty of free apps available on the Play Store. However, if you want to find the best screen recorder for Android, you must consider the features you need for your recording process. Apart from that, pay close attention to the reviews to compare different apps and find the one that fits your goals adequately. 

2. Don’t Forget to Test Your Recording App
You may not be familiar with the workings of your recording app. So, it’s best to test it before you start the actual recording. Once you have prepared an outline of what you plan on doing and practiced it off-camera, try doing the same using your recording app for five minutes. You might notice a couple of things, such as you are speaking too fast or slow, the setting doesn’t seem right, or the audio isn’t coming right. Testing it right at the beginning will give you a chance to rectify the issues at the beginning to ensure things go right later. 

3. Let Your Viewers Know What You’re About to Cover in the Video 
You might want to let your viewers know what you plan on covering in the tutorial. Your viewers have a low attention span, and the only way to grab it would be by giving them a sneak peek into the juicy part of your video. 

4. Keep the Video Short 
As people have become more accustomed to watching short video content – thanks to TikTok and Instagram Reels – you need to create video tutorials that offer more engagement. If your tutorial requires longer recordings, make sure you do it in smaller bits. 

5. Make It a Point to Speak Slowly 
We tend to speak more quickly when we give a presentation. And if you want your viewers to understand you, you need to slow down. Try to consciously talk slowly when you’re recording your video. 

6. Conclude with a Summary 
When you’re almost done, remember to recap everything you covered in the video to remind viewers what they learned today. You don’t have to elaborate but highlighting a few key points will come in handy. The end of the narration will also seem more natural. 

7. Give Viewers Access to More Resources 
You need to understand that your video won’t be enough if your viewers want to dive deeper into the subject matter. They may have questions, but a recording can offer the answers. Hence, the best way to deal with it would be to offer additional resources that they can check out after watching the video. In addition, adding access to other resources also adds more credibility to your video. So, allow people a way to get more information on the topic after watching your video. 

Closing Thoughts 
​​​​​​​Smartphones are our way of sharing knowledge with the world. If you have something that others might find useful, don’t wait up. With a screen recorder app in place, you can easily create high-quality video content to share on online platforms, provided you keep these tips in mind. 


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