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Free Fire Ramadan Event 2022 Rewards Revealed: Free Parachute, Backpack, AK Skin, And More

By Admin | 25 April,2022 | 6 minutes, 32 second


Free Fire

Following the banning of PUBG Mobile, the Garena Free Fire game rose to fame in the battle royale gaming genre. Even after renaming PUBG Mobile India to Battlegrounds Mobile India, it never truly lost its charm.

Garena Free Fire was the first battle royale game to reach 1 billion downloads on the Google Play Store, and it continues to be the most popular game on the platform. 

Even though Garena Free Fire has a free download option, several in-game features are only available at a premium fee. With improved weapon types, character customization with special skins, and other material, these premiums aim to improve the entire playing experience of the users.

The game's creators just released Garena Free Fire Max, a high-definition version with better visuals, animation, and textures.

Free Fire MAX

Garena Free Fire MAX is an action-adventure battle royale game in which players are pitted against one another in a battle royale with only one winner at the end. Garena Free Fire has been enhanced in this edition. The Indian government banned PUBG, in the same manner, it prohibited Garena Free Fire, although users can still utilize Garena Free Fire Max. The game has been taken down from the App Store, however, it is still available on Google Play.

Players can pick their starting location in the game and buy weapons and resources to expand their battlefield. It has the most online downloads from both the Play Store and the App Store. It was created by 111 Dots Studio and has 50 participants competing in 10-minute rounds

Garena Free Fire MAX was released in India on 28th September 2021.

Free Fire Ramadan Event 2022

Collaborations, festivals, and other noteworthy occurrences usually result in new events for Free Fire. Garena has now added Ramadan-related stuff to the Indian server of the game, and the community will be able to get an enormous variety of themed goodies.

The event schedule has also been published, with various events and products on display. A backpack skin, a parachute skin, and an AK skin are among the prominent prizes accessible to users.

The following sections look at a handful of the prizes and events disclosed in Free Fire.

Parachute Skin – Emerald Power

During the Ramadan celebrations, players will be able to obtain the Parachute Skin, which is one of the milestone awards. The parachute comes in second place out of three unique achievements.

As a result, the entire community must jointly achieve the 6 million mark in order to obtain it.

AK47 – Emerald Power

From April 30 to May 8, the 'AK47 – Emerald Power' skin will be available in Free Fire as part of the 'Premium Store' promotion. In the battle royale game, players must collect 'Ramadan Tokens,' then trade 50 of them for the pistol skin. Other incentives, like certificates and treasure crates, can also be redeemed.

Backpack – Emerald Power

Between the 3rd and 5th of May, players will be able to get the Green Power Backpack skin as part of the 'Playtime Reward' event. The devs haven't provided any details yet, but they'll most certainly do so in the next few days.

In addition, players that purchase the Ramadan Pass will receive a new backpack skin, as well as additional goodies such as a Gloo Wall skin. They will, however, have to pay 99 diamonds for the same.

Emerald Power Grenade

The skin of a grenade will be the first prize in this event. This grenade's skin is fully green, and it has a lot of cool effects.

Emerald Bloom – Pan

According to the theme, there is a lot of green colour in the skin of this pan, and there are some designs on it as well.

Emerald Basher 

Bet's skin is similarly made up of a mix of green and yellow colours. The skin of this bet resembles that of a rolling pin.

Backpack with Green Power

This backpack is extremely attractive, and it features a colour combination of green and yellow.

Emerald Loot Box 

It is a prized possession. This Loot Box skin is quite lovely, with a green colour scheme and a yellow star design.

Skyboard with Emerald Bloom

Because there are no extra effects in this skin, it is a standard Skyboard theme.

Falco Pet Skin

This Falco pet's skin is totally green in colour and comes with effects.

Emerald Shimmer Jeep

This Jeep skin is highly appealing to the eye, as it has a blend of green and yellow hues.

Emerald Shimmer Motorbike

There are no effects on the Jeep's skin, but you will notice them on this bike's skin.

Sparks, Booyah!

This is a fantastic emote that will appear in any top-up or special event.

Bundle of Timbered Charmer (Galaxy)

You will notice a combination of green, yellow, and black hues in this bundle, and the best part is that you will get this bundle for free.

Bundle of Timbered Blooms

This is a masculine package in which you will find a black and yellow colour scheme, as well as motion.

Bundle of Timbered Blossoms

This is a female-oriented package with black, green, and yellow colour schemes as well as animation.

Emerald Power Katana

This Katana skin appears to be pretty cool because it features a lot of motion.

Bundle of Timbered Charmer (Nebula)

This is a masculine bundle in which you will see a black and blue colour scheme.

Scythe – Emerald Power

This is a basic Scythe skin with green and yellow colours that match the theme, but no animation.

Emerald Bloom — Gloo Wall

Beautiful green patterns can be seen in this Gloo Wall skin.

Emerald Power (M1887)

This M1887 skin is very attractive since it has a great deal of motion. This skin has a double rate of fire, a single reload speed and a negative accuracy.

In addition to all of these benefits, the Ramadan event will provide you with an avatar, banner, and tokens.

Ramadan Events Dates

The following are the dates for various other Ramadan-related events:

  • Aftermatch Drop (18 April – 2 May and 6 May – 8 May)
  • Unlimited Aftermatch Drop (3 May – 5 May)
  • Exchange Store – Classic (18 April – 8 May)
  • Daily Missions – 1 (18 April – 8 May)
  • Daily Missions – 2 (18 April – 23 April)
  • Daily Missions – 3 (24 April – 29 April)
  • Daily Missions – 4 (30 April – 8 May)
  • Login for Blooming Falcon Pet Skin (3 May – 5 May)
  • Weekend Mission – 1 (23 April – 24 April)
  • Weekend Mission – 2 (30 April – 1 May)
  • Weekend Mission – 3 (7 May – 8 May)
  • Stamp Collection (26 April – 8 May)
  • Hidden Logo (30 April – 8 May)
  • Ramadan check-in (30 April – 8 May)

Note: Because Free Fire is illegal in India, players are encouraged not to play it or even download it. They may, however, play the Free Fire MAX, which isn't on hold.

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