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Top 5 Situations When Gloo Wall Should Be Used In Free Fire

By Admin | 09 July,2021 | 5 MIN 52 SEC


Free fire is one of the most popular survival shooter games available on mobile. It is a thrilling packed game where you have to pit against 49 players to seek survival. The main aim of the players in this game is to stay safe for as long as possible; the players can choose their starting point in the game and can land there using a parachute. You also get an option to drive vehicles and explore the wild and hide under grass or rifts to protect yourself. Free fire games can also be downloaded for pc.

Due to these enthralling features, Free fire has been able to attract a large number of players. This game not only offers intense clash squads but also features adventurous battle royals. This game demands proper strategies from players in order to win. You can use grenades, Gloo wall and other items provided in-game to have a smooth win. Gloo walls are one of the most important in-game items which you need to use if you want to stand against other players. Once you are familiar with the free fire gloo wall skin, you can also level up in the game and have Mr Waggor pet. You can have your own custom free fire nickname. This free fire name can be generated using various applications and websites available on the internet.

 If you want to create a secure perimeter then you need to deploy more gloo walls. You can also take down gloo walls of other players using weapons such as M82B. Once these free fire gloo wall skins are combined with grenades, they create an unbeatable and powerful combination. The top 5 situations in which you should use a glue wall are:

Trap enemies

The most popular and common use of gloo walls is to trap your opponents in a restricted area such as a house or on the upper side of the staircase. Instead of wasting your time and resources in chasing enemies, you can always use smoke grenades and gloo walls to trap them inside houses. You can implement this trick not only in individual matches but also in squad battles.

Getting on top of inaccessible areas

If you are fully equipped with weapons and armour, then the best strategy for surviving in the game is to lie down for few minutes and wait for some players to be eliminated. To achieve this you can climb up to some areas which are not generally noticed by other players and harder to reach. You can easily create a staircase by stacking up the gloo walls. By this trick, you will remain unreachable to other players and at the same time, you can easily shoot other players from the top.

Solid cover

If you require a solid cover in the game or you want to change your cover, in these cases glue walls can effectively save you from sudden bullet showers costing your life in the game. If you are at the end of the game and you want to change your cover then dashing out without taking a cover of a gloo wall can be very risky.

An ideal distraction

You can easily distract your enemies in the game by placing one or two glue walls. It is not very easy to predict that whether there is a person hiding behind the wall. In this case, your enemy will waste a significant amount of time figuring this out. In another scenario, you can also distract your enemy with glue walls and ambush them from behind.

Healing your teammates

If you are playing in a squad then there might be some situations in which you need to heal your teammates. In such cases, you can deploy a gloo wall in order to provide immediate protection to your teammates from bullet showers. As your enemies will take down these gloo walls, you can get a better cover.

Gloo walls have many other benefits too apart from these uses. You can also use gloo wall for increasing your arsenal of tricks in Fire Fire and win these matches. Here are some other creative ways by which you can maximize the use of gloo walls against your opponents. 

Deal with enemies hiding behind windows

If you are caught by someone who is shooting from a higher ground then it is a huge disadvantage. In these critical situations placing a gloo wall in front of you is ineffective. A well-placed gloo wall is a solution to this problem, if your enemy is hiding behind on the second floor of a house and aiming at you through a window, then you should aim the gloo wall at the window, this will provide you with enough time to run and save yourself. Depending on the situation you can also use a gloo wall to through the opponent out of the house. If your opponent is standing very close to a window and you put a gloo wall on them, they will be thrown out of the window and you can easily target them.

Use your gloo walls to blow red barrels

Blocking the damage from red barrels is one of the most unusual uses of gloo walls. But do you know that you can even use these walls as a weapon against your enemies when they expect nothing. To blow up the barrels you just need to put the gloo walls in the middle of these barrels. This will blow up the barrels but the damage will be inflicted only in the front of walls. You can easily take out aggressive players in the game who get too close to you during the play.

Avoid Being Run Over by Vehicles

This last trick is for also people who hate being run over by cars in the free fire game. If you are hit by a car during the game, you will suffer from significant damage and it can be even the end of your game. You can avoid this by blowing up your enemies’ car before it even hits you. You can easily achieve this by placing a gloo wall in front of the vehicle of your enemy. This will cause damage to the enemies car as well as will give you time to run off to a safer location!


How to get gloo wall skin in free fire 2020?

There is a huge range of cosmetic items available in free fire game for pc. Most of these cosmetic items do not affect the gameplay but these items enhance the visual aspect. This is the reason why players crave such items. New skins for the gloo wall are also frequently added to the game. These skins can be acquired using diamonds, but this is not feasible for every player to buy these diamonds. The best way to get gloo wall skins in free fire 2020 is through top-up events. All the items that players receive from top-up events are free as they are obtained after buying a set number of diamonds. There are many rewards available at these events including gloo wall skin.

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