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Looking to record live lectures online? - Record Screen 2023

By Admin | 23 December,2022 | 2 minute 30 seconds


Post-pandemic, the culture of virtual classes and digital education has taken a high pace in society. Teachers and students have easily acquainted themselves with the concept of online classes and are willing to opt for it, if given a good option.

However, sometimes the students or teachers want to record live lectures and circulate them to others. In such cases, owning a live recorder can be a smart way to accomplish the same.

Here is how you can record live lectures through a screen recorder for desktop and can leverage the maximum benefit of it. 

1.Live recorder: How does it help?

There are many available screen recorders for desktop that offer the provision of using a live recorder and seamlessly record live lectures like a pro. The screen recorder for desktop such as AppScreen Recorder can help in capturing the events of the lectures in real-time and can further be saved and circulate the sessions to other students. 

You can download the screen record and can share it in any of the available formats for further use. 

2.Things to keep in mind while using Screen Recorder for desktop

There are certain sets of preparations that need to be done while you are getting started to record live lectures. Here is all you need to know. 

3.Prepare the content

It is important to have the content readily available. This will help in ensuring that your recorded video will be uninterrupted and flawless. The tutor can start the class with the prepared content and can get the video rolling for future purposes. 

4.Remove the background noise

If you are starting with a live recorder, it is important to remove the background noise. You can look for a place where the background extra noise can be eliminated. This will help in sharing the content of the online class without any noise or sound disturbance. 

5.Check for the microphone settings

To record live lectures, you might need to have an end to end recording of the sound also along with the video. This can be easily achieved with the Appscreen recorder. You can allow the permission to record the sound in a live recorder and can check whether the voice of the teacher is getting recorded or not. Any miss or glitch in capturing the video along with voice can make the video unpurposeful for future use.


Getting a screen recorder for desktop to record the live lectures, is a must- to-have addition to your live tutorial sessions. A feature-loaded screen recorder for desktop helps in ensuring that you can use the live recorder without any technical glitches.

If you are looking to own any professional live recorder that can be effortlessly used by the teachers or students to record live lectures, try appscreen recorder. The platform comes with the in-built advantage of recording high-resolution and high-definition videos for the users and can be saved in multiple formats. 

For more assistance, book a demo call with us today. 



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