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How to top up Free Fire diamonds and get free gloo wall skin in February 2022

By Admin | 21 February,2022 | 5 minutes, 6 seconds


Free Fire’s Squad Beatz campaign is almost here with its new events beginning in Free Fire from 4 February as per the calendar. An event based on it has founded its way to cheer up gamers for its arrival. This event is for those who purchase diamonds and in-game currency very frequently. Those players will be receiving some legendary skins and also a Gloo wall skin on buying a respective number. 

Diamonds in Free Fire are premium in-game currency, similar to BGMI. Diamonds in Free Fire can be used to buy different elite and premium costumes, guns and vehicle skins along their attachments, free fire reward and other things. As diamonds are premium currency it can’t be earned by just playing games. Still, there are many methods from which you can get free diamonds in Free Fire. You can also get some gerena free fire top-up diamonds in the game very easily.  Here we have got some ideas for you from which you can buy free diamonds in free fire. 

How to get free diamonds in Free fire

Redeem Codes

Free fire diamonds are available with different free fire redeem codes. Here’s how they work:

Redeem codes are one of the best and most used methods to get free diamonds in a free fire game. Gerena always shares some new redeem codes during different events and tournaments. Here are some steps that you can follow to claim free fire redeem codes:

  • First you have to open the official site of free fire on your web browser.
  • Then you have to login using your Facebook, Twitter, Google, or Apple ID.
  • Now you have to enter the redeem code and hit ‘Confirm’ to claim your reward.
  • After completing the process Free Fire redeem code rewards will be automatically added to your account within 24 hours.

Garena Free fire redeem codes are easy to use but also free fire advance server allows the codes to be server specific, so if you are claiming a code in India, only the redeem codes having India’s server can be used.  Also, each redeem code is valid for only 24 hrs. If you don’t have any access to the latest redeem code free fire, you can access the mobile application to earn free diamonds. 

Booyah! App

Garena has created Booyah! an application basically dedicated to upload gaming content that allows users to earn Free Fire diamonds for free. For this you just have to do one simple thing and that is to take part in the Free Fire events and competitions that the app hosts. This way you’ll earn free diamonds in Free Fire, which you can then use to purchase items from the in-game store. You can download the application Google Play store and App Store.

Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards app is one of the easiest ways from which you can earn free diamonds in Free Fire. This application allows the users to participate in different surveys and then provide them rewards for taking part in different surveys. For each survey, Google provides you some Google Play Credits or some iTunes gift cards, which you can use to buy diamonds in Free Fire for free. The app is available for download on both Android mobile phones and iPhones via Google Play Store and App Store respectively.

More ways to get Unlimited Diamonds in Free fire

There are more methods for how to get free diamonds in free fire. Also there are some free fire diamonds generators that help you in generating free diamonds in free fire. You can join any group of free diamond generator groups in free fire, after that you will get different codes at 9 PM daily. Then you just have to copy that code and after that you have to visit Free fire redemption site and have to claim the code from there. 

VPN Tricks

There are so many events that happen in the free fire Vietnam server as compared to other servers. You can also get free diamonds on the Garena free fire Vietnam server, which you can send as a gift to your main account. For this trick you have to follow few simple steps, here are 

  • Firstly, you just have to open free fire
  • Then you have to click on setting and scroll down below
  • After it click on log out
  • Now download any VPN application and connect it with the Vietnam server
  • After connecting just ensure that you are successfully connected with the Vietnam server
  • Now, open free fire and create a new account, or you can create a guest account
  • Now you are login successfully to the Vietnam server

Now you are eligible to get so many new offers related to free fire diamond generators, pets, skins, outfits, and many more from this server account. You can also send them to your main free fire account.

After purchasing the diamonds from these methods, you can now purchase all gloo wall skin in free fire.  There are some of the best gloo wall skin in free fire and also there are some new gloo wall skin in free fire that you can purchase now. 

How to Equip a Gloo wall skin 

Step 1: First you have to reach to the ‘Armory’ tab which is under the ‘Weapon’ section in Free Fire. Next you have to tap on the ‘Grenade’ option and select ‘Gloo Wall.’

Step 2: After that you can choose any gloo wall skin by your choice and then press the ‘Equip’ button.

You can also upload your games by using any screen recorder. There is an inbuilt iOS screen recorder and if we talk about android, some of the android phones have them inbuilt and some of them don’t. So, you can download any online screen recorder android. You can also use a live stream screen recorder that will help you in recording the live stream if you miss any. 

What is screen recording?

Screen recording is the process of recording your screen and using it afterwards, whenever you want to. 

What is a screen recorder?

Screen recorder is the application that records what’s going on in your screen and saves it in the form of video format. 


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