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5 Easily Noticeable Differences Between Free Fire and Free Fire Max

By Admin | 08 October,2021 | 6 minutes, 38 sec


Free Fire Max is finally here, with over ten million downloads on the Google Play Store thus far. The upgraded edition of Garena Free Fire has fascinated everyone, particularly those asking for changes to the previous version of the game.

Players can now continue with their original Free Fire accounts on the Free Fire Max version and enjoy an intense battle royale experience. Garena has done an excellent job of synchronizing the two games, and Garena Free Fire Max users can play matches with people who own the original game. PUBG Mobile, another battle royale game, has lowered their games to match lower-end handsets, but Garena Free Fire has done the exact opposite. The Garena Free Fire Max is still in development, is a more powerful version of the standard Free Fire, designed for higher-end devices. The game is now only available to select beta testers, but it will go live soon.

Because the game is available for free on all app platforms, anyone can download it effortlessly and quickly. Users of Free Fire Max apk India can also download the APK and OBB files separately. Replace the old OBB file in your phone's storage with the new one to update the game.

Garena Free Fire Max is available for both ios and Android users. You can download Free Fire Max iPhone using the App Store available on the iPhone itself. Search for "Garena Free Fire Max" in the search bar, and the game download will pop up.  

As for the Free Fire Max play store download on android devices, go to the google play store and use the same procedure mentioned above ios devices.

Now let us look at the difference between Garena Free Fire and descargar Free Fire Max: 

Game Size

The first difference between the Free Fir and Free Fire Max is their size. Because Free Fire Max has improved visuals and other noticeable features, the game's size and resources will take up more storage on your device. The standard version is designed to work with low-end devices. The Play Store version of Free Fire Max is 960 MB, whereas the App Store version is 1.7 GB. Meanwhile, the Free Fire game is approximately 750 MB in size on the Google Play Store and around 2GB on the App Store.

In short, the original edition of Free Fire is only 500 MB in size, whereas the Free Fire Max version is three times as large.

When compared to the Free Fire Max, the Free Fire takes up more storage on iOS.


Gun reload: Every weapon in Free Fire Max has a different reload animation than in Free Fire, with the M1887 having the most unusual reload animation. In the Max version, the character reloads the gun with one hand. However, in Free Fire, every weapon has nearly the same reload animation.

In Free Fire Max, the single sniper reloads glitch is also fixed. The scope button is disabled for a few seconds when the player shoots from any sniper (for reloading animation). Furthermore, the player is unable to reload the sniper while the bullet ejection animation is in progress.

Katana Animation: As most players are aware, Garena has collaborated on several anime projects, and as part of that, they have included a unique katana swing in Free Fire Max.

This new animation looks a lot like the One Punch Man collaboration's speed-o-sonic. Furthermore, when the katana swings, a blue light animation appears. However, the legendary katana will have improved animation. 

Eating Animation: Free Fire was ridiculed for having some extremely unnatural eating animation, but in Free Fire Max, the creators altered the eating animation and introduced hand moments for eating mushrooms.

 Enhanced in-game Settings

 There will be a separate section for in-game settings in Free Fire Max. Free Fire Max options can be toggled on and off. When you turn off the Max settings, your settings will revert to the original Free Fire settings. 

The player will view a music video of the most recent occurrence in Free Fire Max. The music video is first released on the official Free Fire YouTube channel, and then it appears in MAX in the Login window.

Also, when players initially start the game, the first thing they see is the in-game lobby. It is one of the critical factors for newcomers because the initial impression is the most important. Players in big games like PUBG Mobile/BGMI didn't have these features. Therefore the 360-degree lobby is one of the most important additions to the game. In the video above, you can have a glimpse of the lobby makeover.

All of your best skins on the board can be displayed in the new lobby. Other characteristics are included to make this list even longer. In addition, Free Fire Max has the Craftland mode, which allows users to create and publish their maps. You can invite your pals to a Craftland room and play matches on the maps you've made.

 Enhanced Graphics

Free Fire MAX provides the same gaming experience as the original Free Fire, but there are some notable improvements in the Free Fire M edition. Graphics are vastly enhanced over the previous release, as well as minor animation adjustments.

The Free Fire Max version includes upgrades to the grass, water, and other environmental aesthetics and animation actions such as running and landing. It'll be fascinating to see how these might be enhanced in the future. 

While the highest graphical level in the original game is Ultra, Free Fire Max adds an even higher tier called Super Ultra. All items and character textures and shadows, and special effects would be considerably improved at this level.  

Mechanics was a major issue with Free Fire, as everything seemed to be dead. In its initial attempt, Free Fire Max completely transforms this.

There is evident inertia and equal reaction when a vehicle collides with a wall or an obstruction. The mechanics, on the other hand, could use some work, but they're a lot better than Free Fire.

Firelink Technology

Surprisingly, Free Fire Max allows people who own the base in Free Fire to fight with them. This is one of the most important features that distinguish Free Fire Max from Free Fire in the Free Fire Max vs. Free Fire match.

Queues and lobbies will be a platform for Free Fire and Free Fire Max, allowing players with less powerful hardware to compete with their peers. Cross-play is made possible thanks to Firelink technology. Meanwhile, neither Free Fire Max nor Free Fire players will receive any competitive advantages.

The map Bermuda Max was promised by Garena before the release of Free Fire Max. However, it did not appear with the game. There's a chance that the map will be shown in future releases.

The new map is expected to update Free Fire's original Bermuda arena to meet the Free Fire Max specifications. Gamers will notice significant changes whenever it arrives.

You can check out more through Youtube videos and walkthroughs available. Players and gamers use a live screen recorder by AppSmartz available on android devices. Though this app is currently only available for android, ios users can search for a screen recorder for ios in the app store and give one a try. 

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It's yet unclear which elements will be added to Free Fire Max that the original didn't have, as too many changes might split the player base, which is one of the most critical aspects of keeping a Battle Royale game alive. According to unofficial reports, Free Fire Max's key feature may be streaming integration. 

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